Star Calls Vybz Kartel An Embarrassment To Dancehall [VIDEO]

Radio host legend Star is the latest celebrity to weigh in on Vybz Kartel murder conviction and subsequent life sentence.

Speaking with VLAD TV, Star says he has no respect for the dancehall kingpin, who is now locked behind bars in a maximum security prison in Jamaica.

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“Vybz Kartel is a f***king snitch,” Star said. “He is a stupid ni****. One of the stupidest mother***** that ever walked the face of this planet. He is an embarrassment to dancehall.”

Star spoke candidly about going to dancehall session in the 1980s and seeing Super Cat fighting in the club.

He also called Vybz Kartel out for allegedly dismembering his murder victim Clive “Lizard” Williams over missing guns and collaborating with police to take illegal guns off the streets of Portmore.

Vybz Kartel and three of his associates including protege Shawn Storm were convicted in the Jamaican High Court in February of murder. Justice Lennox Campbell sentenced the men to life with the possibility of parole in 35 years for the dancehall hitmaker.


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  3. How vybz kartel could be a snitch & still get 35 years to life, that’s not possible vybz kartel have a right to sui the police boy who a fight him & TVJ

  4. Screw dancehall..or american electro pop which is what his music is..
    the world needs real reggae music

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  6. Leave the worl boss alone.

    • No! Addi is going to get what’s coming to him no matter how much you b!tch, whine and complain. Even in death, they better keep his burial plot a secret, or else it will become a public toilet.

  7. How can you compare an island or any island in the Caribbean to the USA?! roflmao ;)

  8. Star a need some gunshot inna di head. him no nuttn abt Kartel.Him just a stupid white who needs attention by using vybz name. Go burn in hell
    star a mothafaka who needs to die. lemi not get you anywea. ur go die

  9. Some people dnt knw ntn and love chat…bout majority of jamaicans dnt speak the english they were what?? Just give thanks for what u hv and what u can do and stop pointing fingers….some of you talking as if everybody supports slackness in the country,give ja a break bcz america is not better

  10. Hojay Swizzle Campbell

    Most of you people are stupid than you look or talk how many innocent youth do you know that is spending their life behind bars, you all being look in the direction that the leaders of this world wants you to look, most of you is bashing Vybz Kartel of being a “murderer” was there a report from any hospital that “Clive Lizard Williams” bring vybz kartel in for a dog bite?, have you ever seen a video with vybz kartel killing the accuse?, if someone tries to kill you would you why would you go get a taxi to bring him to medical treatment? I would leave him right there. Things are happening in front of your eyes but you all are blind to society that’s they are leading this world over a cliff, what happen to all the innocent people that wa killed in tivoli? Which one of you is crying for them, what happen to the pregnant mother that the police shot? Who was there to tell her family “THE COP HAS BEEN GIVEN A LIFE SENTANCE” no one because he hasn’t got not even a day, and there is many more to talk about, “MALAYSIA FLIGHT 370 over 300 hundred passengers went missing right? They all said it went down in the deepest part on the Indian ocean, Port Royal was one of the richest parish here in Jamaica and part of it sunk with a lot of its richest right? They all say no one can ever go there to retrieve those richest, but I there you all to come with what ever your using to search that ocean to come and search port royal am sure your not going to find what was suppose to be there, why? Because leaders have all taken what was for the poor.
    So Vybz Kartel was one of whom was trying to open the eyes of the misleaded of this nation, just like the now LEGEND BOB MARLEY, BUJU BANTON remember of all the fights that Bob Marley gets so did Buju Banton, remember Bob didn’t get this fame until he pass away because at first they couldn’t get the chance to make money from him, but look at them now, now you have t-shirts,pendont,watches,all kind of souvenirs pointed to him, but yet they all say he was a menist to society.

    • Ummmm Clive neva bring Kartel a hospital, Lamar Chow did… Di main witness. Yuh need fi read more.

      • Hojay Swizzle Campbell

        K not Clive the main witness my mistake but if I’m trying to kill you and you escape would you help me to the hospital?

      • True, Mi nah go lie, it sound fishy. Di bwoy Chow did ah get caught inna lie.

      • If dem a go cut, weh dem a go cut to?
        Vybz kartel voice note!

    • Wtf are u talking bout? Vybz kartel is a killa an Dats it!
      Stop with the rest because that has nothing to do with this case!
      All vybz kartel care bout was himself! He was no leader! How can you put him up there like some hero?
      No one nah say police don’t wicked but in this case they get it spot on!
      You talk like you think u got sense but really your a eediot!

  11. Ross Margarette

    Its funny how everyone got balls now that kartel is in jail who said he was a snitch the jamaican police force WOW who ever believes them are stupid

    • Hojay Swizzle Campbell

      I have never hear of any police after getting info about anything illegal telling the world who tell them, but that’s what these people gonna believe because their lost in life

  12. Stupid ni99a, f#ckin’ snitch, one of the stupidest mofos to ever walk the planet. he’s an embarrassment to dancehall. Vybz is a f#ckboy! Clearly he’s not what they say is a real ni99a. What?! ROTFLMFAO!!!


  13. you ah badman behind computer, bombohold.

    • Badder than u fool! Plus I got sense!
      Something u clearly lack with your free kartel bull crap

  14. star couple second of fame means nothing, star has no shame, he’s an embarrassment, cannot even construct a sentence and he wants to use worl boss name in vain, dash way star.

  15. Vybz Kartel, It’s quite unfortunate you are in this situation now…to me, you brought entertainment to Dancehall, never a dull moment.

    So many ppl became popular because of you. So many dormant minds became active. So many ppl realized they didn’t have the required parenting skills for their children. You showed up so many double standards in society.

    You have disappointed many, empowered many, inspired many to do wrong and right at the same time. Never a dull moment.

    Ppl, both fans and haters, argue over you not realizing that what you were doing, the moniker Vybz Kartel ,was just a smoke screen, an alter ego. They see the results, not the formula.

    Honestly, i wish the charges were all lies and that Lizard is still alive.

    I am at page 200 in your book “Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto”…i love it. Wouldn’t mind you are in there (jail) writing another.

    As weird as it sounds, unlike Star, i have respect for you.

  16. TheAgentOfTruth

    This man is a nobody….’Star’ a fool…
    Because he saw Super Cat in the club once, back in the 80’s, is supposed to give man some credibility…?
    DJVLAD – who is in no way a DJ – is a joke, and anyone who reports on what goes on in his pathetic videos is just as much of a joke as he is…

  17. That nose is a vacuum

  18. This coke head has a point.

  19. this guy has no idea what he is talking about.. can hardly string a tangible sentence together and his opinion is formed out of around two sentances from a news article.. he said nothing of any value in his entire 3 minutes of fame…

  20. So what everyone saying? Because he’s American he can’t have a opinion?
    But it’s alright to go foreign fe Mek money!
    Kartel had more fans in America and Europe than yard. You can’t big unless u big a England! Does any artist get big by Jamaica alone? No..
    As far as I’m concerned kartel is where he should be!
    My generation woulda pepper him wit gunshot fe true..

    • well if a jamaica alone kartel dead fi hungry he mek his bed.

      • we all make our own bed and all of us are sinners – only hypocrites say otherwise – why people on Kartel back – he did what he did, he lived his life his way and achieved alot doing so – how many of us can say that!

      • I can, and most hard working people can too!
        Kartel is heartless! I don’t care what he got from living like he did!
        I love some of his music but should that mean I want him to do road?
        No no no!
        The man is a cold blooded killer, have you heard the voice notes?
        He wanted to kill man mamma!
        Over gun!
        If he did live his life, cool! But he tek man life too! Jail is where him belong!
        I will not call free kartel because the man kill nuff people, directly, an indirectly when him a send gun down a de gaza!
        He had every opportunity to get out but he wanna be a don!
        And if the rumour dem true him is a informer too!
        Low!! Worst type of ni!
        Gunshot again!!

      • U have to remind people that kartel has fans from every race…. so why black people want to curse him … only black people does curse kartel …

      • An now him hav 35 to lie inna it!
        One love hennessey!!

    • well promote Kartel music or not but don’t make those silly statements about someone you don’t know – Star is out of place – cuz his opinion does not matter! Star needs to sit his @#$! down!

      • This is why black people struggle in this world !
        It’s sad to see black people brainwashed by the likes of vybz kartel!
        What happen to the real struggle!
        How can you be on his side an u know full well the man is a cold blooded killa?
        You know the evidence was good cause he filmed it and text and voice note bout it!
        He thought he was untouchable!
        Me lose a lot of friends tru cold blooded murderer, me no rate gun man!
        A real man show the yute dem right!

      • Kartel is the only star who have fans from all races… whether it’s Indians Chinese Japanese white …. a lot of blacks hate him more than other races…as a matter of fact some black people hate kartel omuch that they have disown him

      • That’s cause of the way he acted! Is only Blackman know de real truth!
        Like when him a beat down selectors ca dem nah play gaza tune!
        The man was outta control

      • excuse stay on topic, how can you blame black people poverty on kartel songs? its quite pathetic, illogical and stupid to blame kartel for the poverty in Jamaica. Further more, Majority of South and latin america listens to his music, why do they have poverty??? are you dumb????

      • I’m blaming him for murder and leading a gang.
        I’m blaming him for bleaching him skin an a sell cake soap!
        I’m blaming him cause for leading de yute dem astray!
        Never once I blame him for poverty, so get ya facts right eediot!

      • ? Most musicians, artist, etc have fans from different ethnic background (race) so you really ain’t making sense. You think Kartel is the only one?!roflmao

    • you know, I’m sure Kartel had his opinions but did go on a public forum and bad mouth Lil Wayne, Nikki, Rihanna etc. Some people have no class and Star is one of those people. We r not saying don’t have an opinion, but know what the hell to say in public – all artistes have fans and we need to respect that! This is not his place to talk about Kartel – is he an artist, a producer?

      • Shut the hell up you ediot…you need a hard slap.

      • Star is just saying what decent people think! We need more fe talk

      • He used to be on a major radio station in nyc u till he made pedofile comments against another stations dj, hes a known coke head and flip flopper.he also started this campaign called “start snitching”, encouranging hood kids to snitch n kill each other off.hes about 50, his gf is 21, he lives in a cheap country of PA cuz he cant afford the nyc or even nj rent, and is now trying to broadcast lame radio from his mothers basement n begs for dollar donations for his come habbit daily.

      • Pardon, coke*habbit.

    • Everybody can have an opinion if yuh well informed. Dem basing their opinions on lies di observer wrote. Dat a di problem, cause Vlad TV keep askin about Kartel informin, not about the murda case itself. Yuh zeet?

      • I base what I think by the words and actions of kartel himself. Star is right! How you gonna video tape murder?
        Forget everything else the evidence is overwhelming!
        Video, voice notes, text, witness, not to mention perverting the course of justice and trying to fix the jury!
        Come on everyone, you know him kill the man, and if u listen to the c
        Voice note, 2 man got dash way!
        Where is the missing woman at the funeral parlour?
        The man thought he was john gotti!
        But even gotti garn a jail yo!

      • I undastand weh yuh base yuhself pon, mi nah seh yuh wrong. I believe Kartel did di ting, but the whole informin ting is wrong. This man is runnin him mouth like him know wah gwaan, and Vlad TV keep in a way perpetuating this lie. Vlad TV need to do better journalism and check dem sources. Dat story bout informin was fabricated by di police and obviously di Observer got paid off. Look wah gwaan wid Owen Ellington right now inna Jamaica, di man step off as Police Commissioner out of the blue, because other countries are threatening fi pull out dem funding because of all di corruption and police death squad talk. But mi nah seh yuh wrong fi yuh opinion bout Kartel.

      • I can’t say if kartel a Informa, so I hear what u saying! There has been a lot said, but it’s true about the corruption and bad mind people, but kartel was the boss of the gaza!
        Nuff man did dead!
        So me nah cry fe him!
        Me can’t say free de man!
        Fe kill man over gun is petty!
        The man have nuff money, he coulda make them work it off!
        Is like problem child a tell him what fe do, an him jump!

      • Bay, I think problem child should have been charged too…

      • Santana, I was reading about the Commissioner, and I said something don’t seem right. WOW

      • Yeh it doh sound right, now him gettin sued by Kartel for the allegations him mek bout 100 murders and gang leadership. Di ting sticky enuh…

      • Wow, seems messy to me. Much more to come I bet.

  21. sck yuhself yankee bwoy, yuh nuh know nuttin bout yaadman thing

  22. listen to this moron him bright een like his opinion matters him a waste.

  23. justicizms2099

    Who is this idiot?! isn’t he a coke head?

  24. Nobody nah listen to da cokehead deh name Star. Dat man need fi low cocaine, everybody know, as you can see him still f**k wid di white lady, yuh can tell in his expressions. Dat story bout informant a lie dem a tell, everybody know. Dem neva print di name of di person who wrote it, and they got bash by other newspapers, I think they even apologize to di nation far it. Dat man doh know nuttin bout dat, furthamore Vlad TV keep ask random idiot bout Kartel informing, makin Mericans tink di story true, dem ask Cassidy, Lord Jamar, and dis idiot. Dem also Ask Ky-Mani Marley, and Kymani opposed what he was asked, as he is a real Jamaican dat know wha gwaan inna di streets. Star and Vlad TV need fi chuck back inna dem mumma sour P***y.

  25. another thing, aren’t you an american or something – stay out of Caribbean music – your opinions don’t matter – go talk about Drake or something. When we Kartel fans want your opinion we will give it to you! GET AWAY BAD MIND!

  26. who the hell are you Star???? at the least the world knows Vybz Kartel! get away. we love him, we still respect him and as he said, he doh like man so take yuh eyes off ah him! as I said- who the hell is you???. Apparently you were there when Lizard was apparently murdered so you know something.

  27. And the fact that the yute in Marcus Garvey’s homeland now support Kartel tells u a lot about the state of Black Consciousness today.

    • dextersaintjocke

      If that’s the case, I think the message is more about opportunities and economic well being and very less about Vybz Kartel as an artiste.

      • The Saddest day is when jamaican people try to protect the murderers. Dancehall has touched base with america in more ways then 1 so when american people have an opinion towards someone major in that particular industry don’t shoot them down. If none of you cared for this interview you would not be here commenting on it. Vybz music was catchy and some of the beats we’re good but, bleaching, murdering, embarrassing women he had sexual intercourse with made him to be the biggest coward of them all.

      • Is this stereotype of Jamaica true?

        Jamaica is an embarrassment all they can do is bleach, sing and dance to songs about “sex” and “violence”, stuck up females wear flammable hair and mud duck wigs, they follow foreign trend because they have nothing but, flags, most of their homes are made out of wood and metal roof tops, pure dirt roads, they have foul mouths and personalities, they don’t want to be educated enough to know right from wrong, and when you mention this “truth” to them they respond back in curse words and just are in pure denial as if we don’t know their characters already.

      • Wow! really?!! Is that what Jamaicans are all about? It makes a whole lot of sense if I were to go only by the comments in this article. It’s a good thing that I don’t…it’s a good thing I know Jamaicans who are educated, hardworking, articulate, comfortable in their own skin, not violent, have uber-clean homes with attached mortgages, and concern themselves more with building a future than fawning over dancehall stars. I guess I would have to travel to Portmore to see the stereotypes you’ve described. Is that right?

      • S**k yuh madda baaaaaaaaaaad!

      • LMFAOOOO

      • My mother would say ” I rebuke you in jesus name”

      • Let me tell you I can laugh whenever I want, you clearly have a problem. Coming like you want us on this site to fear you…

      • Who’s us? I clearly do have a problem. My problem is when people should be scorning murderers instead, people like you say that you still respect them, and believe they should be protected. I listed Jamaica’s faults because apparently there are more faults then positivity especially when you see people who are supposed to respect leaders who have paved the way positively in so many ways and repay them back by showing that jamaica doesn’t tolerate drug dealers, bleachers, murderers, uneducated, etc. Those kinds of people are a disgrace to that country and its even more distasteful when you look all over and more jamaicans see it differently.

      • I never ever say I respect and protect murderers, not everyone on these sites are saying what Kartel allegedly did was right. At the end of the day I can only account for my family and I.

      • That’s not the Jamaica I was born and grew up in. I wonder if you mean Jamaica, Queens. Also the JCANS I know most of them are professionals, who went for graduate degrees to be professionals. And raise their kids to do the same. My dear you need to take a trip to JA and see mansions. I would love to know how you came up with your take on JA…

      • I’m talking about jamaica the country. Most of all I could tell you that the stereotype is true for alot of Jamaicans I have encountered and have seen. Yea there may be a few out of the lot that are professionals and live good for me I can tell by the way they speak but, it’s a whole lot of them that live foul lives and you can tell by their demeanor. I know exactly what I am talking about because the part of my family who are no longer claimed as “family” are jamaican. Ever since growing up I watched my mother put food clothes snd toys in barrels for the most ungrateful and disgusting ppl you can ever meet. You step foot in Jamaica they literally believe you are rich! This doesn’t go for all Jamaicans but most! I have yet to meet a jamaican that can be brutally honest and not sugar coat things.

      • There’s good and bad in every country. I am a Jamaican living in the US from I was a teen. And I love my country. And you can keep your opinion that you have of most JCANS. WHATEVER

      • I did make that clear. But, since you came to America when you were a teen tell me why? If jamaica is so crisp. Better be honest. For all those who don’t know basically in jamaica they pay for visas that they may or may not get. It’s pretty much like a gamble , if you dont have a mom or dad in another country already sending for you the stakes are high of you obtaining the documentation to travel. If you ever stop by immigration in Jamaica you’d be surprised on how packed and how long those lines are. Only a fraction out of the 2,707,805 people speak the english they we’re taught to speak in schools. Go on google and type “why do jamaicans” and see what pops up under and you will see how people view jamaicans.

      • I had a very good life in JA, I was a only child and was never in need. My mother had her own business, then came to the US and brought me here legally. I have American kids and here I am. Damn sure didn’t buy no visa. It’s so hard to answer you without disdain. Clearly your family must be from the damn gully or gutter. Don’t come and talk your s–t here. And I guess your mom and dad brought their way here.

      • Go on google and type “why do jamaicans” and see what pops up under and you will see how people view jamaicans.

        Why do Jamaicans -About 1,180,000 results (0.35 seconds)
        Why do Canadians -About 20,700,000 results (0.49 seconds)
        Why do Americans -About 148,000,000 results (0.49 seconds)

        What was the point of that exercise??! People are going to hate regardless of your nationality, ethnicity, or race.

      • .35 seconds? Hmm. Again I didn’t expect everyone to understand me but, pressing issues on topics that hurt us more then help is what counts. I don’t mind expressing these things whether it deals with any country and I won’t shoot you down for expressing yours either. Have a goodnight

      • Wait a second…you think I’m running on a 300 baud modem? Are you for real??!

        You seem to have a hard-on for Jamaicans, as if they are evil incarnate. What have they ever done to you to make you so bitter, girl? I mean, within every culture, nationality and or ethnicity you will find bad apples. Since when do we employ the same mindless irrationality as the European stock and paint everyone with the same damn brush?

        BTW…I like your passive aggressive play on words about you won’t shoot me down. If that’s what you’re all about, and judging from your prolific posts on the subject of Jamaicans, I imagine you are all about that…
        I urge you to fire away, don’t hold back, bust your shots. I’m a big boy who can handle myself around fierce women, be they ratchet, or running a large multi-national company. Plus, I’d like to see what you’re really made of, jau!

      • Damn Zig you here roflmao :)

      • I will always stalk her well only on this site as I have no interest in walking across the border.roflmao The next topic she’s on I will be there like a shadow. Dismantling her right before I demolish her. *sighs* I’m too vex! roflmao ……To be Continued
        Kitana(salena) VS Sheeva(Jau, Janel Dunkley)

      • Ready for war. Lmao

      • Salena, check out Hennessy, at the Kim using Kanye to diss Bey and J site talking sh-t.

      • I know she’s always commenting on inconsequential things. I know her “dildo” is probably crying and rocking itself to sleep. roflmao I wonder if she let it sleep?How inhumane is that?The blood isn’t even flowing into it and it’s gone limp and she’s still trying to jump on it! roflmao I wonder if she pops it into the oven at 350 degrees to give her the kind of simulation she needs….. I wonder if she looks like an angry witch?! roflmao The problem is she needs an even bigger “didlo” maybe even a “man doll” with a grabbable ass. roflmao When the deed is done she forces him to hug her or even worse to relive that gut-wrenching vomit inducing nightmare all over again.(man-doll) roflmao

      • LMFAO…she probably have several…

      • She’s such a hypocrite dildo-ing herself to Kartel while complaining about Busy supposedly saying something that hasn’t been said before and blaming the Musicians for having 29 kids like they(women) couldn’t do a simple Google search to know that he had X amount of kids already! (Ninja Man)Somebody need to box her ras off! I almost feel like provoking her and cussing her ras out about how much of a scunt she really is! Let’s see if that sell out Caribbean Canadian (Hennesey) can handle this Caribbean American(Salena)girl let’s go! I want to stuff my foot into her big ass mouth so Hennesey open your f-ing mouth wide no wider than that! Blowing hot and cold all the time while trying to sound like Mrs.know it all married to Mr. know it all which is herself and talking over people always sound like she shouting.

      • LOL, I saw her talking about Busy. To her its the DJ’s fault her friends get pregnant her friends not to be blamed in no way…that’s why I asked her was her friend raped, she never answered.

      • Girl I respond to her on SHAWN STORMS PAGE!

      • Girl head over to the Kartel Beautiful Girls Page and watch these homophobes in action!

      • Now you want to see what I’m really made of? I know you want me to fight you the way that you’ve seen others act with maybe some aggression, hostility, and anger but, I’m sorry I can’t give you that satisfaction. Especially when that wasn’t even my objective nor intention. All I can tell you is that you need to read. Don’t skim , read all of it! Read the responses and my responses back without getting confused (try looking at the dates) . The point wasn’t to stomp on Jamaica the point was to trigger those who try to hide the negativity of it and the ones who are part of it. You told me you only know the good in Jamaica. What about the bad? Is there no opinion towards it? Nothing you would like to do about it? Is everyone you know doing well? That to me bothered me a bit when I went back and reread it. It showed me that you don’t pay attention to the whole picture pretty much like, listening to the beat of music without listening to the actual words. You can bring in other issues in the world that’s fine I’ve already spoken on them on other posts. However, this is a different topic and one that at times it feels a little painful to speak on but, it’s better to just be real about it and to just put it out there I rarely hear of people rooting for Jamaica colleges, employment, better living. I want to know why? What’s going on? Murder, corruption, government scandals? Yes, this happens every where else but, thinking and believing that these things can never be resolved are half of the problem. I have voiced my opinion and either you respect it or not. But, I think I’ve said all that I could say 12 days ago and its kind of getting old now but I thank you again for you response not to mention complimenting me on being a fierce woman lol

      • So Ms.Janel Dunkley can’t even find time to respond to me? roflmao I don’t get it you had no problem sparring with Juney and the others but you obviously have a problem sparring with me. *sighs* It’s fine I will leave you waving your white flag as I can’t hit a defenseless person.The narcissism continues….. roflmao Now all I have left is a dream of what could’ve been. :)

      • Ms Big S–t, why don’t you fix what you think is wrong with Jamaica. Reading your posts you think you know it all and you are smarter than us lowly JCANS. I say to you leave Jamaica alone we have good and bad like every damn country. Go Whey B–ch…

      • You are as fierce as a bag of gummy bears maybe even as fierce as a gold fish brought home from your local pet store in a plastic bag. roflmaoe. I suggest you go back to swimming in your own excrement and tapping your head against your aquarium glass with your one track mind!

        Get your Narcissistic Disorder, Internalized Racism, and Stockholm Syndrome diagnose. You need Psychotheraphy and a cocktail of Medication. roflmao
        Instead of hitting up Entertainment sites catering to the Lowest Common Denominator (No offense to everyone) Why don’t you actually do something to further a cause. Do more than get your crack rocks from retards! (ego boost) Take part in small miracles daily. Leave the internet to us grown folks! roflmao

      • I have voiced my opinion and either you respect it or not. But, I think I’ve said all that I could say 12 days ago and its kind of getting old now but I thank you again for you response not to mention complimenting me on being a fierce woman lol

        Ms. Dunkley, your opinions appear to be based on stereotypes, anecdotal evidence, and your own acute bias. TBH, I neither respect, nor disrespect your opinion(s). I take them for what they are…the puerile ramblings of a scornfully bitter women who hasn’t got the good sense to treat everyone as an individual.

      • I rarely hear of people rooting for Jamaica colleges, employment, better living. I want to know why? What’s going on? Murder, corruption, government scandals? Yes, this happens every where else but, thinking and believing that these things can never be resolved are half of the problem.

        Who is claiming that these social ills can’t be eradicated?! Maybe you just don’t know how the world works, but if a society does not have an external enemy, said society will go to war with itself. Not to mention there’s only three groups of people in any democratic society…those in power, those who want to be in power, and the masses.
        Poverty is, and has been for a very long time the main enemy of the people of Jamaica. I think it would be highly hypocritical of us who live in wealthy North American cities to chastise poverty-stricken Jamaicans. I suppose you’re the type to spit in a beggar’s cup instead of dropping a five, or ten dollar bill. It makes me wonder how people like you sleep at night??!

      • You told me you only know the good in Jamaica. What about the bad? Is there no opinion towards it? Nothing you would like to do about it? Is everyone you know doing well? That to me bothered me a bi t when I went back and reread it. It showed me that you don’t pay attention to the whole picture…

        I’ve never been to Jamaica. The Jamaicans I’ve seen in Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, and Edmonton live f#cking large. I don’t know any Jamaican hoodlums. The Jamaicans you rant about I only read about them in the news, see them on television/YouTube.

        i.e. You wrote: “I have yet to meet a Jamaican that can be brutally honest and not sugar coat things.” I can honestly say that I have yet to meet a Jamaican who hasn’t been brutally honest. Does that mean you’re right and I’m wrong, or vice versa??
        If that’s all you’ve been exposed to…badness, then of course I expect you to hold a low opinion of all Jamaicans. The fact remains that you’ve been exposed to an ignorant minority, a minority that doesn’t represent Jamaica as a whole. Intelligent people recognize such things as being factual. Why won’t you?

      • Especially when that wasn’t even my objective nor intention. All I can tell you is that you need to read. Don’t skim , read all of it! Read the responses and my responses back without getting confused (try looking at the dates) .

        Done, done, and done! Jamaica bad…everywhere else good! I get
        that about you. There’s really nothing to be confused about, Ms. Dunkley.

        You claimed; “Only a fraction out of the 2,707,805 people speak the English they we’re taught to speak in schools.” I’m saying if you can’t understand your waiter, taxi driver, police, or anyone in the government, then it’s you who has the problem.That’s on you, and not those who were born and raised on the island. AFAIK, the official language of Jamaica is English.

        If you have such a big issue with Jamaicans and their use of English, might I suggest you stay away from places like Scotland, Ireland, and Australia?

      • I know you want me to fight you the way that you’ve seen others act with maybe some aggression, hostility, and anger but, I’m sorry I can’t give you that satisfaction.

        Yes, I admit that was a gamble on my part, but you didn’t go for the bait. Kudos to you for keeping your composure.

      • What composure are you talking about?! I take it you missed the way she talked to these people with the tantrum of a 2 year old. *In A. A voice* “WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?”Couldn’t even respond to my first basic post that I sent her highlighting her disorders while hitting her with Reality(-)PMS while outing her at the same damn time.(like the song)Isn’t even working in a field or studying where she has the ability to help others besides herself. Talking about problems but can’t give me any solutions to said problems.
        1.problem 2. acknowledgment 3. an executable plan!

      • *Ziggy cranks the volume on ‘Bootsy Collins – Bass Solo’ video*

        I’m talking about the fact she didn’t chew my head off like some ravenous grizzly bear. In some weird way I understand where Ms. Dunkley is coming from. I’ve seen it many times before…it’s not easy living in a predominantly white society being constantly bombarded with negative racial stereotypes about your own people, and not have some of that negativity stick to you!
        I’m sure Ms. Dunkley has some issues she needs to work on/out. You must understand her type, if you rush at them with the fury of the Wolverine, we fall into the trap she’s laid for all “us stereotypes” to fall prey to. So, if she chooses to answer me, I will continue to address her as if I’m sitting across a table looking straight in her damn face.

      • *Vybz Kartel get gun shot* The bullets aren’t coming for Jau I’m too preoccupied with her and I hand to hand combat. so who do we have left to feel this steel? huh?

      • *Ziggy dives in front of speeding bullet saving salena’s life*

      • *evil grin* with a pistol in each hand , in her accent/dialect: Iz you me want!
        You think I lack the ability to aim and shoot straight? You think I can’t shoot a moving target without having the bullet ricochet hitting me? Besides, I’m the bionic woman and I’m all out of bullets so let’s dance!

      • Awwww…salena, girl! I laid down suppression fire, you were to hang back until I cleared the way. You charging down the hill with your guns blazing is going to get both of us shot to chit.

        I don’t feel like dancing. I got a better idea…LGBNAF, and forget about this Dunkley gal.

      • What does that mean? *face palm* duh I figured it out! roflmao

      • Oh no! You didn’t just ask that??! LMAO!

        I know you’re a smart girl, so I’m going to let you figure it out for yourself.

      • Let”s go back to not giving an F?

      • There’s no “T” in LGBNAF. Try harder…dig deeper!!

      • I think I know but I don’t know roflmao does it have to do with the beginning of this page where we deviated from the usual crab in the bucket talk?If it is I don’t think your penis is the solution to the problem roflmao

      • LOL! It’s not meant to be a solution, it’s only there to remind you how good it feels to feel good. Don’t you want to feel good all the time, salena?

      • *eye rolling* You’re crazy! So in between the angry post we have a 50 shades of grey thing going on for anyone watching at home. roflmao

      • Ohhh! The eye roll. I love it when your eyes roll into the back of your head like that. It’s so sexy, salena.

        Look, Method Man said “we can make war, or we can make babies.” I choose the latter.

      • I choose war as I have no intentions of having babies unless he plans on carrying them. (9mths)That’s a long time to be walking around eating everything in sight.roflmao
        The freaks come out a night!
        *salena heads inside and locks the door and windows and crawls under her bed in a fetal position*

      • You fight much harder than you f#ck.

      • I cannot with you roflmao You don’t beat around the bush at all. roflmao + salena is still vex!

      • Can’t what…f#ck, or fight??!

      • I’d rather fight! The basketball pac man thing frightens me. roflmao

      • You’re just not going to let that Dunkley gal go, eh salena? Can I at least lead the charge this time?

      • Charge me for what? no services were rendered. roflmao Your penis doesn’t solve the problem all the time. Not to mention these people aren’t going to take me serious if I’m virtually horizontal with you all the time. roflmao

      • You got jokes now? I’ve got a joke for you…why does the rodent stay inside its hole after it’s been hit on the head a few times?

        Give up?
        I dunno either, ask the Dunkley gal.

      • You know I’m right now they cannot handle it.You want us both to get banned?roflmao Besides, I’m always virtually bed hopping apparently and with you it’s more amplified.

      • I’m not sure if you noticed this or not, but UI’s comment section is running on auto-pilot. Not too many news outlets allow posting to go on for two, three months at a time. Most lock it down after a couple of days. I believe we could, if we choose, we could discuss all manner of things and no one at UI would give a damn.

        I like painting your toes light blue. I get a little perturbed when you wiggle, squirm and giggle like a lil’ girl as I try my best to create a toe-nail masterpiece. I also like how we tumble in and out of this virtual bed, the way we do it with the lights on, or in front of the open window. I don’t even mind the crowd we draw. I think it’s the loud cheering which really gets me going…sometimes I would like to tell them to shut up so I can listen to your heavy breathing. It would be remiss of me to insult our fans, don’t you think?

        I would love to collaborate with you and write that best seller. Have you thought about how you would handle the fame and notoriety? I was thinking we could do that John and Yoko thing and conduct all our interviews in bed, not the virtually kind…if you know what I mean!

      • Maybe instead of ‘8 ways from Sunday’ I prefer to see you on your black horse with sword in hand all knight like, preparing for the impending battle and when you leave, it gives me great pleasure in knowing that you may never return and in your absence, I sneak off to visit a prince with an actual castle one who’s easily influenced notice I said prince and not a king as they tend to be more experienced.(king) :)

      • I take it you missed the part where she dehumanize said people. Where the F have you been? Are you watching the same channel I’m watching or some edited B.S.? Come on Zig play with your rabbit airs.(antenna) roflmao I suggest you do your homework and Google Janel Dunkley even check out her Jau profile to see her comments. As far as I am concerned I could give two syhts about her issues. I am already tap dancing on her head and contorting her body into the shape of a pretzel.I’m around white people 24/7.The same one I had strapped to a chair in my closet is lying beside me (friend) giving me a massage and I don’t act like a self entitled blood sucking parasite. He understands my jungle language to a certain degree.

        When I walk passed the bum on the street I don’t keep my heads towards the sky counting the clouds. That’s the difference I see them as human beings.Her issues are bigger than you and I bigger than JA or any of the islands in the Caribbean once again she’s suffering from Narcissism, Internalized racism and Stockholm Syndrome. You can’t tell me a blasted thing different! (any)
        Talking about A.A. pride when the white man brought them into Civilization and she acting like they’re looking at the Islanders as more beastly more so than the ones they(white people )come into contact with daily in America. I look like I was born yesterday?!
        whatever dude gwan!

      • Well said girl.

      • Thanks, but no thanks! Like I said, Ms. Dunkley has problems with Black folk. I’m not going to make her issues my issue. She can say whatever the f#ck she wants to say. I don’t have to gnaw at it like some dog on an old bone.

      • She went on and on about all Caribbeans have is flags and syht at least we have an actual culture whether it’ our take on the English language our music, cuisine etc . We are the equivalent to what the Latinos have. Black Americans can’t and will never understand it! Even Africans have African Pride! AA Pride? again what is that?
        In your eyes dyck the child molester deserves some sympathy because he too was molested as a child right?! Or you consider that to be something different? My white friends know better than to put me in a box with anyone else.I’m not walking around carrying any burden being an Afro Caribbean person. When I’m sitting at a cafe and a white person makes a comment about a BLACK person I don’t jump up as I don’t give a syht! I actually love where I came from (Caribbean) and if reborn I wouldn’t want it any other way. Are you the reason behind Canada mistrials? roflmao

        I had this epiphany recently and at the end of the day I see myself with a Caribbean person (Spanish, black, Indian etc) Just someone who will understand when I tell him ” ay you boy go blank pon the floor!” roflmao but seriously he’ll understand my island accent/language and the food I’m handing him no need for any explanations. Well he has to be willing to go to Pluto’s Moon with me. roflmao (open-minded, free-spirited, quirky and maybe even a fellow Pisces etc)

      • Why are you allowing this Dunkley gal to wind you up like that, salena? She’s but one voice within a multitude of voices…her opinions are hers to do with as she pleases.
        i.e. She claims; “The Saddest day is when jamaican people try to protect the murderers.” I say it’s Jamaicans who put Kartel in prison and handed him a 35-year to life sentence. Hello!!!

        She throws this ditty out there; “Are you telling me that everyone in jamaica is educated?? Don’t lie.”

        This is a loaded question crafted to make the one who answers it look like a complete fool. On average the literacy rate for the World is 84%. America has a literacy rate of 99%, Jamaica’s literacy rate is 87%. Better if she were to ask if everyone in the World is educated. LOL!

        My point is this, the anathema this Dunkley gal has become to you, and others can not be exorcised using ad hominen attacks. Only through the light of reason and logic will the dark corners of her ignorant mind ever be illuminated. Proceed at your own risk.

      • I’m annoyed at the way she talked to these people long before they got disrespectful and highly annoyed that she couldn’t at least spar(box)with me. *sighs* I’m not even Jamaican and this chick pissed me off! The funny thing is she’s Jamaican living in America. She find the A.A more refined really? Well actually she does’t talking about the black should’ve kept quiet instead of being the white man’s bytch. So are you the reason behind Canada mistrials? roflmao

      • I know, and it bothers me to no end. We have to pick our battles and fight the good fight, salena. Watching you bang your head against the proverbial brick wall was too much for me to take.
        The Dunkley gal just came here to defecate, and judging from her posts she has some real family issues I really don’t care to know about.

      • I don’t mind knocking myself out! roflmao Well have a seat Zig if you get to winded! Stop lifting that barbell besides there’s no one home to spot you.

      • That’s my job, salena. What kind of woman are you to take a man’s job away from him like that? Don’t be so cruel.

      • I like my men organically grown minus the bulging veins and the protruding eyes. roflmao + I need to be able to take him in a fight. roflmao I mean what if the world is about to end and there’s no food left I need to be able to knock him out to resort to cannibalism.

      • If she has all the (so called) answers tell me again why is she wasting her time hitting up entertainment sites catering to the lowest common denominator instead of furthering a cause? Why isn’t she taking part in small miracles daily?Why does she come across as a stuck up self entitled bytch? Why isn’t she volunteering to feed-and rock newborns at her local hospital? Why isn’t she in the trenches risking her life to protect humanity? HUH! She’s clearly suffering from a Narcissistic disorder, Stockholm syndrome and internalized racism. She just wants to appear as the Alpha and is in need of her usual crack fix.(ego boost)

        She can’t give me any satisfaction but she was able to respond to some of the more ignorant post. PLU-EASE!
        She’s clearly shaking in her Payless Heels and her $1 store Catsuit practically urinating on herself.
        She clearly can only handle sugar coating or any sugar substitute (splenda) and ass kissing.She’s such a wuss can’t handle a bytch like me telling her about herself! Real boss bytches don’t back down from a challenge! We own that shyht! I summon anyone wanting a piece man, woman, hybrids and even beast let’s go!

        Who wore whitewashed than salena?! I defend my white boy toy daily. I’m currently at the tanning salon as we speak!


      • *Ziggy maxes-out the bass on ‘Tyler the Creator – “Yonkers”‘ video.*

        Ms. Dunkley appears to be a hater…it’s what haters do, they hate! Are you surprise she would troll UI, really?? I doubt any of us are qualified to make clinical diagnoses on the state of her mental health. What we can do, is call her on any BS she does decide to infect this comment section with.

        I admire your veracity, and your urge to pounce on this girl’s throat and tear it out with your teeth, but we must resist the temptation to bathe in the blood of those who we disagree with. Instead let’s allow them to speak freely, allow them to express themselves no matter how repugnant their diatribe is to our ears.

      • You one sickkkk woman salena…LMFAOOOO

      • Ziggy, I must say I read your posts to JA’S enemy and you didn’t disappoint as you always don’t. THANK YOU. I just can’t believe her parents are JCANS. Bravo Bravo

      • It’s all good, Juney. I lost a good friend to the Big C today. I had me a really good cry. It reminded me that we all come from nothingness, and to that nothingness we will shall return. All that really matters is what you do with the time alloted to you.

        For as much as you see me go on, and on, and on about Kartel, I do not hate him. Life is too damn short to be hating on people I’ve never met. I’ll clown them all day, though. Hating I will leave the Dunkley gal, and people like her.

      • Ziggy, I give you my condolences. I am so sorry to hear. I also lost my best friend more like a sister Dec 2010 to the Big C. I post about her before to you. I know how you feel been there. Most of us just post how we feel, but seriously how could we take it personal or really hold hate in our hearts for people we don’t know. I try not to even hate people I know who do s–t I don’t like…you are so right we are here for a short time. And should make sure we do on to others what we want for ourselves…

      • Thanks, Juney. These next few days will be the hardest I’ve had to endure in a very long time. Just seeing the faces of her family members draws water from my eyes. My only solace is she no longer has to feel the pain. Now’s the time when the living will shoulder that burden for her.

        Forget the hate, and dismiss the haters. If I learned anything from this tragedy, it’s that we have to be good to the people around us while we still have that chance.

        Take care.

      • Yes, when they are gone they won’t know. But that’s when some people want to show their love. Which is so sad…I went to a funeral service on Monday of a elderly lady I knew. Her goddaughter went up to thank her for all she have done for her and her son. She even had the nerve to say she is telling her she love her and appreciate all she did for her and her son. I sat there and just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I came home telling my son you give love when the person is alive not when they are dead, they don’t know then…It will get better with time, but you will always remember her.

      • :( u ok?

      • Now you want to see what I’m really made of?

        F#ck yeah!

      • I’ve decided not to avoid the obvious because I feel that you deserve a hard dose of reality so please be prepared for a long winded post that might need to be edited by you ofcourse. Now in our country,(island) we are our own predators. Now in America you and your fellow A.A. have numerous predators no one greater so than the white man. You are hunted for sport.You are suffering from internalized racism practically
        stockholm syndrome you can’t see that with each passing day that your life is governed by the white man’s law. That he has no problem using said laws to exterminate you. That when White people go missing in America it’s more important than when you Quintosha(AA) goes missing.

        That the people sitting in the jails and prisons of America are your more as you say refined superior African Americans(Non Caribbean, Africans,Canadians) who are subjected to the White Man’s experiment . I hope when you wrap your Lamborghini around a tree that the eyes you see staring back at you are not those of the WHITE Supremacist only he isn’t going to come dressed for the occasion , let’s hope for your sake that he’ll be able to over look his racism and administer life saving treatment ,let’s hope that he will not require a HAZMAT suit and maybe even a 10ft pole to deal with you…that he will not keep you at arms length.

        Let’s hope that you are conscious and alert enough to tell him about how much more refined you are,let’s hope that he’ll be able to see those DEGREES when he looks at you with the same judgments you have. You are one cell in a sea you don’t exist!We now have a face and maybe even a name to go with narcissism, internalized racism and stockholm syndrome Janel Dunkley and there’s nothing to smile about.

        Let’s hope that you have your own business you unevolved parasite!

        Your fellow A.A are victims to even worse stereotypes. AA pride ? roflmao Talking about a developing country while sitting in a country that treats you specifically, like excrement trucked in from your local dog park. roflmao
        America has the perfect system I suggest every nation follow suit! (sarcasm) You should thank the white man for instilling fear in you thereby making you a more civilized beast compare to us Caribbeans, Africans etc ;)

      • CNT : @ JAU
        Your fellow A.A are victims to far worse stereotypes. Looking like idiots walking around with ill fitting grey contact lenses while having to come into actual contact with your hunter(White people)(USA) ………AA pride ? roflmao Talking about a developing country while sitting in a country that treats you specifically, like excrement trucked in from your local dog park.roflmao

        America has the perfect system I suggest every nation follow suit! (sarcasm) You can thank the white man for instilling fear in you thereby making you a more civilized beast compare to we Caribbeans, Africans etc ;) Lap it up! Let me know when you and the rest of the self entitled AA like are victims of genocide. (just the self entitled ones like her thinking that they’re a deity) Let me know when you grow weary of interracial crimes and intraracial crimes.

        You and your hangers on which me thinks to be the physical manifestation of your multiple personality disorder may be due for some much needed psychological probing.:)


        Google VNN and ChimpOut to see what they really think about you but then again you probably think that you are too good right?!WAKE UP! While you are preoccupied with being the superior class they’re preoccupied by your race and you being even lower than lower class.

      • Well said, girl…

      • Not too long ago me and a select group of friends terrorized Chimpmania to the point where they had to completely overhaul their website. It was called N*ggermania at the time. T’was so much fun using our newly acquired low orbit ion cannon on that website. They were hacked, crashed and mercilessly ridiculed to near death. I just looked at it for the first time in a very long time and can see they now have security up to their yingyangs!

      • why do jamaicans say i and i


      • Your posts are hilarious… your reasoning is childish and is based on the, “if he jumps off of the bridge, I should also jump.”, mentality. You talk about Jamaicans as if this minority of scum defines the masses. Your speech is offensive and your passive aggressiveness just shows how hot headed and ignorant you can be. Sarcasm is not going to get you nowhere and its ignorance like yours that spreads like a virus. I am a first born American with Jamaican/Dominican parents. My mother left the island (Jamaica) and pursued her bachelors degree in America at a catholic university and I am currently in my junior year on a scholarship and will graduate with my bachelors at the age of 21. Now, the majority of my family is from Jamaica and I dont see these people that you so delicately describe with such hate. I do hear about them but let me tell you something… these “ungrateful” people are not native to Jamaica. So dont isolate them to one location with your ignorance. In Dominican Republic they exist, thinking you have money because you live in “foreign” so you must give me something. The exist in china, india, mexico, europe, central america, south america and all over the caribbean. You should be ashamed of yourself for downing your own people. In being a Jamaican or a foreigner period, one should be proud of the good aspects of our country, not focus solely on negative. In hating your roots, you are also unconsciously hating yourself. This is the same reason why these people are bleaching… self hate. You can cut me with your words all you want… about how you dont hate yourself and etc. But could really care less, thats for yourself to find out. Also are you even religious? Even the bible, Koran, bhagavat gita and etc explain how one shouldnt hate or hold grudges. Its obvious how this personal hate for these people cause you to develop a hatred for an entire race regardless of the individual people who do not fit this scandalous description. As for the language barrier… Patois is the home spoken creole of Jamaica, as is Kreyol to Haiti, Papiamento to the Luso (portuguese) creole speaking countries, the Kansai dialect of Japan, Dravidian dialect of India and etc. If ones environment does not change and stays they same, one remains stagnant in its stagnancy and starts to blend in. Also alot of these people actually dont have access to an education and when they do, because we grow up thinking we can only amount to so much because our opportunities are so scarce, what can I really do in life? The governments are corrupt, as is everywhere else in the world. Im not guaranteed a visa because a visa is a privilege and not a right and moving to America and trying to be successful for a foreigner is definitely not easy. Especially when youre coming from a third world country. And as far as stereotypes go and as for what people think of Jamaica, so what? The majority actually think Jamaica is a beautiful place with beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, which it is. America isnt so hot either. Do you know what foreigners think of America? The twin towers didnt get bombed because Osama felt like bombing them… let me tell you that much. They think americans are nosy, meddling, cocky bastards that like putting themselves in the middle of everybody’s business thinking theyre superman and they cant even deal with their own deficit. Then you have shows like Honey Boo Boo, Maury and Jerry Springer that further degrade the image of America. It makes Americans look like dumb, unintelligible, selfish, ungrateful people who will have sex with any hole or pole that moves because nobody knows whos the baby daddy and we havent any self constraint. Now might that be the same image youre trying to push onto Jamaicans?? The same image you try to push and isolate to one country is applicable to everybody. Come down off of your pedestal…

      • How many mansions? Sweety I been to Jamaica since I was little, we both know Jamaica makes the most profit off of tourism. Anybody can type in Jamaica on YouTube and see it for what it is. A country that needs serious guidance like many do.

      • JA isn’t the only island with poor people, even the good old USA have poor people. But I wouldn’t sell out my country for nothing. I have American kids and I never hear them talk bad about JA like you do. Reading your posts I am so glad I am not someone that have to deal with you in person. THANK GOD FOR THAT.

      • And I am done, last time answering you, you clearly looking attention.

      • If you hadn’t responded to me in the first place, you wouldn’t have to. Are you not the same one who said you’d love to see where I came up with my take on JA well, I did and you couldn’t handle the truth. You can laugh at your own kinds ignorance telling someone to sukck their mother but, you have kids and this is probably how you raise them as well. To not know right from wrong and to run away when someone is speaking the harsh reality says a lot about your character.

      • Last comment to you, you clearly have mental problems. Maybe a Jamaican broke your heart. GET LOST…

      • last comment lol.. mental problems and maybe a jamaican broke my heart? Lol you can say anything but, my point was made know when right is right and when wrong is wrong. Hope you teach your kids that. Nothing I said was wrong people like you give jamaica a bad name. I want to see more educated and less passa passa. Fight me all you want but, deep down I made a strong point and you know it.

      • Hojay Swizzle Campbell

        Hey sweet heart I guess your describing your family here in Jamaica because from what am reading of your writing your just like that check the US music Rap nd RnB what do your here bout in them “sex, drugs,guns,murder,hoes and the list can go on, come on your playing dumb and its showing r should I say your been a dunce, why would someone wouldn’t want to be educated?

      • Nobody is playing dumb, all you had to do was ask me a question and you wouldn’t look as dumb as you do right now. I don’t listen to “certain” rap because of what they preach sex, drugs, negativity,etc like what you mentioned. Rnb I do listen to depending on who specifically is singing. Are you telling me that everyone in jamaica is educated?? Don’t lie. I know the difference from the way they talk. broad patois vs. jamaican english ,I usually do have conversations and arguments on the system. inequalities, and injustice in america but, this topic was on jamaica and vybz kartel so lets, try to be smart here and ask questions before you speak. Also if you read carefully it wasn’t only family alone that I was speaking on, I brought that out and the fact that I have been to jamaica plenty of times in the mix so nobody wouldn’t think I was basing these facts without seeing it for myself. kingston, montegobay, negril etc etc all different towns and cities. What do you do for a living besides having a baby in your arms?

      • well in other countries you will find persons fitting that description..Uneducated people living in america,england and wherever…at the end of the day,we will die,if we get cut we will bleed so its pointless for other people to be pointing fingers

      • Yea I wasn’t talking about other countries. I know for a fact other countries have ratchet people including america. I just can’t believe how many people protested against the verdict as if justice wasn’t given to vybz kartel. Now on this video this guy gives his take on how he felt on vybz and I look at the comment section and their basically taking up for vybz like he’s innocent or something. I like to see more jamaicans speak against that so when I mentioned stereotypes I wanted the opposite of that to speak up. Like hello we’re here we don’t agree with that and he deserved that verdict marcus garvey and bob marley wouldn’t agree etc etc. But, instead I see all this negativity and it’s just outrageous because these are the kinds of jamaicans that are infesting the place with there obscured mindsets .. some may read that and ignorantly think I’m saying all jamaicans but, I’m not, I’m talking about the ones who are okay with lives being taken and proudly bigging up people who have done more damage than good.I’m not scared to speak whats on mind someone may read this later on and say yea she did make a point.

      • Do you think it’s true? and that every Jamaican is the bag of dutty talk you just spat out? Where you from?

      • Well nuh listen to their music no more.

      • They can have their opinion, the problem here is the lack of good journalism. Vlad TV is basing their interview on a lie written on one newspaper and are asking multiple idiots about it, who don’t know anything about it. So far they have asked the same question to this idiot Star, Lord Jamar, Cassidy, and Charlamagne. Only person they asked the question to who actually knows something about it was Ky-Mani Marley. Nobody is defending Kartel. When you’re going to speak on something, educate yourself so you don’t sound like an idiot and have to eat your words up. Dancehall hasn’t touched America in more than one way. Dancehall is the reason Hip-Hop is existent. Do you know who DJ Kool Herc is? And obviously we do care about this interview because it’s retarded, and has to be talked down on.

      • It looks like I have to embarrass you. You wrote a whole paragraph worth of 100% ignorance. You say nobody is defending kartel although, there are many of you who in fact are including yourself. Voicenotes, texts and recordings do not lie. He is a murderer! It doesn’t matter whether you or whomever else feels it was justified for him getting two weapons of destruction stolen it is still murder! Second is your brain that narrowminded to believe that jamaica alone could pull in such profits??? Vlad isn’t basing it on a lie they asked someone how they felt about vybz and that person gave his opinion like many already have. Since you want to defend kartel so bad, tell me something what did he do for you besides tell you about what he wants to do to your vaginal regions let alone every other female? Did he contribute any positivity to you??? You should know whats acceptable and what isn’t. More I could touch base on but, ignorance has brought you too far below for me to pick you back up.

      • You’re an idiot… Clearly. Kartel did that s**t, nowhere did I say he didn’t. We are talking about the lie that The Observer wrote about informing. DJVlad is an idiot like yourself and needs to do better research, he is pushing a lie that was written on a newspaper column, by an unknown author. Who then was scorned by other newspapers in Jamaica, and the Observer even had to apologize for it. There are people who defend him, everybody has their own opinion, but that’s not mine. I’m talking about Vlad being retarded. When the hell did you see me defend Kartel and say he’s not a murderer? You’re ignorant, and need to inform yourself before you speak.

        “hey can have their opinion, the problem here is the lack of good journalism. Vlad TV is basing their interview on a lie written on one newspaper(LIE) and are asking multiple idiots about it, who don’t know anything about it (LIE). So far they have asked the same question to this idiot Star, Lord Jamar, Cassidy, and Charlamagne. Only person they asked the question to who actually knows something about it was Ky-Mani Marley. Nobody is defending Kartel. (LIES MANY OF YOU ARE) When you’re going to speak on something, educate yourself so you don’t sound like an idiot and have to eat your words up. Dancehall hasn’t touched America in more than one way.(LIE) Dancehall is the reason Hip-Hop is existent.(100% LIE) Do you know who DJ Kool Herc is? And obviously we do care about this interview because it’s retarded, and has to be talked down on. (WHY WATCH SOMETHING RETARDED SO MANY OTHER THINGS TO WATCH I DIDN’T SEE YOUR COMMENT ON THE OTHER INTERVIEWS) THE MAIN ISSUE WAS THAT THERE WAS PROOF WE ALL SAW IT AND HEARD IT VYBZ RECORDED HIMSELF, MADE TEXT MESSAGES AND THIS GUY SAID HE WAS STUPID FOR IT AND HE SAID IT BECAUSE IF YOUR GOING TO BE SLICK AND SNEAKY ABOUT MURDERING SOMEONE AND PLOTTING WHY LEAVE THE EVIDENCE “RECORDINGS, TEXTS, VOICE NOTES” WE CAN SAY WHATEVER ABOUT HIM BEING A COKEHEAD BUT, THE TOPIC WAS VYBZ KARTEL AND HE MADE A VALID POINT)

      • Again idiot, Kartel did that s***. I am convinced by the evidence. I cannot put any more emphasis on the “informing” issue. He did not inform, it was a lie. Written on the newspaper called The Observer, which they apologized for afterwards. I’m going hard at this idiot Star because he’s talking like he knows. When you don’t know, you don’t speak. The facts are out there you can look them up, that is not a lie. They are asking multiple idiots who don’t know jack, that is not a lie. Only person they asked who knew anything was Ky-Mani, look it up. Many are defending Kartel, and many aren’t, that’s not a lie, as you can see in other comments posted here. Hip-Hop was born of early Dancehall. Back in the days when it was called toasting. DJ Kool Herc brought it to the Bronx. Anybody who really knows Hip-Hop (older heads) know that. I comment on Star’s interview because he act like he know everything, and he don’t know jack. At least the other guys interviews said “well I haven’t heard about it”. So go chuck offa cliff ignorant gal.

      • Please watch this video again. Starr mentioned he was a snitch way before getting into any newspaper article and that alone was by the evidence. Yes I agree dancehall had an impact in more ways than 1 like I said before.. and especially hiphop but, when you sit there and marginalize other influences as if hiphops beginnings only consisted of dancehall alone and not other samplings like house, rap, disco, rock and roll etc etc that helped mold it into what it is today is ridiculous. “DJ Bambaataa” and inspired by #DJ Kool Herc #DJ Dee etc etc it’s not about who got the crowd going at 1 point it’s more about who took it to that next level!

      • Yuh just seh Hip Hop sample Rap… Now mi know yuh delirious. Stop trace mi, mi nah have nuttin else fi seh. Bomboraas…

      • Come on that was an obvious typo, you know what point I was making play dumb if you want But, everything else I said was facts though right? Go away I made you eat up everything else.Dancehall wasn’t the only inspiration it’s funny you didn’t mention reggae and you consider yourself a jamaican. Lol Can’t even admit your flaws and consider yourself tryna school someone. Hope your doing something constructive with your life. Smh

      • Go wash yuh pums Likkle Gyal…. Stop trace big man.

      • Oh goodness who responded to who first? now you fit that stereotype too. Why go from typing english to patois now?? You get no respect for that, you can talk to a woman that way and not a man???? but wait, remember you came out of a vagina that gets stink every time blood clot comes out of it and drank breast milk too now. Know “EXACTLY” where you come from! Don’t act like a wuss just because I straightened you out with minimal flaw. The way your going about it, I would think your mother must have been getting beat up by daddy while you sat there and watched.. Sir know who you talking to, I may not sit there and get as disrespectful as I should Mr.Sore Loser but, I don’t mind telling you about yourself read back everything you ever wrote to me and be honest with yourself you bothered me not the other way around. Now get back and try to focus on short term and long term goals. Some positivity has to come out of you. I don’t believe people are just born with a bad mind it’s developed now please try to change it for your own sake and apply it off the computer.

      • Lmao, mi did a try reason wid unnu when mi response fuss time, but yuh start diss up people. And if mi woulda response inna patois, yuh woulda diss mi too. Duss fi show yuh, people roun yah so chat weh dem waan chat, write di way dem waan fi write, nuhbody roun yah so a dunce duss caw dem prefer fi write inna patois. Mi not talkin to a woman right now, yah likkle girl weh need fi go wash yuh pums. Mi respect every queen inna dis yah site, yuh can ask around, neva diss a woman. But u? Yah likkle girl. Mi know exactly where mi come from and mi respect every woman, mi nah call yuh no w***e or b**ch, mi duss seh go wash yuh punash. Mi’s a married man wid two daughta, and raised by madda and grandmadda. But when time mi see a idiot, weh tink she know it all, and diss up everybody inna dis ras, mi haffi seh summp. Yah duss a self-hating Jamaican, mi deeven know if mi can call yuh a Jamaican. Dis a di last time mi a go reply, gwaan evaluate yuhself.

      • Don 1, well said.To her we JCANS are all dunce, we live bad and are all evil. I say F her, and she shouldn’t come on the site to comment about JCANS.

      • You need to be at the gym.
        Stop blaming jamaica cuz your mother was a dumb ho..

      • Lol . that stereotype of your kind stays standing. Fed into it who else is next?

      • Whats “my kind”, clealry your parents ran to my country and now youre here talkin smack about your own country to your own people, silly ho.
        Since youre here n done su__n off for green card,enjoy the liberties n go hit that gym.
        After that,fix yer attitude And u might be like stugglin 3

      • You see that beautiful face that’s all me. Pure beauty no bleach and no ignorance. My body is perfect lol you want a body pic or something since your basing hitting the gym off a face pic but, you should know if I hit it or not. Your kind are the ones that’ll sit there and call someone out of there name and go back and defend those who make a bad name for Jamaica. The first thing I said was “The Saddest day is when jamaican people try to protect the murderers. Dancehall has touched base with america in more ways then 1 so when american people have an opinion towards someone major in that particular industry don’t shoot them down. If none of you cared for this interview you would not be here commenting on it. Vybz music was catchy and some of the beats we’re good but, bleaching, murdering, embarrassing women he had sexual intercourse with made him to be the biggest coward of them all.” ….. learn to read correctly. I knew that people like you would lash out against that truth so I said is this stereotype of jamaica true? and I listed everything I could think of that has portrayed jamaica negatively that way it would discourage those from speaking with a foul mouth and speak with understanding for once. All you have to do is read! Don’t make ignorant assumptions unless you’ve seen it for yourself. Yea there is good and bad in every country but, we’re talking on this specific vybz kartel subject.

      • you tryna sell ya a__ to me or something? quit offering please cuz nah chubby hair hat, keep your ugly pic to yourself im sure you are deluded nuff to think youre hot; i can tell by your deluded posts.
        or you still seeking green card? ask your mommas pimp how she got it, years before she raised u to belive your high n mighty n better than ppl who are actually better than you, silly pig.

      • Oh how I LOVE it. She deserves every bit of it. You read her real good.

      • Your irrelevance grows more and more obvious as I read more and more of your comments. You say youre talking only about the specific vybz kartel subject yet you bring up all the other faults of my beautiful country. You went from vybz kartel to ungrateful people, to ignorance, to lack of education of our society, to people who dont speak english and then downing your own family. You have touched on various subjects and have been called out on your own replies and forced to “renig” on them and you act as if youve never said these things. Now we’ve all come to an agreement that Vybz Kartel is dumb for what he did. However the observer lies were true, I remember looking into it while I was checking on the status of the Vybz Kartel case. While he may have deserved what came to him, they should have also gave him a fair trial. If you are going to catch someone, you do it legally and dont stoop down to their level. There has been discrepancies with the blackberry and its usage after its confiscation by the police, fixed voice notes, and other lies told. Also one cannot completely judge someone based on a song. In dancehall and rap it is common to talk about you killing someone because lets face it… the dancehall culture is very vulgar. They still havent found the body, last time I checked. I see alot of holes in the story. Also in the ghetto its common to hear things like , ” you know how long mi mek di bwoy down a portmore borrow mi phone and all now him nuh gi it back? If mi nuh get it by tomorrow mi a guh shot him inna him foot” (or something like that, edit as you please) because of course they are not as educated and privileged as we are living here. (Even though american ghetto youths still manage to mess things up *Shake My Head*) the ghetto negative mindset is a contagious one. I wouldnt be suprised if I heard that but I definitely wouldnt assume he really shot him in the foot, because they usually talk to hype up them self. Anyways off of that subject, im pretty sure vybz did it anyways. Back to what you were saying…of course people will lash out, because you are talking badly about ones country… I mean duh? Anybody from any part of the world would react in an agressive/offended way. you are offending them, or does the elevator not go to the top floor? That same stereotype can be applied to human kind period… is mankind ignorant to what it cant accept? (The answer is yes by the way). Also how would blatantly announcing ones faults on the world wide web, none the less, discourage people from speaking with a foul mouth?? Really? Yes on a 1 on 1 level, using constructive criticism personally yields results but your passive/agressive sarcasm doesnt help at all. Theres a difference between saying, the majority of Jamaicans are ungrateful and the stereotype for jamaicans is true, nothing but ungrateful ignorant people. Or what could have been said was, “unfortunately, the jamaicans ive encountered or have known in my life have rubbed me the wrong way for the following reasons…” then further stating that, ” I dont know if this is how the majority is but sadly this is what I have dealt with thus far”. This reply is not nearly as blunt and ignorant. With an agressive statement, you will recieve agressive remarks. You must have a serious victim complex, starting fires that in turn burn down peoples houses and wondering why people are mad at you. Almost nothing you have said on this chat has made sense or have contributed to any value on any scale. I will try not to preach to the masses on here because me preaching on how Jamaica should better its self is not going to reach Sister P (Prime Minister Portia). And preaching about how dancehall this and ungratefulness that and visa issues and blah blah blah on an insignificant website will not some how revolutionise dancehall youths all over the world to stop “daggering” and making this “degrading” music to women. Umm or have you not heard how women also makes song about men and have them dance in a video almost naked for their music video. How they wanna ride pon the cocky till di buddy bend and etc… or do you not know the meaning of double standard?? Because you like bringing up arguements that have more than one side but only choose to focus on the degradation of Jamaica while avoiding the slander of other countries until confronted with. And news flash these women want to be in these music videos and like these vulgar songs made about their parts. Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean everybody else doesnt either. You like making general statements as if you are referencing the whole and then modify your statements accordingly when confronted when the problem is that you dont know what is going on 100%. Then you take basic statements and twist them into different dimensions that was not meant to be brought up. Or can we say that this is the stereotype of Women? Taking what men say and twisting it in the most conceited way to build a wall between you and your counterpart as an excuse because in reality you really dont like that person and want to be with someone else? Can I say that this stereotype is true? I am also guessing by at this point in the message you are livid and furious at the fact that I went there… Am I right? I mean all the women i have encountered have this bipolar mentality about them… okay one minute, completely ignorant and ridiculous the next. So because of my certain experiences, that should account for the majority of women correct? Am I right? Because you know I just brought it up so I can discourage you from speaking with a foul mouth and to open your eyes and encourage you to speak intelligently on the matter. Its thinking like that why all white people thought that black people were always less than. All because of stereotypes. But of course your point of view is corrupted because you havent seen or chose to see the beautiful aspects of our people and for that, your opinion will always be biased and poisoned because of your unfortunate past encounters. But its because of comments like yours that make white people look at us crazy… because we down our own people, and youre not the only one. How about taking the time to think positive and take in the good aspects? This same negative thinking is why ghetto youth dont go anywhere because of “red yeye” and “bad mind” thinking… always want to focus on the bad and wonder why good doesnt follow you. Jamaica is a third world country yet you expect first world… our countrybis a young one, not even 100 years of independence. We have gone through slavery, independence, inflation, political party violence, gangs and etc all in our little jamaica and we are doing the best we can. Although these things are also not native to Jamaica because violence and gangs are found every where from 1st world to 3rd world. We just need to be grateful that we are not like Honduras, El Salvador and Haiti because they have it worse than us. Gangs violence etc. In comparison we are not as bad as you make it out to be… dancehall just happens to be our taboo genre… sex violence lust and etc is all fair grounds. Just like in rap, in Reggaeton for the spanish world, Zouk for the french world, Kizomba for the luso (portuguese) world and etc. Just grow up and get a life. Stop playing victim. If you dont like these aspects than make yourself a better jamaican or a better woman period so that you are not another statistic or stereotype. This is why im getting my degree from a state university on a scholarship… to combat against these stereotypes that you love bringing up every 5 seconds accusing a whole entire race of being this and that as if you find utter joy in belittling your heritage. I bid you farewell and I hope you can find peace with in yourself so you can stop focusing on everybody else so much and focus on you. Im talking to you because I know you will read this message, unlike standing on a pedestal shouting and preaching in the middle of a mall, looking at no one in particular and expecting to make a change. Consulting someone directly brings more results. For your information.

      • Plus it’s too late you had to resort to cursing, suckkin, calling silly ho etc etc, do you know what that says about you? It says that your current lifestyle isn’t where it needs to be. I address ignorance on a daily basis whether it is the current news, what’s happening in other countries, etc. I happen to see your kind all the time that can’t speak proper english and resort to profanity because they can’t get their thoughts in order and/or feel they must be defensive towards skeletons they thought we’re carefully hidden in their closets. I always tell people don’t read what you want to read, read what I said. If you don’t understand… take this for example> questions lead to answers, assumptions lead to ignorance. I’ve been to jamaica and saw both good and bad. The focus should be on the negatives that way it could surely be turned into positives. Starting with the way we think and approach things 1st.

      • b__ stop trying to speak english to an all american kid, what are you like house ne**o wannabee?

      • Its obvious your obsessed with me. So insecure wheres your pic at? I’m sorry you weren’t raised to respect women knowing that the vagina is where you came from you know a vagina that bleeds every month for 7days. You owe it to that very same woman that carried you for 9months to make something positive out of yourself. How old are you?

      • Oh i know what woman is, i also know what dirty dumb b__ is,too.
        Go scrub floors,bedwench n stop obsessing jamaica

      • She deserve every bit of what she is getting. Read all her posts. I was responding to her and stopped before she make me go off.

      • Ain’t nobody wearing mud duck flammable wigs by the way all hair is flammable more than African Americans. roflmao I see alot of woman rocking lace fronts sitting in the middle of their eyebrows on a daily basis.Who they think they’re fooling? roflmao African Americans get their hair done by Africans sit in a chair for 4 hours and the next day are back to rocking their bone straight hair had one girl ask me about my ‘turban’ come on man you never seen a turban ? A.A. afraid to look ethnic. roflmao Who more high mainteance than an A.A.?! roflmao It’s cool though I have no problem taking your man of off your hands roflmao with my ‘jungle accent,looks and language’;)

      • LMFAOOOO…

      • State of black consciousness in JA what about America? You have people throwing around a word that their ancestors fought so hard to not be referred to and you think because you changed the spelling of the word you gave it a new meaning, I’ve heard it said around non blacks, so tell me again why are you mad when a non black person refer to you as said word or any variation of the word? Don’t act like the black Americans are not killing each other just as much as the Caribbeans it only seem that way because you’re talking about an island and a developing country.Let’s not forget that the ‘white man’ has no problem treating you as a second class citizen so you already know your place.:) Ask a black American who Ota Benga was or where Nigeria is and the average one won’t even know because they are only concerned usually with themselves. Ask them why they keep killing each other in places like Chicago, New Orleans etc.

        Don’t act like the black Americans don’t have a complex too,chasing after white people ideal of beauty, well black people ideal of beauty, light skin, straight hair, etc. Get over yourself! I won’t be surprised if her mate has wandering eyes. roflmao She really think that she’s deserving of a throne? roflmao African American men have more of a respect for women really?roflmao

      • I see what you mean and you know how much I enjoy my long winded post. roflmao I think a Caribbean dude may have chewed her up and spit her out as a reflex maybe even thrown her out of a stationary benz.lmao Too entitled to jump in the benz she prefers to ride shot gun in a Lamborghini. This sounds like the early signs of a Narcissistic personality disorder. roflmao People agreeing with a Narcissistic person idea to self harm. roflmao

        I’m a dominatrix I’d much rather fill this page with indirect post about my ‘slave’ rather than to respond directly to my ‘slave’ after-all I’m being paid to provide a service and I dictate what happens with the flick of a wrist. ;)

        *sighs* :) I’m looking forward to the big firestorm regarding my A.A. stereotypes please make a note of the little reaction she garnered with her Caribbean stereotypes.

      • I wonder if ____ saw her post yet? I haven’t heard a peep from her I know she would curry her flavor. roflmao
        a. she’s in agreement with everything said.
        b.her hands are tied up at this very moment
        c.too busy working on S.S. appeal

      • Did u send it to her, or me. I saw one to me. If u send it to her she’s working on her long research paper to you. But it’s nothing but BS…LMAO

      • P money, thank you so much…LMFAO

      • I have yet to come across any Caribbean men willing to put up with little ms.narcissist uncontrollable tics which leads me to believe that African American men must make pretty good doormarts. roflmao

      • I think she believe she could come around, Caribbean men and women and talk BS, and get away with it. In one post she told Don1, “Don’t make me have to embarrass you”. That really pi–ed me off…this little pi–y tail panty girl…WOW I don’t think she would dare get AAM angry. She is one gyal I would never want to breath the same air with…

      • Her goal was to come on the site and belittle JA and JCANS, don’t know what her purpose is. About her issue with Kartel, not everyone on the UI site think Kartel is innocent. Some people think he is, some think he is not, some people think he didn’t get a fair trial.

      • You know she probably gets turned on just watching the news. roflmao
        [cut to commercial animals being abused ]
        Her: “keep it coming”

      • Her goal was to get more up-votes to increase her self worth. She probably only exist in the V world.Start a discussion throw people under the bus all the while living in the suburbs of NY. She probably isn’t doing anything besides being an inactive cyber activist, not even working in a field where she has the ability to help others,not even in the trenches fighting to change the world.It doesn’t sting as much as when she talk as she isn’t that attractive so when she talk it’s more of superficial wound that will be gone by tomorrow. Why do average looking people have an inflated sense of importance?

        Talking about problems but can’t give me any solutions. Can’t even come with an executable plan to solve the humanitarian crisis globally.She’s not even in the trenches changing the world risking her life for the advancement of the entire human race. She’s more of a puppeteer hiding behind a sheet maybe even a pied piper leading her rats around in a circle only the song is almost over.*sighs*
        I would’ve enjoyed sparing with her. *evil joker grin*

      • She need to never try to stay in JA for any length of time, what she is feeling might just come out around the wrong people. And with her attitude she might turn up missing. My advise to her don’t go to JA.

      • Her mom should have mastered the art of swallowing. roflmao I guess her dad didn’t mastered withdrawal technique either and it was too late for the abortion perhaps she should still be aborted.

      • Make sure u sent the post to her…

      • Lol you really want to see this fight?! roflmao

      • She probably won’t answer, after what she came up against so far…LOL

      • Is she Jcan?

      • Don’t know, her mother and father is.

      • She should go live in the south side of Chicago I think they have what she needs.:)

      • For sure, those thugs will tend to her needs. Coming up here like she’s hot and mighty.

      • Black American men don’t want stuck up self entitled black American women like her and the like they prefer exotic, accents, uninhibited women etc she’s a voyeur at best ,not taking part on the action watching her fellow African American men being carried away to sea by a Caribbean mermaid .

        Me thinks she’s one of those southern blacks thinking that they’re the belle of the ball, the ones I see standing against the wall in the club, too stuck up to dance, she’s unable to pry herself from the wall,she walks away and her man becomes my prey ,in his mind it’s just the two of us, no music, well maybe some sensual music,it sounds like a soft whisper to him,no lights, well maybe a spotlight, no fog machine, and the room is spinning, the air conditioner is at 90 degrees, the stage is set, the only thing separating us are these articles of clothing (and my morals) , seems like your due for a proper whine(Caribbean) a chair magically appears out of nowhere, I walk around in a circle never too far from his gaze, you like this feeling I see *staring at the bulge in his pants* I walk away (tease and denial) she comes back with her arms folded*sighs* I see blue balls in his future roflmao

        I completed the mission while wearing my jungle clothing and missing teeth like she said roflmao

        I need to write a book! :)

      • no one care about no damn jamiaca , dutty hindoo sadhu looking ass mutha f–kers. so hush ya moot gal

      • Zombie go bury your dead ASS. Better yet go F u mumma…

      • I beg u to go to JA with that, if u see a casket u like. I bet u r one ugly MF

      • DOG don’t reply to me again…

      • nuff ah you jamaicans look like srilankans cos you lie down with dem indians too damn much and then you wanna come up and talk ya hindu rastafari garbage.

        well im not tryin to hear that

      • Bit– check your self in you r fu–ing retarded. U not making sense. Better yet k-ll yourself

      • JA for Jackass moda focker

      • U all are haters look how Haitians are treated in DR, but good u all getting it back in Puerto Rico…I love it PR kick them out.

      • I miss this shyt? really ?

      • This is another Caribbean hating MF…

      • You know back home I looked at it as all the same shyt! We islanders (Caribbean) people none better than the next and I still do!

      • Hey, hater same goes for Dominicans we all know what their name is linked to…I been there see what u all about.

      • linked to what juney?

      • Don’t Fu– ask me u know. That’s why PR don’t like u all. So don’t F with JCANS u all ain’t in our league…imagine u all pack up PR and don’t like them, and hating on Haitian pushing them out of DR when u all pack up PR carrying on with u all sh in their country. HYPOCRITES…DONE

      • JACANS don’t pack up like rats on canoes like u guys risking their lives going in a country where they hate the natives. And DUTTY up the said country the way u all do PR.

      • dude im Dominican not a dominican republican,
        thats what i mean some people know nothing about the caribbean,
        but love fi tark like dem know wah gwan.

        you need to google the word Kalinago and you will see that is the original indiginous caribbean people,
        and been here way before anybody step foot pon we land

      • The only reason you guys are still around is because the white man didn’t get the chance to reduce your population like he did to the natives of the other islands. You dislike East Indians from INDIA for no apparent reason. What about the White Man? What about the Black Islanders? Your vote on any issues is now invalid. You seem to be another one suffering from a disorder. I will take over for you from this point on I’ll function as your Power Of Attorney can’t have anyone abusing the feeble-minded now can we?!

      • I dont hate anyone, but like i said before that hindu rastafari rubbish is a curse to the caribbean and all black people.
        Those east indians from India have infected the world with their ganja weed , dreadlocks and religious jargon and ramblings. More like a curse than a blessing

      • What about the white hippies with dreads? Why are so livid? You aren’t a Rastafarian just a while ago Rastafarians were shunned and labeled as uncivilized.

      • What about the white hippies with dreads? white hippies with dreads copy cat rastafarians, and rastafarians copy cat east Indian Hindu sadhu yogis.

      • I meant are they just as bad? :) Damn boy why you up so late. roflol

      • Im in uk ATM

      • I think a lot of the people on this site need to get out more. roflmao The world is bigger than this Black & Black BS Black & White BS Class and None what-so ever BS etc. Too bad I can’t take everybody out to paint the town red get a few of you guys laid. roflmao

      • So why you not in jamaica defending the buddy boyz dem :) jks

        where in the caribbean are you from salena?

      • okay!!!

      • Y the exclamation point? You can’t handle when I talk that way?

      • you was saying >I think a lot of the people on this site need to get out more. And im saying okay!!
        most of what you say about stuff is legit, but in this world you cant love everybody

      • You right the only time people really feel it is when they themselves experience it and in that sense they should have no complaints when it’s done to them.Are you a man over 20? What’s up with the rasta Einstien is this the kiss-off to the white man?

      • Its not Einstien….. Its Kartel the Grand Master Teacher!

      • Nope it’s Einstein I recognize that face from a line-up,who you think you fooling? You in your 20s or what? Why Einstein look so stressed? Why Caucasian American friend is on antidepressants.
        salena: “What the heck do you have to be depressed about?” roflol

      • I’m protecting our Caribbean culture from someone taking a whale size dump on it that chick was clearly Caribbean living in the suburbs with her mentality my A.A. friends don’t know anything about the islands aside from videos and the ‘dutty whine’ but say what she want white Americans prefer non American blacks.

        ? We didn’t have a large rasta population on my island so I can’t say anything in that regards. I edit my post because it’s just us two talking I don’t need tom, dick, and harry minding my business sometimes I screw up and miss words lol. I told you which islands I was from and my family hopefully you saw it?

        So these rasta coons are doing something different from the usual wife beaters are you saying that they tend to devalue women more? I thought the rastas treated their women like empresses? No? You guys don’t give us any credit. What about the women around the world who are conditioned to be subservient to men?

        Growing up on the island sex was pretty much Taboo. My mom avoided the bird and the bees discussion not to mention I didn’t get the condom on the banana thing as it seemed to have skipped several steps.

        Regardless what anyone think although I have the ability to talk about sex in detail well I tend to keep it along the lines of art at the same time it doesn’t mean that I’m objectifying myself especially since I’m the one setting the pace or that I engage in risky behavior like taking a Jeffrey Dahmer home. A woman talks about actually liking it and she’s deemed a s**t. roflmao I’m a sensual & spiritual being .

      • I dislike East Indians from INDIA for no apparent reason. Damn salena dont you ever pick up a book or read something thats not about celebrities and f-ckery.

      • Dude I edited this post while you were awake in your persistent vegetative state at 9am your time. I missed my daily dose of my bi-polar meds so I am well prepare to become Mrs.Hyde. Do you possess psychic abilities like me? Do you know which two-fingers I’m holding up right now? Is it raised?Inverted? It’s clear that I do read but not the usual B.S. I read everything books on spirituality,(non bible) sexuality etc. I will not provide anyone with pipe-dreams especially, when I’m not taking active yet simple steps like reducing my carbon imprint maybe even handing the bum that I walk by daily a sandwich or being that blind person seeing-eye-human being.

        Black people reducing their own numbers and white people reducing it only slightly and you worry about Karun doing Yoga!

      • No i said the black rasta revolutionaries are doing hindu yoga,while black people are killing each other daily.
        And their message for black people is DO NOT COMB YOUR HAIR, worship sellasie, eye an eye this/ eye an eye that
        Im a lion but me nah eat no meat

        vegetarian lions baby!!

      • What’s wrong with me doing yoga?Maybe the lion is meant to be more in a metaphorical sense. I’m not a rasta so I can’t even speak on this subject and neither are you :) When you gon tell me that you more than 20?

      • Metaphorical my foot, they just make it up as they go along. A real yogi rasta is to live a life of
        celibacy, not having 30+ children , i know what im talking about

      • I wish some rasta person would chime in as I have no clue on the subject none of my relatives are or were rastas. *sighs* sorry :)

      • Ganja was brought to the West Indies in the mid-19th century by East
        Indian laborers who settled in Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica.

        In Jamaica, from the 1800’s until the early years of the 20th century,
        ganja was an unregulated herb widely used as medicine, intoxicant, and
        religious sacrament. Even though it caused few medical or social
        problems, Judeo-Christian church groups and Jamaica’s white ruling elite
        convinced salena to criminalize it in 1913. The country later
        became a signatory to international anti-marijuana treaties.

        Prohibition has been a disaster for Jamaica. Tens of thousands of
        Jamaicans have been harassed, jailed and even killed due to enforcement
        of ganja laws. Yet, the island’s climate, culture, and topography are
        ideal for ganja cultivation, and Jamaica has become famous for potent
        outdoor marijuana, reggae music, and herb-infused Rastafarian religion.

      • salena what has age got to do with anything?

      • is that you in the profile pic? show me a photo of you, why you hiding for?

      • Dude when you reply try to click on another person name besides yours as I can’t see it unless I scroll the page. You get me? You two getting into it now.

      • oh yeah sorry, that was a mistake my bad

      • I think it gives credence when you talk to a point because I usually associate it with progress and experience.
        Your Einstein picture is giving me the creeps. I gave up on asking as I felt like you didn’t want to answer I just wanted to know your age range not your actual age. :) I’m dying to know what you think my age range is? Do I come across as a spring chicken? roflmao

      • maybe your 30+ i dont know, just tell me then

      • Damn maybe 20’s you?

      • you wanna see a pic of me? you can guess my age

      • I doesn’t matter to me what you look like. lol Are you in your 20s or not?

      • why does it matter to you? i dont get it

      • What your age or what you look like? It doesn’t matter what you look like as I’m not taking you home. So just stop beating around the bush are you in your 20s like me ?

      • You should edit that one.

      • Why? Kalinago come on use your two hands to type :)

      • im 30 there you go, what else you wanna know :)

      • salena edits again :)

      • I write too much I’m trying to avoid my usual long winded post ;)

      • I am not Jamaican and I dislike Kartel. Getting that out the way early. Stereotyping a whole nation makes you just as bad as the people you are here opining about. First off there are people equally as bad and worst to be found across the spectrum irrespective of class, colour religion or education. Another fact most of those on this one site that defend Kartel are not infact Jamaican. Another fact most Jamaicans condemn the actions of Kartel and his supporters. If you had bothered to look beyond one site that would have been obvious to you. So jumping to such derogatory and hurtful ideas and stating them so punlicly just exposes you for the idiot you really are. Such vile contemptuous ideals of a whole nation on flimsy evidence makes you more foolish than anyone else here.
        As for the comment above again in your ignorance and haste to seem opinionated or clever you true to form didn’t bother to use any thought beyond the negativity you spew or you would have realised as I did from reading and knowing FACTS that what he is referring to is the accusation that Kartel snitched. Please prejudice and bias are easy understanding an open mind and knowing when and what to say are the marks of an evolved intelligent mind.

      • This is why you have to read. Don’t take out what you want to take out and make up stuff from that. Read everything! Ask yourself what point was I trying to make starting with the very FIRST thing I said then work your way down to the responses and my answers. Ask yourself why would I say a lot of Jamaicans are this way and that way. Did I say jamaicans as a WHOLE? You need to really think I already received responses fitting that stereotype? someone even responded saying it would be true just by going by what some people have already said on here. Open your EYES! There are different kinds of jamaicans I put 1 kind on blast for being okay with such lewdness. This isn’t about who’s better than who, it’s about what makes the most sense. I’m sorry if I came off too real and didn’t sugarcoat jamaica the way you may have wanted but, when you have more people rooting for murderers and less people rooting for new jobs, better living conditions, etc etc What does that say about jamaica? I always speak on the b.s that goes on in this country but this is a different topic so yes, I had to ask if it were true than give my own take on it along with my own experiences and other peoples experiences. When I receive responses or I see certain people who are a certain way I’ll be honest and say that stereotype is true for this much and that much. You need to be honest and really think about it. Not everyone is looking to just blast negativity and not give words of wisdom in the end. You’re open to saying what you want regardless but, if you still don’t understand just ask questions.

      • You are annoying and that is me being kind. I have as much time with you as I do for any racist…yes I see you that way, so I wont bother typing out all the contradictory statements you typed. If you calling out people for what ever reason then always remember the one finger you pointing leave three pointing back at you. As I said your hate filled rant makes you just as ignorant crass and a hell of a lot more stupid than anybody you trying to talk about

      • If I am annoying then why waste time responding to me? I did not have a hate filled rant. I asked if the stereotypes I listed of jamaicans we’re true and in the end I got responses from those stating they we’re raised amongst professionals and others cursing me out.

        The point of me putting that out there was to view the approaches and to see if I could find someone who could bring an interesting perspective. The best response was the very first response. Do you want to know why? because it was unbias! I didn’t want to focus on the good alone neither the bad alone. For example, a person types in “lmfaooo” in response to someone telling me to go su;;k my mother then had the nerve to turn around and completely paint jamaicans including herself like all are pitch perfect when she visibly just egged on negativity. So, I put in my own experience to show that this didn’t just come from just anybody who has never seen jamaica up close and personal in a negative light which included ” most common reason for obtaining visas to other countries for a better life when the better life should be there in jamaica in this day and age, the attitudes, etc etc” to you it may have seemed like hatred but, it was not. If I see a common issue I address it and the common issue is seeing certain people claiming to be crisp and clean and finding nothing wrong with cheering for those who are wrong even in the kartel case. Nobody asked where I was getting at I only got assumptions & meaningless debates on a newspaper and on hiphop. I honestly don’t care whether even after explaining this in detail that you still consider it as hate. I LOVE jamaica I just hate to be around and see people who give it a bad name/fit the stereotypes and are okay with it. I know everyone isn’t perfect but, my aim is to speak my mind against wrong and right and I apply my take on it to everyone’s life and my own. Have a good day!

      • Real talk, thank you so much. She think she is so educated that she can say what she want, and put down the whole island of Jamaica. I was answering her posts, then I said to myself stop, before I say things I don’t want to, to this lady. And I did.

      • So true. I also found her very annoying and inconsistent, with her statements…

      • hey jau thanks for standing up to these creatures. I read through the post here, and i am not surprised because the jamaicans types you mentioned are the curse of the caribbean along with that turban & saree wearing hindu rastafari garbage. This yardie foolishness has reached new heights an needs to be eradicated

      • I know you must really get a kick out of being an abused A.A. You sick bastard! roflmao At the hands of the rich white man and even the poor white man. You should be on your knees praising him like the pet you specifically are and licking his muddy boots for making you a more docile beast as he parades you around on a short leash. *sit* “good boy” roflmao “Go fetch my newspaper” etc
        How many more white dycks are you willing to take?! roflmao You really need to self immolate!(support the cause) roflmao

      • Whatever woman, jau intellectually whooped yall behinds with the truth, an all you did was cry about AA this oh AA that, and now you talking panting pets,chains and boots. Sounds like the white man got you!, maybe write a book or something like that, an sell it as dutty literature

      • *The prodigy Warriors Dance is playing in the background* *evil grin* salena wearing black face paint* (football)
        Go self immolate! I hope you have the stillness of a Buddhist monk in a lotus pose! By the way, the white man doesn’t have me I have in my closet strapped to a chair and I have you in my deep freezer. Each night I bring him out and give him the ride of his life and I leave you suffering from freezer burn. :) * sighs* “I’m looking forward to this battle” so let’s go Kunta!

        * unlocks Afro Kalinago chains including his head cage*

        When I’m finish you will be worshiping KRISHNA and speaking PUNJABI. You have an arranged marriage pending.

      • By the way my problem isn’t what is being said my problem is that this chick is has a Narcissistic disorder and is suffering from Stockholm syndrome sitting in the suburbs of NY under the white man’s dictatorship doesn’t understand that the WHITE MAN brought her into CIVILIZATION! Talking about women wearing this and that when her fellow A.A. are walking around with dog drain hair on their head while interacting with WHITE people.

        BTW Haile Selassie seems to be of mixed ancestry.

      • Lol I see you up-voted my so called flirting. *sighs* I have a bi polar disorder and I have the ability to swing like a pendulum from one extreme to the next, so when I’m good enjoy it because it’s fleeting moment. Not to mention, I get a kick out of smacking men like you around. :)

      • “Thinking jau will give up some pums if I back her up” hope you get lucky dunce…you two deserve each other whoever you are.

      • Let’s be real Afro Kalinago probably won’t even use his penis extension on her, even a 10ft dyck or a homeless man’s dyck etc. He’s to busy using his lazy eye to sneak a peek at the elusive Pisces Caribbean girl. (salena etc) He can’t treat her Narcissistic disorder caught in her own gravitational pull expecting others to orbit. Who have time to build a grown ass woman self esteem? When there’s 10 more without said problems.

      • She came here looking attention thinking she’s hot, and smarter than everyone else…

      • Girl I tell you she has a narcissistic disorder she’s very insecure. She’s able to fool these people but not me. All I hear is salena you have a drinking problem nowhere was it mention what I need to do to fix it not to mention she sounded like a stuck up bytch!
        1. problem 2. acknowledgment 3. executable action
        Wouldn’t even engage in a battle with me because she know I would knock her ras out! Have her chocking on her own spit have birds hovering over her head. Let’s not bother get the crisco or vaseline wouldn’t get a chance to tap me. Wouldn’t even get a chance to pull my mud duck lacefront off! roflmao

        She gets a kick out of playing with impressionable undeveloped minds.
        Let me see her ras again!
        Btw me being Caribbean have nothing to do with any of this as I will protect the defenseless etc. I don’t think about myself 24/7. (feminist chick) roflmao

      • She is def stuck up, even when she’s wrong she’s right. Maybe she should run for Prime Minister of JA and fix what she think is wrong…

      • GOOGLE JANEL DUNKLEY bytch stay running her mouth online, can’t get a word in edgewise. roflmao Isn’t even taking part in small miracles daily. Like handing the homeless man a fruit. Miss stuck up bytch. She doesn’t deserve any positive energies.

      • I check out and see she goes on those BOSSIP sites and other sites talking sh;t very little ms toosh…Lmao

      • You can put lipstick on a pig and take it to the suburbs but it will always be a smelly pig with fire-engine red lipstick!

      • You r so right. LOL

      • Google Janel Dunkley excerpt:
        lol she stupid all she can say is “yup” . did you miss kartel? her: bad, bad, bad
        with a mother like that I know her sons aren’t that smart the teacher probably just give them good grades cause of dem poopah. dunce and idiat yes
        Source: Jau Janel Dunkley!

      • How is this chick breathing the same air as me?!

      • Yes I see, a idiot that…

      • I wonder if I post her delicate information if that would land me in jail maybe even in prison and in the arms of the white man. I’d rather be in the arms of an indian. roflmao *sighs* She lucky I’m not a total bytch!

      • Was just reading about her getting in sh!t on a site about a black man beaten by a cop. I can just imagine what she’s like to be around. Thanks I don’t have to ever be in her presence.

      • I think she will eventually self destruct…we won’t have to have that on our conscience…

      • I have no problem guiding her along into shark infested water using only my pointed feet.:) I think she’s more deserving of it actually. Not even my homeboy Jay kay would deserve that fate.

      • Lol, I don’t know but something must have happened to her, she need counseling.

      • Wha she sey? She need the N word hurled at her to bring her into reality. I suggest she head over Staten Island as a test to see if she’s able to walk through without any problems. roflmao ( tons of racist whites)

      • Talking that the black man should have kept quite instead of mouthing off at the cop. So she had people giving it to her. Someone told her she wasn’t there so how she know what happen. She got real problems I think. Also she was talking to a Canadian man about her feelings about JA.

      • I also think she probably hang with whites. She seem to have problems with blacks.

      • I hang with whites and don’t act like this chick. Lol I was right. roflmao She’s the only one that I would love to get my hands on.

      • what a stupid bytch! I guess I was right she is suffering from Narcissism, internalized racism and stockholm syndrome. She isn’t even a model! roflmao She look better than her next door neighbor and this is all taking place on the National Geographic channel. roflmao

      • Google rastafari sadhu, after that google (karma sutra)

      • I know what the Kama sutra is. roflmao so these men are really Indians? are you a rasta?

      • no im not a rasta yogi

      • what is a yogi is it a type of bear? *shrug shoulders* use your two hands to type:)

      • Google yogi and look at the images(ignore the bear)

      • You know yoga is practiced throughout the world? (yoga is indian meditation from india)apparently a yogi is a male who practices yoga. Where the hell was I? I never seen rasta indians from india before. roflmao

      • copy-pasted>159 years ago on May 10th 1845 the first bunch
        of Indians forced to go to the Caribbean arrived in Jamaica. Since
        then, Indians have made a great contribution to the island. How and why?
        Wait for DREADLOCKS STORY release! Soon come… Stay tuned.

      • FYI I don’t take this online sparring serious I find it more entertaining than anything else. roflmao I still have the white man in my closet. roflmao

      • thats kool, you go in hard lol, you can write i’ll give you that

      • Baby gorilla your mama calling you.

      • Google rasta last supper

      • are you afraid that the indians from India are going to take it over and it lose its …… what is the word I’m looking for. authenticity? So you aren’t even a rasta… I don’t get it? Maybe a pro black man?

      • Always gotta be something sexual with unu. But Janel looking good yes, she have that exotic afro arawak thing going on. And she have them
        pretty kalinago eyes too. Looks more like a dominican lady to me

      • You don’t know what looking good is. But I know I was right with my post…

      • Damn you here 2 :)

      • girl scroll up I put her on blast and told people to google her real name. roflmao

      • I see. LOL I think she see she can’t handle you. I don’t think she will ever answer your post to her. The gyal fraid a u…she will avoid you by any means necessary.

      • All he get is basic bytches roflmao. Wait my bad his woman is strapped to the chair in the back of his closet he payed up the nose for her let’s hope his next stroke won’t deflated her. Go easy on her Afro Kalinago

      • He runs in search of a dildo to finish what he himself couldn’t, sorry the store was sold out. The only think left to salvage the little respect he had left was to get on his knees…LMFAO Salena look what you got out of me.

      • roflmao He decides to use it (dildo) on himself while she deflates herself. (Fatty Patty)

      • Respond to me! You know I would have you washing my drawers!

      • We getting primal in this bytch! *lioness roar* I have no problem beating your gluteus maximus like a steel pan drum. Oye (listen) *sighs*

      • GOOGLE JANEL DUNKLEY You might find even more pics to wack off too. I’m such a bytch I know all is fear in war. This is the equivalent to having weed on the dashboard when the cops pull you over. DAMN EVERYTHING IS CACHE! roflmao

        I don’t think you two would work she strikes me as the kind of woman that would require you to remove her $200 blazer and place it gently over the puddle,before carrying her across well,she instead expects you to do a flying jump across while carrying her.

      • Don’t offend Dominicanos from DR by giving this parasitic unevolved life form human qualities. By the way, she looks like a black chick rocking dark-and-lovely relaxer using the lighting to her advantage. I have no problem complementing A Fine Ass Bytch when I see one. roflmao

        You can find her on When Animals Attack! She’s currently in a cage subjected to further cosmetic animal testing…. I need to make sure my lipstick is adaptable. roflmao

        Google her Jau Janel Dunkley to get a better idea of what someone infected with the T-VIRUS looks like. roflmao

        Guess what I don’t even need my Hot Blonde boy toy Leon Kennedy’s help! roflmao
        The beast Jau Janel Dunkley needs to Destroyed on Sight!!! Lock all your doors and head to your nearest Bomb Shelter! roflmao

      • Salena, Afro Kalinago Fuc–ng with you check it out. He and Jau follow each other. Check all his posts to you.

      • Maybe he is her? is she half man too?! roflmao I know she was a beast but damn. roflmao

      • Maybe he want some of the stink–g pums…

      • Thank you. I’m especially glad you took the time out to read everything and not confuse my main point with my responses to these specific people. They wanted to single out my words and turn it into something else but, I’m always consistent. Couldn’t even express themselves without throwing hate and denial in the mix. At least when I speak on the b.s on other topics its turned into a respectable debate. But, I’m just glad I spoke on this.

      • Why not respond to me let’s go! I’m a very white washed Island girl! *evil grin* White Power! That suburb living on LI is proving to be more harm than good. roflmao Let’s hope you never go missing because America won’t give two shyts.roflmao One less self entitled ___to worry about. *scorpion come here …get over here* I’m looking forward to this! How does it feel knowing that dog park excrement is seen as more valuable than you?

        JANEL DUNKLEY That an uneducated Becky is seen as more valuable than you?That even a jungle speaking but attractive woman educated with a degree is seen as more valuable than you? That no matter how hard you work they’ll always be someone who’s able to scoot by. When you walk the streets of America buying more of creamy crack( fighting your own war ) are you even acknowledge by the Koreans? Before you get a chance to use your proper English.Are you relaxing daily? Are you waking around with some poor INDIAN Temple hair that they had to sacrifice for X amount of rupees to eat?roflmao A.A. pride wth is that? Sounds like you enjoy performing circus tricks.
        *sighs* Let’s go!

      • Give me an actual PLAN! Janel Dunkley (JAU) Not a rough draft of some ideas! We need solutions to actual problems!

        Now if you aren’t “in the trenches” changing the world then all you are is a mouth breather.Is (JAU) Janel Dunkley willing to sacrifice her life etc for the great of all mankind ? Or is she another self serving parasite occupying time and space?! You are the Pied piper now lead your Rats somewhere! The song is almost over! Do more than use your BOWhead Whale mouth! Do more than be a hirudinea! We are now passed the point of discussion.We now need an actual plan that has the ability to be implemented. So let’s go already! Time is of the essence.

        Lives are being taken, habitats are being destroyed , people have now been displaced.
        How do you plan of solving the humanitarian crisis globally starting with ……….Somalia?
        *salena taping her feet while watching her Casio wristwatch*
        Come back when you have mastered the ability to breathe through your nose!

      • its a shame u cant voice ur opninion without being ganged up but this is the internet afterall, cant expect an actual respectable debate,but based on the amount of likes ur post have gotten is obvious that many persons agree with you and have no time to be arguing, so i repect ur opinion

      • Maybe if she didn’t come across like a self entitled stuck up bytch she would’ve fair much better.Maybe if she was actually working and or studying in a field where she is actually able to help others she would’ve fair better. Maybe if she was working in the trenches risking her life to protect mankind she would’ve fair better. Maybe if she actually provided an actual plan again she would’ve fair better. Not to mention all of her online ramblings regarding blacks tend to be the same ignorant B.S. Talking about how the Black Man being the White Man’s bytch should ‘ve kept his mouth shut and guess what, she got her ass bust by her fellow A.A.

        Google Janel Dunkley excerpt:
        lol she stupid all she can say is “yup” . did you miss kartel? her: bad, bad, bad
        with a mother like that I know her sons aren’t that smart the teacher probably just give them good grades cause of dem poopah. dunce and idiat yes
        Source: Jau Janel Dunkley!

        She came into my sniper scope from the time she started flipping her neck at Juney.

      • You another one instead of up-voting Afro Kilinago post because clearly you need an outside source from America with a bird’s-eye view telling you what’s taking place in your country. Here’s the thing instead of being a puppet on a string why don’t you provide an executable plan on how we solve the humanitarian crisis globally starting with any developing country……Somalia i’ll give you an easier one Honduras. You know Honduras where kids are fleeing from gangs and poverty entering the U.S. illegally tell me how you plan on fixing Honduras? In the meantime what are your plans for said kids? Do you plan on sending them all or some back to be slaughtered? Taking some but not all who’ll then become a burden to the U.S. taxpayers ? What choice will you make? I hope you don’t need help making this decision. I bet you won’t even set foot in Honduras to provide actual relief.
        I’m looking forward to your response or am I? :)
        *I don’t need anyone else responding or helping him as this is a rhetorical question*

      • ..k

      • Hey boy,gal,it, your whole family are creatures and need to be eradicated. You should have been aborted…and by the the way you sound ignorant…

      • I aborted him already and left him in the swimming pool hopefully the chlorine will finish him off! Dude still have a lot of fight in him unaware that he’s swimming towards the drain. roflmao

      • Go back in the jungle with your BS, don’t come on Caribbean site with your sh!t…

      • what are you talking about? your just nasty

      • B–ch I am talking about u disrespecting Jamaicans, nasty like who bring u in this world…

      • Wipe the dung from your eye little boy! We talking to you! I’m dying to F you up! *salena puts on her brass knuckles*
        so let’s go! stop using your dick as a chair that you alone sit on!

      • Have you figure out a way to get out of that chastity belt or did you use that chainsaw? *salena scans the floor*

      • If your self entitled hirudinea (blood sucking parasite occupying time and space-Jau Janel Dunkley)gave actual shyht about the state of the world she would be using her wide open mouth to do more than just swing by entertainment sites catering to the lowest common denominator. (no offense to everyone) roflmao She would be studying and or working in a field where she has the ability to help others. Not going online on entertainment sites looking for an ego boots to encourage her narcissistic disorder, internalized racism and stockholm syndrome disorder. *sighs* What she needs is psychotheraphy and medication.roflmao

    • Exactly what I said, I have a feeling which specific group of people too. I seen them all lined up at the court house trying to get in the camera with teeth missing etc etc. I know for a fact that if there we’re more educated able to reach the uneducated in a way that would let them understand that these things aren’t right then, the audience would change but, yea this is reality for you. It’s funny how the smartest only come in a few and the most ignorant come in dozens. Change has to come immediately.

    • State of black consciousness in JA what about America? (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see my response to Juney on the subject ignore the bs at the end) It may come as a surprise to you but as a Caribbean person living in America and very open minded when I walk the world I am not thinking about black consciousness I’m thinking about human consciousness.I know who am I am I know that I am a human being before everything else. :)