Tommy Lee Sparta – Lucifer Lyrics

Scream and cry to yo self
Lord, call and run to yo God
Nothing in this world could save yo
Tonight you a dead like dog
Aches to aches, dust to dust
Like a wild pit bull mi bullet dem rush
Shot kick yo in a yo face till yo f–king skull crush
Any bwoy feel dem cyaa get touch

(Verse 1)
Shook, somebody haffi get bloodclaat cuff
Bwoy just a play like puff
Head open like sun roof
Mi bad without a bomboclaat prove
The tugs dem march out in a legion
This worster than bomboclaat demon
Pray God no send mi go tek over head
And murder bomboclaat satan

Let go bwoy brim stone
Fire just a run out a mi nazzle like the nero car tire
Would not mine if yoo put a foot bomber
Wi a shock up the city just like a picachu
Yo fi know seh mi no left the earth happily
And Mr elly from the move mi a bur happy nee
Mother f–key mi no haffi have mi cur up in here
Watch it meck mi show the pu–y dem a who run in here

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
45 a beat
Everybody haffi left the street
Pumpi rifle buss pon repeat
Uncle demon come out fi feast
Mi evilness ill
19 body pon the freezer deh chill
Mi new grave yard a go easy fi fill
Mi left mind just a tell mi fi kill
Right now a just killing suh mi haffi march out
Shot a run in a yo belly and in a yo rass mouth
Dem fi know seh man a general
And dem a rass move
Mi get higher fi yo duppy like mi waan fi passed out
Mi get struck by lightening
Transported days haffi fighting
Destroy people like a gladiator
Wid the thing dem weh tall like titanin

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. FYI in the first line he actually says ” Scream and cry to yuh savior”

  2. Learn some of the lyrics ,cause you off on some of the words