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Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran Feuding On Twitter Over Loyalty

These girls ain’t loyal. At least that is how Chris Brown is feeling about Karrueche Tran right now.

The “Loyal” singer and his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran are feuding on Twitter and it appears loyalty is at the center of the controversy.

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The question everyone is asking now is who is not loyal to who. But from the Tweets Chris Brown posted you can tell he is feeling some type of way.

This is what Chris Brown wrote on Twitter:

“What’s more important? Your status or your heart? Ask yourself”

“Loyalty is everything!”

“If the opportunity presents itself.. They will take it and run.”

Cbrown karrueche

Chris Brown later deleted the tweets but not before they caught Karrueche Tran’s attention prompting a response from her.

“What’s more important? Loyalty or your desires?”

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran’s relationship has always been volatile with the two constantly breaking up and making up. One thing we can say for sure is that Karrueche is the most loyal girl around Chris Brown.


  1. Chris clear your mind and free yourself from the negative people around you. Use your talent for better things . Two much of one thing is good for nothing.

  2. Stephy Tha Lambily

    She betta stop talking back to him. She knows what happen to Rihanna right?

    • Fail come up with something we haven’t heard a million tomes already she knows what happened yet she is still with him eat a bowl of dicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lmao, that was funny

  3. For one, these two are so f-ing immature its out right ridiculous. The obvious is just that. You two need to go your seperate ways, You both have insecurity issues and lack of, many things that you need to have to be in a relationship Why continue the B.S. and always wondering about the other.. Chris you need to concentrate on you and what makes you happy, and well for Karreuche, she needs to get on down the road and stop using Chris to try and be something or someone she’ll never be. This drama packed childs read is getting so boring and old. Do us all a favor and go your seperate ways and paths!!

  4. i love u chris brown team breeeeeezzzzzzzzyyyyyy

  5. Chris brown you mine sweet love
    Chris brown you mine sweetie
    Chris brown I love you baby
    Chris brown take Alicia keys out

  6. Chris brown I love you baby
    Chris brown I like your song take you down
    Chris brown I like you

  7. Chris brown I love you baby
    Chris brown I like your song sweet love
    Chris brown you man
    Chris brown your girls friend name Alicia keys

  8. She better watch out lol

  9. Chris Brown is an immature idiot and this girl Karrueche has no self esteem.

    • someone’s a hater…

      • Aint hate if it is true

      • Whose truth? the haters or yours(haters’ crew)? You can’t build a case based on gossip & speculation about you,me or CB!!!!

      • What case you a try build? Your argument lost me somewhere or maybe I just don’t have the potential to understand dumb. Is CB immature…yes. That is not gossip nor speculation that is my opinion and many others based on his actions…or maybe you call getting thrown in jail because you get thrown out of rehab the actions of a mature person. That is just one fact that forms my opinion. As for K Tran maybe you think a female sticking with a male that runs around and cheats and has a love triangle self respect…oh no you think that is loyalty. IF YOU WANT LOYALTY GET A PUPPY…that is out and out case of a no self respecting dumb throw cushion….they only there to look good and maybe once in a while you might use them. Now please get over your naivete and move along

    • I think a broke bum like you have no say on rich people life.