Kim Kardashian Using Kanye To Diss Beyonce & Jay Z

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are clearly feeling some type of way about Beyonce and Jay Z missing their wedding in Florence, Italy, earlier this year.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian reality star posted a photo on Instagram of Kanye West and Scott Disick and the caption says it all.

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“#ThrowbackThursday #LastYear #StyleIcons #LordDisick,” Kim captioned the photo.

The pic show Kanye West rocking a ski mask and coincidentally Beyonce and Jay Z are wearing the same ski mask on their On The Run tour.

Kim K does have a point because Kanye West did get some harsh criticism in the media for wearing that same mask last year. But now Beyonce and Jay Z are making the winter wear famous again.

So the big question is Kanye West a style icon?

Kim and Kanye wedding

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper recently did an interview with GQ magazine where he sound off about Beyonce and Jay Z missing his wedding and also about his influence in the fashion industry.

“It doesn’t even matter to me whatsoever, who would show up,” Kanye West said about Jay Z and Beyonce missing his wedding. “Because the most important person to show up there, to me, was Kim. And that’s all that matters to me.


  1. Jay and beyonce are fake point blank at least kim and kanye won’t try and portray an image

    • Jay and Bey are relevant Kim had to sell sex and her body for her and her family to eat so let kim go sit down and take a back seat.

      • Get your facts straight the kardashian were born into money and I mean a lot of money


      • Uh… the father was an attorney – yes – but he had 4 kids (3 Biological but he raised all 4 of them)! Do you know what it costs to have a child & raise to Adulthood (18) not to include college? At least 300k each if not 350k now! Their father wasn’t RICH.
        They lived “high on the hog” thanks to Kris (even though she CHEATED & had another man’s child during the marriage)! Bruce Jenner had more money but it still wasn’t enough for Kris so he worked constantly to bring in more money until the S$X tape came to be then Kris had something to work with! Odd family. But Kardashians were not initially rich, not INDEPENDENTLY rich. Robert Sr did NOT want his family to end up like this. And if he were still alive I think many things would’ve been different. Maybe Kim would even be happily married to Reggie Bush!

  2. Loveforthe crew.

    Bonnie & Cylde came out way before Kayne decided to wear a ski mask. With the continuation of part 2 on the run.(hint another reason for the mask) But leave it to silly kim who more than likely doesn’t follow the music industry unless it’s her new hubby.
    The Theme is on the run. BANK Robbers! Who uhm apparently were ski mask. ….
    Kayne maybe a style icon for somethings. But not this time.

  3. Out of all the available women in the world he could have married, he went and made someone with a sex tape, crazy reality show, two failed marriages, his wife, and baby mother? He is so quick to pin point “others” flawed taste/opinions, I would think he would have at least required what he brings to the table in a mate. His opinion is so high of himself, yet look at who he marries? He has become classless and is just being portrayed as more than he really is. What a disappointment in choice of a wife in retrospect to the memory and life of his dear mother. When she passed seems like he took a turn for the worst.

    • I agree with you. He seemed to have lost it a little with his mothers passing. So sad. And my take on why he married Kim was bc he was infatuated w her for years but she didn’t like HIM! She wanted to big muscular Football player, like “Reggie Bush” (now married with an infant daughter too)! Kim didn’t think KAYNE was good enough FOR HER! Funny how that works, isn’t it? Well.. fast-forward down the rosa a year or 3 and KAYNE is wildly popular AND RICH (the important part for Her!) and she gives him a chance. By this point, I don’t see HOW SHE DOESN’T SEE HIS EGO-NARCISSISTIC CRAZINESS??! Yes, she is a money-wh ore but he’s nuts & she must “consult him” about what to wear, what for the baby to wear… it’s all just crazy stuff!
      If u look at 1 pic fro wedding it has him talking to all the “ladies in waiting at the wedding”, as if he’s “lecturing them” & every single one is looking at him like “DUDE, U ARE NUTS!!!!”
      Wow! Lucky for BOTH of them!

      • Yes, maybe they are what the other one needs at this stage in their life? Both act as if they have only child syndrome, and even tho Kim is not, you get that vibe with her. I actually think the other sisters are more stable than she is, because they make common mistakes, and are not trying to be the most famous person in the world. They are just themselves. You can identify with their mistakes, but Kim mistakes are dumb and uncalled for, and so is Kanye’s.

  4. Whatever!
    Hey – does that kid EVER smile??! My babies smiled fro 4 months on and it’s some kind of MIRACLE the kid is taking her first store when the baby George (Prince, I guess) has been toddling around chattering & walking for some time?!
    I say perhaps she’s a bit behind as she was born WAAAAY TOO EARLY (under 5 # is a no-no) but Kimmy just didn’t want to be preg another MINUTE! If Kanye only knew the “truth” behind his daughters “early emergency” birth! I wonder if she will be slow her entire life?
    And the ski mask crap?! What a crock!
    The self-professed “genius” at it again, even convincing double digit IQ Kimmy that he’s just SO BRILLIANT!!
    Yeah right!! He outta be locked up on a 5150 to be evaluated and I bet he would be found to have narcissistic personality disorder.
    That poor kid (north west) just can’t catch a break!! Who cares if she has MONEY! If you’re MISERIBLE then WHO CARES???!

    • She had the baby early because she had extremely high blood pressure that could ve killed her and baby.

      • Says Kim’s side (I mean, PART of it) & OF COURSE they never “televised this awe-inspiring INFO!!!!” Do you HONESTLY WAS/is CLUELESS”!!!!
        She trjhbc believe she would’ve maintained the pregnancy even a MINUTE longer when she was saying “Get this THING out of me”?!

      • They treat HBP/pre-eclampsia with meds quite effectively now and rarely take a baby under 5 lbs…..
        … UNLESS “sweet mommy” has $$ to pay “the Good Doctor” under the table.
        Why don’t you read some of the REAL boards out there ???? It is on black media sites (that SUPPORT HER, well SOME of them! it is quite easy to find the truth.
        I am sorta annoyed by it bc the rest of us HAVE TO go thru that last month which is where you REALLy put weight on & where baby does too!! Kenye would be HORRIFIED when he finfs kkitruth after his own mother died during plastic surgery. He will find out! You can’t hide things forever!

    • If Kim was your mother would you smile and moreover a mother who sells sex why on earth should that baby smile?

  5. uhhh-On The Run??? like gangsters cause
    all the poptard posers think they are all “gangsta” so totally get the
    ski mask theme–when Kanye did it he was just being an idiot -no
    relevance just some poser wanna be thug wearing a ski mask hanging out
    with the white of all whitey Lord (haha)Dickface-eh gadsss—and Kimmode
    copied Paris and so and so on and so on in the twittwer twatt/poptard
    flesh puppet world everything is stolen from something or someone
    else-they have NO original ideas-so inferring that Bey and J are
    copycats is lame–they just made something lame and illiterate actually
    make some sense in the context of their tour-ski masks on to them-and
    Kimmode really better watch it-the world hates her and will jump on her
    at a sideways glance-her only attention is because people are aghast at
    just what a skankk slime hore she is