Ishawna Confirmed Relationship With Skatta Burrell

Ishawna has confirmed that she is giving it up to Skatta Burrell.

The dancehall diva made the revelation during an interview with Ragashanti today. Last week Foota Hype made some scathing statements about his ex-girlfriend.

According to Foota Hype, Ishawna has been in a relationship

“Me and Skatta Burrell are friends,” Ishawna told Ragashanti. “Yes we did the those things because Skatta has always been there for me… When Foota kick me down Skatta helped me up.”

Ishawna also made some damning comments about Foota Hype abusive and controlling her for years.


  1. “giving it up to Skatta Burrel” ? I hope they’ll say the same thing when I make him “give it up” to me. That dude “giving it up” to salena now that’s music to my ears. dwl But seriously that phrase is utterly offensive.

  2. Let it be just be strong Ishawna why when a woman leave a man the man cant go in peace.?He has to dig dirt & disgrace the woman. Leave the girl and get another pretty one as you say, or buy one because you are rich stupid, idiot

  3. Some times people are not made for each other u have to move on . I just think they both could have handle this behind close doors . If Foota abuse her it will come back and haunt him trust me . I don’t care what kind a relationship u have u don’t put your hands on a women .