Ikon D Link Talks Suicide, Says God Send Him On Tower [VIDEO]

Dancehall deejay Ikon D Link stirred up a lot of controversy last week when he climb a radio transmission tower at ZIP FM and threatened to jump off.

The incident occurred after the artist turned up at the station demanding that ZJ Liquid play his music on the air. But security refused his entry and that was when he climb the tower and threatened to commit suicide.

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Speaking with OnStage TV, Ikon D Link says it was god who sent him on the tower.

“This was nobody’s idea, this was not planned,” D Link said. “I went to the radio station to give out my music, the security say he is not letting me in and he won’t take my CDs… So I saw the tower and with god in my heart… god talk to me and say Ikon maybe you need to go up there and make them hear you.”

Ikon D Link says he is taking one for the team for all the young talented artists who are not getting any airplay.

The deejay was arrested and but was later released from jail and the charges were dropped.