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Alkaline Bottled Then Booed Off Stage In Suriname


Alkaline is having the worst year of his career.

The young dancehall act got bottled before being booed off stage at a concert in Suriname last weekend.

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An eyewitness told Urban Islandz that the deejay was in the middle of his set when some patrons began to boo him.

“He yelled out some expletives at the crowd after the boos started but that only made things worst because then came the bottles,” the concert goer told us.

Alkaline had to leave the stage but later returned to more boos. his set was eventually cut short.

Yikes tough crowd right there.


  1. LetTheTruthBeTold

    @Kimberly . . . no, no one expects you to know where Suriname is. But I guess some don’t expect you to say that either especially when we are now living in Information Age. One click Kimberly. Just one click. Google search.

  2. Lol they usually embrace artists down there, but he must’ve really sucked.

  3. Real Music Please

    The whole world should know Alkaline is of garbage.


    • south-america

    • No, you don’t where Suriname is… Kimberly go and read a book–you are seemingly under exposed/informed…

      • im from Canada no one cares roun here

      • So does this mean that it is okay to be ignorant to the world?

      • u expect me to know every city in every country of the world lady

      • I am not a female and I would hope that you would know the name of a country–Suriname–that has played a pivotal role in your country’s economic expansion… Suriname is the name of a country and not the name of a city. Here you are on the Internet and you would not ever bother to look Suriname–they are truly dumbing down this generation of children. In lieu of blindly supporting a self-hating idiot [Alkaline], pride yourself in learning something of value.

      • bro i could have easily googled it, i just don’t care. but thanks for the info, still not googling it…. don’t care about economy. and all that crap. and i don’t even support alkaline sooooo get off my nuts now b

      • and lalibela sounds like a girls name

      • Imagine if you were to enlighten yourself?