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Noisey Say They License Vybz Kartel Song For Jamaican Gay Documentary

Noisey, the music division of Vice, angered Vybz Kartel fans on social media when they released a music video for the embattled deejay’s single “Beautiful Girl” casting only homosexuals living in the New Kingston gutter.

According to Noisey, they licensed the single to use in their new documentary Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens.

WATCH: Noisey Cast Gays In Vybz Kartel “Beautiful Girl” Music Video

“This was the perfect opportunity for us to come together and make a somewhat surreal video for their favorite artist, with its challenges along the way.”

Electric shocks and twerking came hand in hand. With our generator and lights teetering over the water of the gully and each gully queen dancing harder than the last, it was a dangerous but powerful shoot (and luckily no one got fried).

“Kartel was unable to sign off on this video as an official promo, but we licensed the song and are putting it out there to show people a rarely seen side of one of our favorite places in the world.”

Yesterday a rep for Vybz Kartel told Urban Islandz that he strongly objected to the use of his music in the documentary and has not authorized the music video.

The incarcerated deejay has instructed his legal team address the situation.


  1. Vybz should just be happy his music is still relevant and influential after like 3 years in prison. These are the people who need his music more than anyone else. I feel it. This music video means a lot to me. It means there is space in dancehall for us “freaky gals” too. I hope Adija sees it this way. The documentary is very sobering.

  2. Dj, Wrinkles Money

    The artist must sue out them BLOODCLAAAT clean stinking dutty rassclaat bout licEnse video what pu**yclaat slackness !

  3. IDGF what license they got, Kartel is obviously in no position to control this at the moment but they KNOW hed NEVER approve, so their agenda was wicked and they knew exactly what they tried to spark by doin this.Slavery was legal once too, I guess they are ok with that too. Canadian imbecils.

    • What’s so “wicked” about what they have done? And how does slavery come into this? It’s not really the end of the world… it’s just a music video.
      So when Kartel makes music where he objectifies women and talk all his slackness we’re seemingly ok with it… and this is what we object to? Our outrage seems to be misplaced.

      • Because he does not approve of their lifestyle, duh!

      • You’re a retard. STFU and sit the hell down. People over-react to the silliest things… to say it’s “wicked” is a stretch.
        When Kartel killed that dude, that was wicked. The cops killing ghetto youths on a daily basis is wicked… I think this pales in comparison.