Elephant Man Goes HAM On Beenie Man Calls Him Badmind

Beenie Man recently reignited his old beef with Elephant Man when he called the deejay wash up. During an interview with Hot 97 last month, Beenie Man says he is the only artist keeping dancehall afloat and also shared some not so kind words for other veteran deejay’s like Elephant Man, Baby Cham, and Sean Paul.

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“I am the balance in dancehall music,” the self-proclaim king of the dancehall said.

Beenie Man says he has not seen or heard anything from Elephant Man in over two years. According to the Doc, dancehall is not broken but rather some of the artists are broken.

Now Elephant Man has shot back saying Beenie Man is badmind.

“Beenie Man badmind until him teeth and the middle of him hair a drop out,” Elephant Man said. “He never has nothing good to say about other artistes.”

“Nobody cyah guh up a di hills and point pon Beenie Man house,” Elephant Man added. “Yu gone pon interview gone tell people sey a you alone a duh good inna music, after dem never ask yu bout yuself. When Vybz Kartel deh road, yu run bakka the man and talk bout Gaza yu sey, then yu same one gone pon interview gone bash di man. Mi deh Europe, and di bwoy know sey mi deh Europe, and gone tell people foolishness.”

Both Elephant Man and Beenie Man are veterans in dancehall with several big hit songs under their belts since the 1990s.

Should these two deejays air out their beef on wax?


  1. 1 style Beenieman always put down other artiste, he’s an idiot.

  2. no biyas ting… what beenie man is saying is true… elephant is not in the scene right now.. name 5 artist that are consistant right now? hes not putting anybody down or down grading them.. hes speaking the truth…

    • yup its true elephant isnt in the scene like 1 time hes known for his dancing songs and i havent heard any in a long time.

  3. justicizms2099

    Beenie man, really?!

  4. Beenie Man u nuh balance 1 bloodclat Kartel get life in prison & Vybz Kartel is the King Of Dancehall period zeen!

  5. Why is he speaking in that accent? That’s pathetic…

  6. Beenie Man is wrong about Elephant Man and Baby Sham . He is right about Sean Paul his material is garbage is older songs were damn good . That’s why people now a days needs to watch what they sing or put out .

  7. Beenie, you is a JA artist I really like. And I must say that’s wrong to put down other JA artists, and big up yourself. A no so it go, go whey wid dat.

  8. Beenie man is out a line that’s was not nice I watched that hot 97 interview . He is a ass hole .

  9. Am disappointed in beenie man and i can’t tell lst i really hear a good song from him.

  10. Mi agree wid Ele. di bwoy Beenie Man badmind other artists. Him a never have nutten good fi say bout other artists.

  11. Beenie Man just copy other people styles, he need to address that.