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This Photo Of Elephant Man Goes Viral For Wearing Mini Skirt

Elephant Man is feeling fashionable these days.

In May Aidonia came under scrutiny from dancehall fans for wearing a skirt during a performance. Now it’s veteran deejay Elephant Man who is under the microscope.

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“A skirt that Ele a wear, whats going on in dancehall,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Elephant Man skirt

Elephant Man has also been in the news these past couple of days with his beef with fellow deejay Beenie Man.

The feud was triggered by a statement Beenie made during an interview on Hot 97 saying Elephant Man and a few other artists have been missing from the airwaves.


  1. Bad man nuh fi wear dem things deh Ele!!

  2. its not just the skirt its also the pose

  3. I thought he didn’t like gay people and here he is being gay.

  4. WTF? Fashionable to be gay now…..Lost lost lost…

  5. Lmao. Warn dem bout trying to be in style. First they start wid the whole tight pants ting. How a genre that so homophobic can be so inspired by those they hate? Lol confused much??!! Even if it is not a skirt it makes you wonder…or maybe they don’t know all those brands they die for are ….

  6. Dustin D. Shelves

    Not a skirt, just an awkward black rectangle sewn onto the front of his pants. There is another pic of him turned to the side that shows its not a skirt.

  7. That’s not fashionable, looks more like an accident. Is he going to the hideous skirt convention

  8. All i see here is what seems to resemble a poorly constructed fanny pack attached to a super hero costume. So ‘6’inches of black leather (faux etc)material with a gold lame trim is enough to make a skirt?! roflmao What is the dude on the left staring at? roflmao

  9. It’s just fashion it’s ok.

  10. Look pan dis big red fish, smh…

  11. a fish dem bwoy deh energy gyal dat

  12. Big Elephant fan I don’t like this look

  13. Raaaaassss….

  14. Another fine example of becoming what you hate. All Jamaican men can now wear their skirts with pride.

  15. LOL. mi tell unnu dem dancehall artist ya a follow Kanye West and Wiz Khaliza.