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Noisey Cast Gays In Vybz Kartel “Beautiful Girl” Music Video

Vybz Kartel is turning in his prison cell right now.

Noisey has released an unofficial music video for Vybz Kartel single “Beautiful Girl” using gays in Kingston.

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According to Noisey, they created the video as part of their new documentary about homosexuals living in the Kingston sewer system.

While making a documentary on The Gully Queens of New Kingston, a growing community of gay and transgender youth living in the Jamaican capital’s storm drain system on Trafalgar Road, we met people that had been driven below the depths of the city by desperation. This unique community has found solace in the lyrics of street life and struggle of the recently incarcerated singer Vybz Kartel, a national hero of sorts and considered “The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto” by many.

The music video shows members of the growing gay community getting dress and putting on their makeups to venture out into the New Kingston nightlife.

Watch the video below.

Reps for Vybz Kartel told Urban Islandz that the deejay is not happy about the video and will be instructed his lawyers to take action.

“This is not an official video and Addi is distancing himself from it,” his rep told us.

“He has already instructed his lawyer to take the necessary action to protect his image,” the rep added.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in Jamaica for murder.


  1. When you say “Europeans” are you referring to “white people” from “Europe” or “white people” in general?

  2. The key to power today is knowing how to use the first amendment freedom of press to your advantage

  3. It’s wrong of Noisey to piggy-back off of Vybz Kartel fame to promote their own agenda, that they are using to trying to disrupt and destroy the culture of Jamaica. All people of Jamaica who don’t agree with homosexuality (anyone who didnt take part in their mini documentary) should refuse to be part in anymore of any of their documentaries bc it really was a bait and switch move to do the Snoop Dogg Reincarnated and then the Jamaica series and pull this move which made obvious their true motives. Jamaica has that culture that men are suppose to be with women and women are suppose to be with men, its these Europeans that are shoving that sh** down everybody throat, and change what God said just by some legislation, but it was written that the devil will represent himself as God. I don’t know what verse it was but its even in homosexual King James Version book of Revelations

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      • She is a hypocrite bi-ch.

      • She sounds so ignorant I wonder if she still think AIDS is solely a gay and lesbian etc disease. I wonder if she knows that a man can screw women within a 10 mile radius and bring the AIDS virus home to her and I bet she’ll think that he was on the “downlow”! Damn these people ignorant as hell!

      • They all think AIDS is still only a gay thing, I know very young people that died from AIDS and they were straight and women. Tweley said he bet the gully gays are infected.

      • I wasn’t that ignorant on the islands. I didn’t hate gays, whites etc. When he made a comment about not finishing the video…… I was livid the one dude I would’ve chilled with sounded crazy as hell. I know he’s also a straight dude so I expect him to sound ignorant. He never did say if his relative too would live there. *sighs* I’ll pass on taking him to Pluto’s Moon to reestablish the human race! roflmao

      • I think he’s cool, he can’t help it. Salena growing up in Jamaica made almost all JCANS homophobic and most don’t change their views.

      • Kartel’s twitter: Stop try mix up the Gaza ina u nastiness…

        and another:We just confirm say certain “official” online site is some fassy who a try infiltrate the ting. Informa fwd in all different disguise

        and another :
        Nuff a dem that pretending to be “official” etc r really some mole n informer that using the internet to try harm the Gaza n Addi reputation

        and another:
        Two lawsuits have been filed already n more to come. Overstand that some looking a hype but is the life of Addi n 3 others unu a sabotage

        Watch how many people like this! roflmao

      • WOW, he’s doing a lot of suing…good luck to him.

      • “WOW, he’s doing a lot of suing sucking…good luck to him.”

        That needed to be fixed. Please excuse me, but facts are facts.

      • Ziggy u r too much, LMFAOOOO

      • They can’t tell the difference between a feminine gay man, a feminine gay man playing a character by dressing in women’s clothing(drag), a feminine gay man dressing in women’s clothing while wanting to become a woman.(transgender)They all assume that all gay men dressing in drag(women’s clothing)character or not have intentions to seduce straight men based on an isolated incident, even the women are just as ignorant as they assume the same thing.
        Then they want to play β€œGod”imposing their will on others while encouraging self harm, mass suicides etc while clearly following fragments of their belief.

      • Yea I agree.

      • Who told these “straight men” that they were expected to like these gay men playing dress up?

  9. That’s false, not every state allows gay marriages… there’s only a handful of states that allow it. And there are constantly battles in the courts to change the laws. Additionally, it’s not something that’s promoted as you say. The country is merely progressive and realizes that gays pay taxes and make significant contributions to our society… so they should be left alone. Finally, you’re wrong again… America wasn’t formed based in Christian principles. The founding fathers were a bunch of rich, slave owning, white men who simply didn’t want to pay taxes to the British anymore. The majority if the founding fathers were actually atheists… they believed in keeping the church and state separate.
    You really should check your information and make sure you actually know what you’re saying before you say it dude.

  10. What a waste of good looking men…. I just dont think they should of used the song cuz its about females and they will never be females, other than that I dont care about their sexuality. . Thats there problem lol

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  14. what i have just watched made me change my perception of vybz kartel

    • Strange how these things work…what I just watched has served to reinforce my perception of Kartel.

  15. Listing developing countries where women are castrated and receive no pleasure from sex and are made to be subservient to men, countries plague with epidemics, overzealous religious crazies but you scared of gender benders like Rupaul and the like! The people from the countries you listed mainly women would gladly flee to America giving you and the rest of these bozo-the- clown-looking dudes “two middle fingers” in any direction you’d like!

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  16. America is a developed country peace out! And don’t link my island to your ignorance!

  17. Yup! Prison can’t slow you down, but it takes away control over the material that you produce. See how it goes, Kartel? Ya can’t just bounce outta bed and fill man full of holes anymore. You’re just going to have to lap it up like the gully queens. Careful your cellmates don’t watch this video…some of these queens resemble you, and you could find yourself on the wrong end of a prison gang rape.

    Good luck, Addi.

  18. Selena u wanna hear from “women”, OK hear this;
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    • No it’s just gay boys doing their thing…LOL

  21. Addi shoulda sue dem rass fi dis… Mi throw up inna mi mout… Couldn’t go past 1 minute.

    • You’re soft. None of the characters in that video did anything as bad as Kartel did to Clive. Kill the gully queens, but spare the murdering summab**ch kartel??! WTF!?

      • Tell dem seh nuh start it!! (Aidonia voice)

      • I told them what you said, and they asked me to pass on this message to you.
        Everyone deserves the right to live their lives the way they want to. Stop imposing your puritanical belief-system on their lives.

      • P***y who seh kill? Mi nuh soft, just find it disgusting, sorry man, a so mi grow. And who seh spare murderah? Ah no mi yah chat bout.

      • You threw up in your own mouth…you couldn’t watch more than 60 seconds, you think Kartel should pursue legal action against Vice…and you’re not soft?! WTF?!

        I say you spare murderers…you have thrown your support behind that murdering summmab**ch Kartel from the get-go.

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  22. Wow, if that wasn’t the most ratchet hot mess that I have ever seen I don’t know what is. Lord, help us!

  23. In the rest of the world this doesn’t even turn heads. Why is jamaican culture so homophobic?

    • Sorry I can’t help you with that as I’m not Jamaican although I’m Caribbean who to some degree has been Americanized although growing up in my country we weren’t concerned about Homophobia we were more concerned about poverty and crime.

    • because most caribbean islands practice christianity so being gay is a sin and people dont want gays because maybe the kids will see it and think its ok when its really not “in the caribbean countries” for example like jamaica,barbados,haiti,and trinidad and tobago

      • You can’t be serious right?

      • yea im serious to them its not good but in other caribbean countries its actually criminalized

      • I think it has to do with more than just religion. How can you say that it is the end all and be all when you have men committing sins of the flesh? You have young women constantly being sexualized? I think the homophobia take precedence over everything else don’t you? I probably should be the last one talking about sex.roflmao

      • well you cant tell that to caibbean people. its thr fact that god created a human MALE BEING and then they want to change and become a “woman”. why cant they just be gay(which is not ok) without trying to be something they will never be anatomically and biologically!

      • I know you can’t tell a Caribbean person anything as I am one myself but I’m a bit more open-minded . I have no idea about switching genders to become anatomically a different gender,all I see here are drag queens basically, boys playing dress up I don’t know if they want to live as a female. I wonder if this video consisted of Femme attractive lesbians if it would’ve garnered the same response?

        How could we tell if in fact they are lesbians if the Director didn’t put them in a compromising position?Regardless if I agree with it or not I don’t think these kids deserve to be living in the sewers.

      • thats why therea a thing called a JOB!

      • What do you mean? πŸ™‚ Did I poke a hole the size of a crater in your hypocritical beliefs? I take it you can’t hear yourself think over the ringing in your ears right?! You do know the difference between a job and a career right? With the name yaadbwoy why did I ever expect anything tangible from you? roflol The mention of the mere subject signals your fight-or-flight response. Try moving beyond the constraints of your bubble there lies an even bigger world. πŸ™‚

      • no you didn’t DWL, i can, yes i know the difference. In america y’all promote that sh** nearly every state allows gay marriage, when originally it was founded on christian principles. If y’all Americans step out yall bubble and realize the is an even bigger world DIFFERENT FROM AMERICAS. Just because yall “love it” doesnt me other countries will accept it, promote it, nor give that state the right to get married(homo). EX. JAMAICA,BARBADOS,TRINIDAD,SAUDI ARABIA,MOST OF AFRICA,USVI,AND OTHERS.

      • Yes, well said

      • Very true. You can’t be Christian and gay and I don’t get why people keep trying to contradict. But that said there a lot of sinful things we all do contrary to religious standards. For one eating pork. The bible speak against that too. I think ultimately again as said in the Bible he who is without sin cast the first stone. No man is perfect and God is the only judgment that matters. Nobody should be discriminated against on any level for any reason. I only say Don’t ask don’t tell. Nobody business sexual preference. I never felt the need to call a gathering of my kin to make a statement I am straight. I don’t see why that proclamation is necessary. I do not and can not tolerate transgender solely because they annoy me. I have gay friends and as I said to them I will call you a woman when you start to bleed monthly. I know not all females do but hey that is my own prejudice…I wud hate on any female that don’t have to deal with the nightmare of the cycle lol

      • Well, in my county most people are also christian. Still, only the uneducated people living in the remote wilderness believe it’s a sin.
        I can’t even remember the last time I heard anything homophobic with my own ears, but it must have been when I was a kid. Probably by another child who didn’t know the meaning of it.

      • Just like u said the uneducated, and they are worrying about what people do in their own bedrooms. JA have always been homophobic. I was born and grew up there, and I also had that feeling. I seen gays getting beatings that I thought was wrong, even thou I didn’t like their lifestyle. It’s after living in the US for years I changed my views.

    • Don’t know, grew up with that. That’s why the JA gays decide they are all coming out, whether they kill them or not. I don’t blame them. I even read on sites where they want to send all gays in JA to America. INSANE

      • Is it more gays as in men as in drag queens or are lesbians also included?

      • I think gays is men and women. But it is funny I think they focus more on men. Which I totally think is hypocritical. But that’s JA

      • I know did you see how I did that dude below exposed his hypocrisy? Now he has to accept it and learn to deal with those hypocritical emotions and beliefs right yaadbwoy?! roflmao You can’t tell lesbians when you see them unless they’re manly.

      • It’s beyond hypocritical when it comes to lesbians. Their ignorant beliefs has them thinking they can “cure” a lesbian with a good f#ck. Which totally makes sense to me…they also believe they will turn gay just by being in the same room as a homosexual. The only way to save the LGBT community so they cam live their lives in peace is by educating the straight community.

      • It’s funny but the hypocrites will watch two women make love. Which to me don’t make sense. And I don’t think it’s possible to educate straight JCANS living in JA. The only way for JA gays is to fight for their rights and don’t stop fighting.

      • I had this argument with females before. They tried to tell me the very same thing. I explained it to them like this; pictures of naked kids, the elderly, the grossly obese, as well as the emaciated, farm animals of any kind, and two gay men going at it will not make my soldier stand at attention. Two women making love will.

        I think it comes down to sexual preferences with me. That’s not to say I’m against gays doing their thing, I just like my thing done the way I like, and that usually includes a grown woman packing titties with a proper package.

      • So you ok with watching two lesbian women then…

      • F#ck yeah! My only regret is not joining in.

      • With u it’s ok, because I know u let gay men live their lives without hating. But those who hate gay men, and find it entertaining when two women make love, I think that’s hypocritical. And I know a lot of men are like that. Homophobic Jamaican men too.

      • I read about the gully gays, and it is sad. They are saying it is boys that their family had them leave home when they found out they were gay.

      • These people are crazy they acting like anything can’t happen. You raise your kid as best as you can and they still turn out to be serial killers, pornstars etc.Finding a Caribbean man as open minded as me is going to be a lot harder than I originally thought. roflmao Canada here I come! roflmao

      • But them must know gays ain’t going nowhere, so leave them make them live their life and u live yours. As I was reading on a site it is believed every family have at least one gay person…if it is a sin, u without sin cast the first stone. We all will be judged one day if you believe there is a CREATOR.

      • How is that more of a sin but they go around sleeping with multiple women etc and I’m suppose to take their beliefs serious.When they clearly pick and choose which rules to follow with the gay, lesbians etc taking precedence over the others. Fuggedaboutit!

      • Wait till ziggy see this.Lol

      • Their hypocrisy is so palpable I could cut it with a machete. Bible clearly states man to wife, kids to follow. How many of them who are so willing and so quick to kill a gay person remain unable to place a band of gold on a woman’s finger and call her his wife, like their Bible says to do?

      • They shove their religious ramblings down our throat while listening to Kartel’s music. roflmao How delusional are these people?

      • Their ramblings fall on deaf ears around these parts. Earth wasn’t made in six days, there was no world wide flood, dead men don’t rise from the grave, Jews were never slaves in ancient Egypt, and if it was possible, we would all sue the Christian God for child abandonment and neglect.

        So, you’re crossing Canadians off your list…uhmmmm?! You going to stick to the Europeans…

        No problem, girl! More power to ya!

      • So true, and most of them not even after kids they want to do it. They rather live common law life.

      • Sleeping around in general is never good, and I’m talking real life repercussions. I took your bait 😑

      • Being gay is one thing, people will not bother you, but going out into public and pushing a taboo lifestyle that the majority doesn’t want to see, is looking for trouble. That’s how the other gay kid died due to going to dance and trying to trick people. There is 1 gay in my family, but he don’t bring the mess around family functions and only reason we know because it was obvious throughout years of his upbringing.

        These gays in the video are parading as hookers and I bet majority of them are soon to be infected. Jamaica need to clean up streets or let them stay in sewers, but their cause or movement is packed with filth.

      • You sound just like these idiots had this video consist of HOT lesbians I bet you and these dudes wouldn’t be complaining. How would you know that the ladies before you are Lesbians unless the Director forced it down your throat and placed them in a compromising position? These dudes are just dancing they have no health-insurance,no dental-insurance, no nest egg, each day presents another struggle , exposed to the elements. What happens when a HURRICANE comes? If your so homophobic leave the city come here to the SOUTH where you’ll find an even bigger enemy THE RED NECkS!(Uneducated, ignorant, white trash wearing overalls)

      • You make no ___ing sense.. I say that polity.
        Hot lesbians has nothing to dude with a bunch of rough looking dudes trying to pass as women. They are doing more than dancing, they are selling their bodies and director is pimping them out to create controversy.

      • I think I make perfect sense as you guys are just hypocrites! They’re selling their bodies because they can’t find work. So tell me again the one gay in your family if it was up to you…. He too would be living in the sewers right?

      • There are levels to the gay spectrum I suppose. You have those who act civilized and those who sell their bodies and sleep around in general.

        How am I a hypocrite for saying they are free to do whatever, but you really think they are preaching positivity in this video.

      • You mean they’re doing something different from the usual dancehall video? Had it been me and my female friends in this video no one would be complaining!(FYI we are not lesbians)You’re a hypocrite because you and these idiots are paralyzed by fear by the drag queens basically, boys playing dress up and I have yet to hear one thing about the “HOT” lesbians.

      • Gays don’t scare me, the only thing that fear me is these clowns spreading aids from selling their bodies.Trying to make it seem normal when it’s not, to corrupt the kids early. This is not a typical dancehall video, these clowns are running around in the sewers. << they actually did this lol.

        As for the "hot" lesbians I wouldn't cosign a video with them either. It would be a shame to see that as well. Do what you do, but keep it to yourself and stop campaigning for attention.

      • Who’s campaigning for attention? What you see as attention I see as bringing awareness to a cause. The world will finally know about these people living in the SEWERS!I meant in the sense where they’re doing the edgy- artsy- sex- thing. I supposed you also think that gays and lesbians parents can’t raise straight kids right? You do know that AIDS have been proven to be not solely a GAY disease?
        *salena plays Nelly Furtado- Promiscuous Girl and is roflmao*

      • Unlike you Salena I research on things happening in “JA” before i speak on it. The gay community there is plague with aids…

        You can call this hip all you want, how about doing a real documentary on the lives off these men and stop attaching dancehall to it. Noisey is looking to be edgy and failed miserably.

      • It is probably so because they’re uneducated. I don’t like to use that term on anyone because I feel like when I say it I’m implying that I’m above them somehow and I don’t think I’m above anyone.You and the rest of these dudes can sleep well at night knowing that the Aids epidemic will reduce there numbers!

      • This doesn’t affect how I sleep, I simply told you what’s what. Don’t group me in with rest of dudes because i’ve backed up my comments well enough. Salena you must feel a way when someone doesn’t agree with you πŸ˜‰

      • Not well enough as you never told me if your gay relative would too be living in the sewer. I find it actually disheartening but whatever if it was up to me blow this entire planet up I’ll still be on Pluto’s Moon where the water is cleaner and there’s no pollution. I will select one man and we’ll reestablish the human race! πŸ˜‰ I’d like to see the line for that Casting Call! roflmao

      • Salena what can I do to ease your mind lmao u seem frustrated with the planet Earth.

        As for my gay relative, he is living his life civilize and works, handle his business. He not running around calling himself Gully Queen.

      • Which Salena do you prefer the one frolicking about trying to make you smile or the one having a serious debate? There’s no middle ground it’s one or the other so which one do you like more?
        Is your cousin in the islands or America? I know you know there’s a big disconnect between the two.

      • Well he lived in JA and came here with his mom, but she grew him up a way it was no surprise. It was like obvious so rest of us didn’t dwell on it. I prefer the real Salena who can find middle ground, I might have to build that middle ground lol..

      • You’re nuts we don’t agree on anything. roflmao You’re religious to a degree and I’m not and I don’t think it makes me tainted etc and look how freely I talk about sex. I see it as art. roflmao I gone dude see you never! *sighs*

      • What’s my religion then?

        Sex is an art, but I already proved you just all talk when it comes to that. Go live on Pluto peace πŸ˜‰

      • Something bible-ee? roflmao Dude if you and I were friends I’d be chilled and cool with you. I don’t want no dude being aggressive when I first met him. You want to see me run out of my shoes?
        I’m not on Pluto I’m on Pluto’s Moon. πŸ™‚

      • I think I’m more chilled :x, aggression is within you..

        I believe in monotheism and different factors that there’s a creator.I take away righteous teachings the bible presents, same goes with every religion in existence. One teaching shouldn’t bound me from liking the other. I guess you can call me spiritual.

        I’m actually Virgo…o_o

      • I’m actually more chilled than you give me credit for I told you already when the syht hit the fan I’m used to defending my bf because if I didn’t who the hell will. I know that I probably have my own faults that I have to deal with but the difference is I know that and these people and the like don’t! But when I walk the world you can’t even tell because I always have a big smile on my face and people gravitate towards me.

      • I mean a lot of people appear charismatic in public lol… I don’t doubt you, but you can’t assume I’m aggressive due to not sharing the same views as you. There is a reason to everything I say, I only dabble in these discussion because it’s an open forum, but other wise I would be looking at stuff pertaining to my hobbies.

      • Re read the post above I never said you were aggressive. I said that you were opinionated you said that “aggression is within you”! To which I assume was you talking directly to me and not beating around the bush as I can’t tell one way or the other.

      • Oh ok but I mean it’s expected in an open forum, we are not vibing to music …

      • You wan vibe to some music? Watch this video for a laugh. He’s straight and creepy as hell. I think you might find it funny or maybe not. FYI just so you I don’t listen to this dude. roflmao
        Connan Mockasin – I’m The Man, That Will Find You

      • Yea melody is there, just a screeching voice. The same can be said for Spooky Black -Without You.

      • I don’t think how his mom grew him had nothing to do with his sexuality. I don’t believe being gay is a choice…tell me who would want to chose being gay to be treated the way they are treated…I also have gay men in my family they are educated and treated like other family members no different. And I am happy they were born here and not in JA.

      • The way she grew him gave him a “feminine” outlook on life we assumed. She had him wash her clothes, cook, and clean for her other kids etc. Living in a house filled with young girls, I don’t care what anyone say, will cause some effect on you. He is a prime example.

      • My mom raised us twins and my brother by herself. When my mom met her bf it presented a lot of problems to which my mom decided to send my brother to live with our ‘aunt’ who was a cop and even more strict. He had to do chores etc even help take care of her ailing dad now in the present day my brother is straight, attractive, and a serial womanizer! salena:”Mamea Bambi the only dude on the island?”

        I actually find it sickening that he has sisters and was raised by women my mom,my aunt, and enjoys keeping them in limbo.(women)

        So I didn’t have a good male figure in my life so your theory is that I should be a lesbian? I’m not into chicks maybe that’s why I’m a man-hater to some degree because it’s already embedded in my psyche that they don’t have to stick around. *sighs*

      • I mean you did get mistaken for lesbian in past? My point was that lifestyle affects the person to SOME degree..

      • Maybe when I went through my punk phase in the city ala Grace Jones but most people just thought I was hip. I’m not high maintenance or low maintenance I’m in the middle.

      • Hey just as long as you maintain..

      • πŸ™‚ I gon dude I’ll watch you from Pluto’s Moon!

      • That was kind of weird, to have your son doing your house work. But I believe a boy could grow up in a house full of boys, if he is gonna be gay it will be so. Most gays were born that way or some was from being molested. I know a girl in the area I live, she was raped repeatedly by a man she is now a lesbian woman in her twenties she dress and look just like a man.

      • Yea certain events bring it out I suppose.

      • I get the whole transgender thing…I see them all the time in London. These males that think in order to be gay they have to dress as a woman and behave vulgar. Not a good look…actually witness one attack a little girl. So yes there is another side to it beyond sexuality. But also it might intrigue you to know that AIDS is not a gay disease. The risk that is associated with the disease and the homosexual community comes from black undercover males who purport to be straight marry and have kids while sneaking around having unprotected sex with indiscriminate males and other questionable activities such as intravenous drug use. And their wives who know their man cheating but instead of leaving will return the favour. So really the gays should be scared of straight people…just saying

      • Yea that’s true idk this how lifestyle just comes with a negative energy.

      • I understand what u are saying, but from what I hear the gay boys living in the gully is boys that their family through them out after finding out they are gay. I don’t agree with tricking straight men that’s setting up to be killed. Also don’t agree with selling your body. Tweley I am older than you and I can tell you growing up in JA I saw gays getting beatings and JA police act like it wasn’t a crime. I believe that gays living in JA live in fear and they have a reason to be. Most JCANS are homophobic, and they will harass gay men…I was homophobic, and it’s years after coming to the US I changed my views.

      • Gays in JA live in fear because some like the ones here, bring nothing but slackness to the public. Majority of people will ignore it, but deep in communities where most of them come from, the people are far removed and don’t want their community to be tainted by their actions.

      • Oh I see, maybe they are acting out because of the hate they are getting from these communities. Also no family support to better themselves. Whatever, it’s very sad to see humans living in the gully.

      • I don’t want him to feel a way as he’s still my homeboy!:)
        He can’t tell you about them because he’s the equivalent to a white supremacist who happens to have a black relative all he sees is his tunnel vision. He expects his black relative to live under constant scrutiny, to not be acknowledged, to be oppressed,walk on egg shells, jump through hoops etc. What kind of life is that? I’ll take my chances elsewhere! I’d much rather hear from the black relative than him as it directly affects him.(black relative)

        They (gays,lesbians etc)bring slackness but they(him and the like) have no problem with women being publically sexualized. I think I should’ve reserved the energy I expended trying to talk sense to blinking twice and or completing the breathing process.

        Who’s to say that these gays the one’s playing dress up aren’t acting out because of lack of family attention and or support? Maybe this is who they are? *shrug shoulders* and *blinks twice*

      • That’s how I see it too. So sad.

      • Yup, salena! It looks like you’re going to have to set your sights higher and find yourself a Canadian man. We have a strong sense of our own sexuality. We are not intimidated, fearful, or worried when mingling with the LGBT community. It’s kinda like not liking milk in your coffee…why would I care about who drinks coffee with milk as long as there’s no milk in mine??! Furthermore, do these homophobic types really believe homosexuality is an airborne contagion?!!

      • Well to each is there own I don’t agree wither there life style but who I’m I to judge all I’m saying if you want to be gay go rite ahaed Caz I don’t benefit from your action there action don’t box food out my kids mouth or tek tax out a my check so I can’t make them a problem to me and nuff ppl a bun batty man but dem a run dung batty man brand say dem straight but arch up eye brows and a where Oman pants member me use to watch dutty Fridays and see the dancer boys dem in a dem cupcake shoes deh like if unnu ago bun batty man bun unnu self fi a run dung batty man brand

      • You probably give yourself a little too much credit. I was born and raised in jamaica. But I’ve lived in the states for over 18 years now… I’m well educated… bachelors degree in engineering and two masters degrees. I only say that say that I’m a fairly open minded person and I’m sure there are plenty open minded Caribbean men out there.
        I’m not down with the batty business, but who the hell am I to tell two people what they can or can’t do in their bedrooms. Quiet frankly, it’s none of my god damn business, and it’s nobody else’s frigging business either. There are far more crazy things happening in the world that are leading to the demise of our society. Gay people aren’t the problem.

      • Whatever dude roflmao πŸ˜‰ I’m not Jamaican although I’m Caribbean πŸ™‚

      • Way to go, totally agree. So far the best post by a JCAN man so far…I am a JCAN female living in the US longer than you. Some of these men think being gay is contagious. LOL

      • U agree with him saying I’m giving myself too much credit? roflmao forget you then! roflmao j/k

      • LOL Don’t know why he said that, it didn’t fit in. And you didn’t question it.

      • Why is salena giving herself too much credit, I don’t get it.

      • When I said finding a Caribbean man like me is like finding a strand of pubic hair on a football field! roflmao

      • U 2! cya latta!

      • We will see what later brings here…LOL

      • Oh really!?? How do you explain this, salena?
        *ziggy plucks a short strand of hair from his teeth*

      • Because she’s making it seem like she’s the most open-minded Caribbean person in existence. And that it would be such a huuuuge challenge to find an open-minded Caribbean person. It’s slightly offensive; as though all Caribbean mean are a bunch of closed-minded fools.
        Besides that, I think she’s just a loudmouth who pretends to be smarter than everyone else.

      • You can’t be serious I don’t act like I’m better than or smarter than anyone whatever dude gwan!

      • Actually, I was very serious πŸ™‚

      • You mean loudmouth as in “ghetto” or the one speaking at the “pro-choice rally”? roflmao Say what you want but so far I only see “7” people here with actual sense regardless if I agree with them or not 5 men and 2 women me and Juney,I hope you’re not implying that I think I’m better because I came-of -age in America because I can’t say for sure if that’s the main reason why I’m open-minded. I’m not hug up on race, religion, sex etc. I guess you won’t be coming to Pluto’s Moon too! roflmao

        I never would’ve imagine defending America against my fellow Caribbean people, as I consider myself to be an Afro-Caribbean and not an African American. I’ll always defend Caribbeans first!:)
        I don’t want these ignorant hypocrites spoiling the soup and making us all look like Koonu Moonus, get ready because they’ll be even more coming!

      • Salena, most men don’t like women who can think for themselves or that are educated. I guess they think it’s a treat to them. They hate women that are smart and have a different opinion than theirs…to them women are on earth to cook, wash, clean, have kids and care for them. And be ready for s-x when they are ready. And oh yes you must be a lady but a ho-e in bed…dildo and all.

      • They want the “stepford” wife and they still cheat anyways because she becomes boring after a while and they no longer appreciate her as she’s readily available. They don’t like women who push back? The ones who they’ll be rolling around on the floor with trying to see who ends up on top, then tiring ourselves out because neither of us did. roflol At least if their “stepford” wife goes haywire they can fix her by reconnecting the yellow and green wire. roflmao or just throw her in the tub. πŸ™‚

      • Yea for real. LOL

      • Even though that dude think I’m a loud mouth chick he has some sense and I find myself intrigue but let’s not tell him that. roflmao I wonder if he’ll let me push him back?:)…… probably not!

      • Try I think you might have a good ride, along a rocky road…LMFAO

      • u see dat dey! roflol

      • I would enjoy that ride with you for sure…LMAO

      • I’ll probably have to pretend that I don’t enjoy being roughed up by him or else he’ll stop. roflmao I hope I didn’t scare him off. πŸ™‚ mwah! lol

      • He’s on the other site about Noisey not getting the ok for this gay video. He blasted Pmoney…Lol

      • I see it dey Jamaican man don’t dyck around. roflmao

      • For real LOL

      • I don’t see her like that. Maybe you should read more of her posts. But you are entitled to your opinion.

      • πŸ™‚ Dude I’m not going to jump down your throat, lambaste you etc as I reserve that strictly for the “crazies”.

      • Ok. That’s very nice of you.

      • If you watched the Vice video on the Gully Queens you would see that it also includes lesbians. In the vid it shows one lesbian who went to the police after having been raped by several men, only to hear the police say that she deserved it. That’s pretty f#cked up in my book.

      • I am not surprised, and they are trying to say they make them live their lives…BS

    • In a word…fear. They fear the LGBT community based on biblical lore. One thing they don’t fear is murder. That’s why these gully queens have to run into the sewers.

  24. This is by far the most hideous video I’ve seen, I couldn’t complete it. Just dudes prancing around, this has to be a joke. I kind of feel bad for Daddy Devil now…I would never allow my music to be put on a major platform like Noisey promoting a lifestyle I condemn.

    • Are they all guys in it prancing around? Its an interesting video though, seems like they really wanted damage Vybz career plus profit off of him same time.

  25. I’m looking forward to the comments on this one! roflmao I wonder what camera they used this is HD as shyht!

  26. No doubt Vybz turning in his cell. People are turning in their grave seeing this. Vybz loves the beautiful ladies!! As we all do. What ugly musty stank clown thought of gay sewer whores during this song. Keep them in the damn sewer. This video reminds me of a fart.

    • The only person belongs in the sewer is your ras head first doing the head top!Make sure when you gon in on me that you achieve maximum length and girth don’t hold any strokes back! πŸ˜‰ Don’t bring me no limp cauck that requires Viagra!

      • WTF.. If I ever see you the only thing you will see is my ass. When I’m running away from you. I’m outty. Straight.

      • I love real sexy vagina. Real breasts. A nice fit ass. Real woman. Yeahhhh. Ya dun nooo. Really pretty girls. I LOVE REAL WOMAN!!!!!!!!! Real Vagina. YEAHHHHH

        No sewer 4 me.

      • So what happens if she has breast implants she still good too go? You like seeing those blue veins? roflmao

      • Roflmao whatever dude! πŸ™‚

  27. How can your lawyers take action when they obtained a LICENCE to do the video Fishtel? Fckry u a chat

    • ah u gee dem licence?fool u a ediat

      • No I didn’t but VICE entertainment did and you can go on their website and see for yourself….if you actually took up a book and read or did some research of your own you could easily verify what I’m saying….u mussi vex dem a expose u beloved one Fishgrease….Gweh

      • They obtained it without disclosing what it will be used for- they had no permission to use it for this.

      • Pretty much Vice is right in Brooklyn lol, the owner is cool.. but his staff has no right to dabble with the man’s music and play him like this.

  28. LOL a dat fi happen to the GirlBoss dem cyan ramp wid the gully dem way de. A long time mi did a tell unnu say Vybz Kartel gay.