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Ishawna Dissing Foota Hype Calling Him “Cry Baby”

Foota Hype is a cry baby according to his ex-girlfriend Ishawna.

The dancehall diva released a new song titled “Cry Baby” where she took shots at her bitter ex.

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Check out some of the lyrics below.

Yo cyaa wine, cyaa wine mi again
Know seh yo miss this cause a bay threat send

Mi done pay mi dues wid a bwoy suh mi did haffi cut
It couldn’t work wi did haffi split up
Just stay home and shot the bishop
Suh stop bwal and a huff, and a puff

The single was produced by Downsound Records. Both Foota Hype and Ishawna are signed to the label.

One Comment

  1. He says he is a cheater & hes a thug & is long time he’s cheating. What goes around comes back around harder.Let Foota cry & let it out, crying is good hes embarass. Hes rich so he can buy another pretty girl. LOL