Foota Hype Dishing Ishawna Tea Says She Wanted Him To Go South

The Foota Hype and Ishawna saga is growing intense.

The veteran sound system selector has responded to his ex-girlfriend diss songs and he is spilling all the tea about what has been going on inside their camp at Downsound Records.

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During an interview with Gibbo, Foota Hype opened up about leaving Downsound Records, why he and Ishawna broke up, and a host of other things.

“As everyone know Ishawna did a song titled Restraining Order and I found the song disrespectful for her to be in the same camp as me but the song was not a Downsound Records production,” Foota Hype said. “So I overlooked the song since she voiced it for somebody outside of the company.”

“Now they have a second song being released as Foota Hype diss number two and it was produced by Downsound Records, it was written by Skatta Burrell,” Foota added. “I found that disrespectful and I don’t accept that. So I quit my job because they are taking this thing from business to personal.”

According to Foota Hype, his ex-girlfriend Ishawna is intimately involved with Skatta Burrell and Downsound head Joe Bogdanovich.

Foota Hype says Skatta Burrell was the one who confessed about smashing Ishawna.

Foota also says Ishawna split with him because she wanted him to go down south on her and wanted him to explore in areas he does not want to.