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Beenie Man Shades Alkaline Says “Not My Cup Of Tea”

Beenie Man has a lot to say about dancehall artists these days but one thing you would agree with the Doc about is that dancehall in the 90s and now are miles apart.

A week after sharing some scathing remarks on Hot 97 for artists such as Elephant Man and Baby Cham, Beenie Man turns is attention to the “Youngest And The Baddest” deejay Alkaline.

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Speaking with Anthony Miller of ER, Beenie Man says Alkaline does not make the cut and his style of music is vastly different from those back in the 1990s.

“It’s not my type of music,” Beenie said. “Him deejay dancehall music and him do a lickle singjay style and mi not fighting him but he is not my cup of tea.

“If you listen to my type of music I would rather go deejay about back it up and jiggle up and me is a man mi listen to music around my youths [kids] and my mother and my woman, so I couldn’t go take up one of those CDs,” Beenie Man explain.

Beenie Man was not so critical about Popcaan, Chronixx, and I-Octane, who he has high praises for.


  1. Alkaline is pure unlistenable americanized pop to the fullest!!!!! WHAT KIND OF FOOL THINKS THIS IS DANCEHALL!!!

    FYI: I don’t care what you do or what your deal is, but…GET SOME SHADES, MAN!!!

  2. Shades…You realise a certain community started that phrase right? Stop blindly following trends and embrace some journalistic principles mane…

    • moral_conciousness

      Agreed…it’s not just journalist..our culture is lost within our youths. They have that world star mediatakeout and young money crew shaping society..the story of the PIED PIPER.

    • Lmao still wonder who came up with this shade..