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Joe Bogdanovich Threatens To Sue Foota Hype

Downsound Records head Joe Bogdanovich says Foota Hype is defaming his character and he may take legal action.

Foota Hype recently did an interview where he revealed that Joe has been smashing his ex-girlfriend Ishawna. Bogdanovich denied the allegations calling them an absolute lie.

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With regards to me and my actions that is an absolute lie and I will have to take some legal actions because you can’t just defamed people’s character,” Joe said.

Ishawna also denies any relationship with Joe Bogdanovich, but confirmed that she is giving it up to Skatta Burrell.

Foota Hype also tendered his resignation from the label after he was suspended.


  1. Has anyone have ever tell a lie on anyone of you ever? Dont think so or else you would know how it felt. Foota hype told Winford Williams that he’s now a rich man thought it was $$$$ but i now no its rich chatting bull$#i+

  2. battybwoy joe goh sit down bout legal action

  3. Jamaica on whole is full of hear sey , gossip and bull sh** . They put garbage on the front page of the star .

  4. Joe go sit your ass down Foota has no damn money . You a did big man a downsound .