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Chris Brown: “Rihanna And I Are Just Having Fun”

Chris Brown and Rihanna are talking again and there are already talks that the two will be back together soon.

It was just a few weeks ago we saw Rihanna giving Chris Brown the cold shoulder at a charity basketball game in New York.

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Fast forward to now and the two former flames are having fun with each other again.

“We’re friends,” Chris Brown told ET about his ex-girlfriend. “Nothing too serious… We’re not trying to start a life together right now, we’re just having fun.”

What does Karrueche Tran thinks about her boyfriend having fun with his ex.

Chris Brown also opened up about his new album X and whether most of the album is about his ex-girlfriends Rihanna.

“I think that’s just the fans’ perception or the media’s perception at all times because of our history,” Breezy said. “But whenever we do music, people can make the assumption and that’s fine because if they buy more because they think that, then go ahead and buy a thousand copies!”

Rihanna and Chris Brown together 2013

“But as far as me writing and going into that, I don’t really try to put my focus on Rihanna every song,” Brown added. “At the end of the day it’s almost six, seven years later. It’s like, how many more times am I going to talk about the same situation?”

Chris Brown is currently enjoying some success with his new album X. The album debut at No. 2 on Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the hip hop/R&B chart.

The album sold 145,000 copies in its first week of release.


  1. He needs to stay with Karrueche she is perfect for him.

  2. Roslyn everyone is a groupie and a stalker . This is a free world let people voice their opinions without coming on here and disrespecting people . You nothing but a load of dog sh . I am cool person until when some one thinks they are a bully or bad ass . If you know so much about Rhianna I never saw you with her in public .
    Go the hell away this is my last message .
    I don’t want to talk to u . Don’t u have no shame .

  3. All haters take a back seat, and take care of your own business. RI life is hers to live.RI do not need your input in her PERSONAL life, she can do whatever she wants.

  4. Rihanna needs to stop allowing this boy (not a man) to drag her along while he has another girlfriend. Why she allows him to do this is just beyond reasonable understanding. She needs to move on and away from him for good. I hope this is just Chris running his mouth and it’s not true, but if it is true, Rihanna needs to find real friends who tell her it’s time to move on and not even allow him to be her friend. She can move on in her life and not be his friend and not hate him. She doesn’t have to have any involvement with him whatsoever. This makes her look desperate and pathetic to allow him to keep speaking about her and claiming to be her “friend”. Have some dignity and move on for good from him.

    • Oh Give it a f”cking break! Rihanna doesn’t look desperate whatsoever! Your haterism is so transparent. It’s Chris who has been showing up everywhere Rihanna is, and mentioning her name just about every chance he gets, as well as having conversations with her dad, not the other way around. For all we know, these articles may or may not be true, after all it’s gossip. Hell they had Beyoncé and JayZ divorcing after their tour. Half of the ish printed on these blogs is just hearsay and most copy the same hearsay from other blog sites. If true, well the fact remains that Chris put out numerous songs about Rihanna, he even admitted that Not All of His Songs are About Rihanna, so therefore we know that a good many of them are and were about Rihanna. Chris is the one saying they are friends, and that they will Always be connected. To date, Rihanna hasn’t opened her mouth on twitter nor any interview nor said one thing about Chris whatsoever, so tell us again, how is she supposedly desperate you Imbecile! You sound young and silly! If anyone looks desperate it’s the Karrueche girl who has been Dumped by Chris Brown so many times, most of us have stopped counting, yet this Karrueche Tran goes back to play the doormat until Chris Brown dumps her again. Now, that’s what someone would call Desperate!!!. Even if any of this gossip is true, the fact is that both Rihanna and Chris long ago said they were each other’s Soul Mates and that they’d always love each other. They’re both from abused households, so maybe they see things a little different from the rest. Who knows. If Chris is saying they are friends, then so be it. It’s their life and they’re going to live it according to whatever makes them happy, and not because of any Bullsh”t written on blogs. That’s life! At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is whether you’re happy in your life and the decisions you make concerning your life, not what other people think as they can’t live your life for you!

    • Think they are a great couple Desperate No. Women in love Yes. People need to mind their own business and worry about their own lives and keep their on crap good. Stop trying to run someone else’s life when you don’t have all the facts. These are not friends or friends of friends of yours. This is a women who does what she wants. Get over it if you don’t agree with who she dates. I like Drake a lot but don’t like them together. Do you think she cares? NOT

    • You are so right lots of people don’t respect Rhianna . Simon Cowell did a interview he spoke highly of Beyoncé no Rhianna .Rhianna let fame get to her head .
      If Rhianna doesn’t last in the music business been a fashion icon will not do it for her. I personally thinks she is fake and time will tell she doesn’t works with Caribbean artist .

    • Lisa is ????????????????????correct ??????????

    • Well said Lisa

  5. could this article possible butcher the English language more, get a frikn Editor… Geeez !! Painfull !!

  6. Yep, he and Ri sizzle as a couple; he and current side: boring; his stylist should be sacked; he’s done great with eX

  7. Yep, he and Ri sizzle as a couple; he and current side: boring; his stylist should be sacked; he’s done great with eX