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Ciara Hints At Split With Future On Instagram

Ciara and Future relationship could be on the rocks.

The couple has not been seen together in a while and the “Body Party” singer points to trouble in their camp with a cryptic message on Instagram recently.

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This is what Ciara wrote on Instagram:

“In Life You Can’t Force People To Do Something They Don’t Want To Do, Or Be Someone They’re Not. You Have To Let People Be Who They Are.”

“It’s Better That Way #FoodForThought,” she wrote in the caption.

Ciara and Future got engaged last October and are expected to tie the knot later this year. But in her latest Instagram posts, Ciara can be seen without her engagement ring.

This is a recent photo of Ciara without her engagement ring.

Ciara without engagement ring

The couple welcomed their first child together in May, but the Atlanta rapper has been busy touring.

Future performed in Jamaica last weekend on Reggae Sumfest international night two.


  1. It would be bigger news if they actually got married and stayed together. Having a baby with someone is not the same as making a commitment with that person. Ladies, sex and babies will not make a man stay. Y pay for what you can get for free?

  2. Black males are allergic to their own notice how they abandon women (especially black females) after they give birth to their babies?

    • look dont compare those rich dudes with all black males if you or your good for nothing boyfriends are like that thats fine but dont bring down all black males

  3. Do u know for sure she’s talking about future. Facts not fiction please!!!!!