This Alkaline Bleach & Perm Hair Photo Has Gone Viral

This photo of dancehall deejay Alkaline has gone viral on social media. The images show Alkaline sporting a perm hair and bleach skin.

Alkaline posted the photo on his Facebook fan page and his fans went in. A lot of the deejays fans thinks that he is trying to be like Vybz Kartel.

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  1. LetTheTruthBeTold

    @ snoopy28 but when you commented to other people’s comment, like I am commenting to yours . . . are we not doing the same as them? Minding other people’s business? But like Kermit said, it aint none of my business! Yet Kermit still commented. Keep it ONE HUNIT! (100%)

  2. Who gives a fu live uno lives and stop watch other peoples

  3. Yute yuh need fi get yuh own style. Stop falla.

  4. If people talk about him he will continues to do what he does .

  5. All he needs is a chainsaw to complete this look. roflmao

  6. This is a tom fool……

  7. Dis bleaching sh** is getting out of control…

    This new generation of youth are on some other sh**…

  8. Alkaline can never be Vybz Kartel. him better try be Tommy Lee