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Nicki Minaj Vs Amber Rose Twerk-Off Mashup [VIDEO]

What would a Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose twerking contest be like.

Put two banging females like Amber and Nicki in a room and you will probably have a twerk-off. Although Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose weren’t in the same room, we can almost fantasize about it from these two videos.

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TheBoomBox released a video for a Nicki Minaj Twerking Supercut mashing up several clips of the Trinidadian rap bombshell twerking her famous ass-ets.

But then around the same time Amber Rose released a video on Instagram of herself Twerking.

“In honor of my Hubby’s #1 Album #blacchollywood #AssDrop,” MuvaRoseBud captioned the photo on her Instagram page.

Amber Rose released the video in honor of Wiz Khalifa’s No. 1 album Blacc Hollywood.

Who do you think win the twerk-off Nicki Minaj or Amber Rose?


  1. As a people (Black people) we are being made to look unintelligent and foolish without any internal substance. To be all about the outward appearance and with no internal structure about us. All for what? The dollar. Many of us have sold our souls to the devil.

  2. I feel like i need to bathe after watching these “women”

  3. Amber arse is for the strip clu

  4. Why the hell is this news and does anyone actually give a rats’ ass?

  5. nicki all the way!!!!!

  6. well…..ambers’ moves better but nicki has better moves


  8. amber rose is the best white ass ya gunna get , hows that, who wouldn’t like getting behind that fine piece of meat while its jigglin’ .

  9. Nicki Fu**in Minaaaaaaaj for the win!

  10. amber..nicki’s ass is to stiff and besides it’s fake as sh** so Amber Rose got my vote

  11. Nicki cyaaan win! Amber rose look way more natural and real…

  12. Amber ass is natural so it’s moves accordingly. Nicki is nice to look at sometimes but she is rather stiff when it comes to making the ass move. Ijs so Amber gets my vote!

  13. Niki needs to sit the F down.

  14. Nicki by far

  15. Flip a coin…

  16. Nicki all the way !!!!!!

  17. Nicki Minaj my babess ????????????

  18. Amber Rose is the clear winner.