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Mavado Visits Vybz Kartel In Prison


Mavado is keeping in touch with his former enemy turn friend Vybz Kartel.

Sources inside the Gaza told Urban Islandz that Mavado recently visited Vybz Kartel behind bars.

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“Vado has been keeping the link with Vybz because a lot of people don’t know that they were very close friends before the Gaza/Gully feud,” the source told us.

“They had has a very good conversation and Vybz told Kartel about the trial and his appeal and overall a good conversation about the music,” the source added.

Mavado also tweeted about Vybz Kartel via his official Twitter page.

“@Mavado_Gully n @iamthekartel keep your head up anywhere u are in life street ni**as till death dat mi say,” Mavado wrote.

Mavado and Vybz Kartel are two of the biggest artists in modern dancehall and gave birth to the infamous Gully/Gaza feud.

These days the two dancehall heavy weights have hashed out their differences for the good of the genre.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence in a Jamaican prison for murder. He is appealing the conviction.


  1. Novado nuh stuck in a America from b4 the trail start and caah go back so how and when him visit him in a jail but I could be wrong

  2. “They had has a very good conversation and Vybz told Kartel about the trial and his appeal and overall a good conversation about the music,”……………VERY POOR English…..not sure i want to believe that source….

  3. Who the phuk wrote this? Go get a big watermelon.. and drop it on your head. Open up your tiny sleepy head eyes and learn how to write. You should find a job maybe cleaning butt cracks rather than writing.

    • Lol….i had to check to see who wrote this also. Way too many errors! Thought these work were suppose to be proof read.

  4. good look, real thing, di man dem developed a lvl of respect for each other from fueding that many wouldn’t understand. large up di both a dem, and hope everything work out fi yuh kartel. vado gwan mash di works and tek yuh career to di next lvl. Unity is what dancehall needs direly but nobody is mature enough to put fckry from di past behind dem. wonderful example them set, dancehall is detrimentally weakened because of a lack of unity among the artists. too much beef not enough unity, take advantage of that and take dancehall higher and further. you know how many wicked collabs could have drop over the years if the artists dem did a pree unity? some of the best collab material from di giants and heavyweights would have already gone global. sad seh them never take advantage of it, none of our top artists have any strong collabs with each other that would penetrate, damage and last in the international markets from 2009-now

  5. So so sad.