Foota Hype Says Ishawna Is Lying, Talks Reason For Breakup [VIDEO]


Foota Hype did his first TV interview on OnStage since his breakup with Ishawna earlier this year.

Foota Hype sat down with Winford Williams last week and opened up about why he and the dancehall diva split.

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According to the veteran sound system selector, Ishawna is lying about a lot of things and he is now ready to spill the tea.

“I am embarrassed to what she is doing to herself,” Foota Hype said. “She has been saying some things in the songs and on the interview that are not true like I am stalking her and sending her threats and those things and restraining order when all of that are illusion because I can’t stalk someone that has no class.”

Foota Hype also revealed that he learned directly from Skatta Burrell about his affair with Ishawna.

Watch the interview.


  1. Men make me laugh. He’s admitted to cheating,manhandling her etc. Now he’s mad at her for being better at it?Who told him that he was in a position to give her advice on morality?

    Too bad he left out the part where he enjoyed receiving fellatio from her. The mere suggestion of him returning the favor is enough to signal his fight or flight response.