Amber Rose Banking More Than $1 Million In Divorce

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa divorce could be one of the messiest in hip hop history.

According to TMZ, the couple had a iron clad prenup but Amber Rose made a 8-page demand which includes $5K a month in spousal support and other demands that would net her more than $1 million.

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Amber Rose filed for divorce on Monday from her husband of one year. The couple also has a 1-year-old son Sebastian Thomaz.

Both Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are accusing each other of cheating. But Rose list irreconcilable differences as the reason for her divorce.


  1. Disregarding the Brotha’s prenup…WT?! #Shady

  2. she might see 200k after the lawyers and the drug dealers get their cut

  3. Nothing ever lasts..

    • Some people find their soulmate and till death do they part. You just have go with your heart and have faith. I know a JCAN couple who live in the US they met here got married when she was 25 he was a little older. They just went and celebrated their 25 wedding anniversary in Negril JA.

      • It depends, but it’s hard to be optimistic.. when everyone around you falling apart.

      • I know, but when you are ready you will find her…

      • Hmm what I meant was even if I do, I have to fully be aware that nothing will last. Like in these times, it’s rare to even picture that lol..

      • You are very young you have time for Cupid to knock on our door and knock you off your feet. And the saying goes when you are not looking that’s when that someone comes to you. Some relationship do last but both people have to work at it. I am crossing my fingers on Bey and Jay I just want them to be together so bad…

      • Bey and Jay is fake, that’s more of a business arrangement. I hope i do too, I’m tired of being labeled a player.

      • You really believe they are fake?!

      • Yep so much money tied to each other.. it’s messy for either to break up. There are still real black celebs though like Denzel I’d assume.

      • I could not be in a relationship where there is no love, so I guess eventually they will break apart if it’s so. Yes, Denzil seem to be a real family man. But let me tell you he cheated also, guess his wife dealt with it. I used to work with a media company and a co-worker told me when she went to events that he was at he played the room for women. But I heard he let them know he ain’t leaving his wife.