Dancehall Artist Ikon D Link Threatens Suicide If Song Not Played On Radio

Upcoming dancehall artist Ikon D Link created chaos at ZIP FM yesterday when he climbed the radio station’s transmission pole and threatened to jump off if his song is not played on the radio.

Sources close to the radio station told Urban Islandz that D Link turned up at the station on Tuesday afternoon demanding to speak with ZJ Liquid. But was told that the disc jockey was already on the air.

“He somehow got past security and climb the pole saying he will jump off if Liquid did not play his song,” the source told us. “We pleaded with him to come down and we will play the song and fortunately he did.”

Ikon D Link caught everyone attention when he tweeted out a photo of himself on the pole.

“On the tower ready fi dead fi wah me believe in a,” he wrote on Twitter.

ZJ Liquid eventually played the song but has refused to play it again unless it is properly mastered.

Ikon D Link has also released a video for the single he was willing to die for titled “Stress.”


  1. Barber shop records get yourself a” fade” while composing your “demo”. 😀

  2. Dis lil batty need to wake up cuz him sleeping fi real. Wat kinda music is dis. Batty bwoy

  3. This dude ad-libs made me spit on my screen and on my cat. I wonder if she’ll ever forgive me? I wonder if she’ll strangle me in my sleep?
    What he should’ve done was fashion a bong out of that pillowcase, grab yourself some catnip and get “lit”. 🙂

  4. Mi rass jump nuh cause am not gonna listen even if it play…idiot

  5. Stacy-Ann Barnes

    breeze shudda blow him off the tower…