Vybz Kartel Ft. Fiona Robinson – Anytime Lyrics

It’s being a year now since I’ve left you bwoy
It’s not the same without me in your world
Or is it bwoy you have to prove to me
That all the world just say your love is so true

Your love is all you have to give
Cause that is just the way it is
And I know there’s a place I can go anytime bwoy
Yes I know I can come back home anytime bwoy

(Verse 1)
Anytime yo ready fi the
In a the am or the pm
Tell me where you are and I will scoop you in the gm
Your acting like your happy but your not
Herd your new boyfriend beat you allot
And tries to keep you from your friends
Why you stick around is it the mansion and the benz
Or is it because your just too blind
To see that am the realest thing you’ll ever find
We go together like Jupiter to Venus
New testament to Jesus
Till the heat we left each other
But the love will never leave US
Don’t trust your boyfriend he is one of the deceivers
He drinks and smokes, and gambles too much
And handles you ruff
What hurts is you just take it like you must
Hey who do you love girl? Who do you trust

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Anytime baby girl mi love yo
Although you hurt me many time
Still you try to dis me
Still mi love the way you kiss mi
Turn around like you is a frizzi that mi wish
Mi link the gipsy
Mi drink so much fi black you out mi drunk
When every tipsy
Yo treat mi even colder than the winter in Pokypsi
To how yo know mi love for you big like the milky way galaxy
And if mi get you back and then you leave
That’s how mi know we was never ment to be
But like Sizzla said
Why you kill the tree when it a grow fah

(Repeat Chorus)