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Chris Brown Trying To Reconnect With Rihanna, Feuding With Karruche Tran

The love triangle between Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Karrueche Tran could be in the making again.

Two months after being released from jail, Chris Brown is already trying to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna and Karrueche is not having it.

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The “Loyal” singer and his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran have been feuding on Twitter since last week.

An ever so reliable inside source told Urban Islandz that the new problems between Chris Brown and Karrueche is because of Rihanna.

“Chris reached out to Riri a few times after leaving jail and he has been reaching out on Twitter and via text messages even more often now, I mean the dude is basically stalking her online,” the source told us.

“Word got back to Karrueche and she went ballistic on him calling him disloyal… She felt betrayed after standing by him all this time through his many problems,” the source told us.

Now let’s hear the “I told you so.”

Rihanna and Chris Brown together

Earlier this week Chris Brown posted a cryptic tweet that appears to be a message for his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

“If someone doesn’t see how dope you are … F*** em their loss,” Chris Brown wrote on Twitter.

Chris Brown also drew the attention of his fans on Monday when he liked a photo of himself and Rihanna that a fan posted on Instagram.

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown will get back together?

Sound off in comments below.


  1. Chris needs to stay with Rihanna shes nothing but trouble. Chris was much more stable with Karruche.


  3. These comments prove two things: a. Common sense isn’t really common and b. The IQ of a lot of the people on this blog approaches zero. I am flabbergasted by some of these responses. No wonder we have so many baby mommas and divorces…too many bad decisions based on no kind of reasoning. This is really sad. Oh and the third thing, girls build up your self esteem. You shouldn’t have to settle for this kind of crap. And you have to believe in yourself enough to know your worth and not think you should be with a guy who beats you or treat you poorly because “you look good together” or you’ve been “in love” for 10 years. That means nothing when you’re laying in a casket. This is really sad and troubling. I have to thank God for my blessings.

  4. disqus_kqV0mbnoPv

    Once and batterer always a batterer, his behavior is disturbing. Borderline stalking.

  5. Honestly I do think that they belong together. Truly it’s an undeniable love that he and Rihanna share. We’ve all been there in some point in our lives. So who are we to judge them? Go on youtube and look at some of their pictures and you will see the love, and passion they have for each. The heart love who it loves whether it good or bad.

    • you are an idiot. I aint never been there. I have been in love and in a relationship for years with my ex and he hit me once…that was where love ended. I love me most of all and nobody can tell me they love me and batter me…my dad never did no man will sorry, but nobody loves u does what cb did. at the first sign of pain love says STOP

  6. Yas i lovee them together.

  7. No. It is too hard for them to get back together. Even if they wanted to, they are constantly stalked by the public and the media and other celebrities like JayZ. (Btw, JZ should mind his own business since he is married and he should care less about Rihanna’s love life). If they want to get back together, they will have to wait months or even years until Jz, the public, drake, and whomever else is in the middle, are definitely out of the picture. These two still have feelings for each other but as for now, they should remain single until the storm is over, which in my opinion will take up to 2 years. HL is one of the biggest enemies of Chris and Rihanna and other celebrities for that matter. They start gossip stories that only exist in their heads.

    • They must pay you because I don’t know what you going on about. Jay interest in Ri financial not personal. Because you believe that something else went on don’t mean it did. She is signed to his label and any man with a heart or human with a brain would also intervene and discourage a young woman from taking back a man that beat her the way CB did

      • Don’t underestimate the influence Jay Z has in the wicked music industry. Jay Z feels entitled to do and undo whatever he disapproves. Maybe he wasn’t behind rihanna personally, but tbh he is a manipulator. He is known to meddle in relationships especially when women have turned him down. I think Jay Z is evil and it wouldn’t surprise me if he got in between anyone’s relationship. Btw, his marriage is on the rocks. I heard Beyoncé is fed up with him and wants out.

      • I assume Beyonce told you that. What ever the truth is I pray that aint it. They have a child and f what the world says I am tired of black families failing

  8. I do wonder about UI sometimes. Sigh, Chris has always been reaching out to Ri. Come on even on her bday. So I am not sure that is even relevant. K Tran will always be second best and I am not saying that as a hater or even a Ri fan I say that because it is true. Any man that can leave you and come back when they feel to will always do. K Tran don’t value herself so why should Chris. Ri may be talked about as the industry ho but the fact is and I am certain any man will attest to what I am about to say as being factual…MEN LOVE WHEN OTHER MEN WANT WHAT THEY HAVE. Because people say it doesnt make it true. Ri is exciting and she obviously owns her sexuality, so I am certain when she gets into it she stands out. Nothing to do with love..sometimes a heated chemistry just makes the nookie hard to forget…Ri nana done own CB

    • So in other words, Chris likes the fact that Drake was crazy about Rihanna. Is that what you are saying?

      • no that is not what I am saying. Drake is not her only male admirer and it is not Rihanna that caused the beef between the two. What I am saying is exactly what I said. I am not making this a Drake vs CB issue…

      • So what was it that caused the beef between both of them?

      • Go ask them that. Sometimes people just don’t like each other. They tryna make a change don’t mean they bff like the media say. What is factual is that both Rihanna and the 2 boys involved have said the fight was not over Ri.

  9. Rihanna would jump at the opportunity, She is more than in love with Chris. She want him to be 100% loyal to her however, karrueche tran won’t let go of chris. I think chris keep her because he feel like she’s his only true friend. And accept/ tolerate all his nonsense.

    • Lsten honey Karrueche and Chris are over and she told Christina milian that they will never get back together again so don’t stick things on ur head andkeep on saying that karrueche will never let go of chris coz he is? Jesus!?! Hell nooooo!!!. She has given Chris space to love rihanna more and see whether they are going to last or they were just stories . Btw Chris wants to get back to rihanna so that he could get more fame and more mmoney.But this Chris will and must pay oneday on what he has done to that normal girl. If he couldn’t love her why did he date her he wasn’t forced, right? Good for him but he must and will end up alone coz wat he did to this girl he’s gonna repay it twice n everybody in this world knows the meaning of KARMA!!!. Thank u, I d not hate rihanna but I really dislike chris crazy brown!!.

      • You are wrong. Chris and rihanna have loved each other unconditionally. They don’t need each other’s money. They have their own money and prestige. Stop saying he’s using her or needs her for a come-up. He doesn’t need her. His hit Loyal has brought him up again. Stop putting him down. He paid his dues and I think he learned from his past.

  10. I hope
    chris and rihanna get back together

  11. Riri and chris deserve to be together they are the cutest couple i have ever seen

  12. I think they should just be friends and not in a relationship. It’s just not gonna work for them together. Too many break-ups and both are hot tempered…

  13. Yeah, count me in also. I agree with you’ll and would like to see Chris and Rihanna get back together though it may not happen. Call me a sucker for a love story, but Chris and Rihanna started out together since they were 16 yrs. old, they have almost a decade of history together. I would not encourage someone to go back to a boyfriend who hit them, but Chris is being treated and the fact is that Rihanna has a filthy mouth on her. Yes they’ve had problems but I do believe these two still belong together. No one else is going to put up with Rihanna’s filthy mouth. Chris has a potty mouth also, these two were made for each other. Besides, the blogs have been really boring since Rihanna and Chris broke up. They do create interesting speculation and gossip.

    • Who made them Jesus Christ or devil. Think before u write, it seems u do not think of things first before u talk or say anything. God doesn’t stay on places s where there are rubbinsh I hope u know that. Jesus is not controlling anything there and chris and rihanna are all evil people (satan children) so all the people who like them loves satan vety much. Btw what am I even writing most og u guys are pagans and not christians. Bye enjoy ur chrihanna moment n we wil c were it will lead u gys . God be with ya’ll.

      • Very good answer but I just want to remind you that Jesus is not for fornicators. And you are right, Chris and Rihanna seem to be satan’s children but that would also include Ktran as well and all the celebrities who sleep around. Yes, they are evil and they are not even aware of it. They are not aware of the tail of followers that they have behind them gullible, naive and more foolish than themselves. Nice reflection. Hardly anyone posts something in depth.

      • And so are you DEVIL child.

      • No, I’m not. Are you?

  14. Rihanna already moved on and i don’t she should be with a guy a beats her coz she deserves a gentleman and chris brown is not

  15. Chris and RI the HEART never lie do what it tells you both and f everyone else. It is your lives. The ones who love you will always be there and the haters do not count.

  16. of course”””””””””

  17. Smh why does everyone go on Karrueche just because she’s not famous like Rihanna she is good for him she holds him down and loves him unconditionally she’s wife material. Chris and Rihanna aren’t good for eachother just because you love someone doesn’t mean that person is good for you. I hope he stays with Karrueche.

    • neither of them are right for him. There are many other people in this world because he and ri have good sex dont mean they should be together never take an abuser back. K Tran is no good for him either because she lets him use her so she can be in his Shadow. Whoever the right person is for all 3 concerned it is pretty safe to say they have not yet met

    • Yes, it’s great to stay with someone who has zero respect for you. *sarcasm*

  18. I think at this point another shot is deserving. Chris went to treatment and paid his dues. He deserves a fresh start

  19. Lies. CB and Rihanna have not been together since Spring 2012. Koookie is the Terminator. Every time these fool thinks she’s gone, she pops right back up. She’s hard to kill. This story is a lie and will remain a lie.

  20. The took a picture off of instagram he posted a couple days ago and put rihanna in it

  21. Chris do everything to get your true love back. Let the haters hate, between you and RI there is plenty fans who loves you both. The haters are so few.


  23. Shemica Herownboss Bates

    Yes they will probably get back together ….this type of thing happens all the time the next time she will prob get pregnant

  24. I needs to leave that Karreuche alone 4real… They are no good together

  25. Karruecha trans stop trying to change people . IN YOUR CASE CHRIS B.. Karrueche trans people do no change you have to change. and rihanna just do what you are doing move on as far as you can from Christ he is not healthy for you.

  26. Chris will bring only headache to rihanna. Let karrueche Trans get those headaches she has more time to waste.

  27. I think rihanna has moved on and It is very smart from her to do that.

  28. It’s so sad people want to see them together and hope for the life of me they are not raising kids! #yikes I don’t care how good my daughter looks with someone I would NEVER encourage her to go back to a boyfriend who beat her up. .

    • #chrisbrown&rihanna

      That was so long ago…… you love who you love


    • Young girls need self respect

      These must be little girls who are saying they should get back together. It would be stupid and could be the death of her career. And if she is that stupid, he might kill her this time. He has embarrassed her too many times. Rihanna must have self respect. Love does not include physical hurt. F him. She seems to have moved on and I hope she stays strong. Let his dependent deal with his craziness. If she were my daughter, she would not have gone back with him a second time. Oh wait, I would have already killed or maimed him for beating her. Nah, he would not have walked away from that. Both of us would be bipolar.

      • As a little girl i know forgiveness is good and this happen a long time ago. Miss put to right it is their lives not yours.

      • I am tired of stupid people. How long is too short for an abuser? I thought the days of women taking back abusive men would be past. Is her life not worth more? How did society come to romanticize abuse? Maybe more media coverage needs to be made of the women who get murdered daily for saying “but I love him” or “he really loves me but…” WAKE THE HELL UP. Once a man hits you, NEVER go back. Yes he may be a good person and made a mistake but you don’t need to prove it with your life. LOVE DOES NOT HURT

  29. I believe once Chris Brown get karrueche off his back…He and Rihanna just might rekindle that fire that they have between them. They do make a nice couple together…despite their past.

  30. I LOVE Chris Brown & Rihanna together, despite their disastrous past, i’m hoping they rekindle the flame <3

  31. These two belong together and am pretty sure Chris Brown and Rihanna know that. They won’t stop until a disastrous end.