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Vybz Kartel Denies Roughing Up Tommy Lee For Royalties

Vybz Kartel’s post conviction saga continues to rain down a lot of negative press for the embattled dancehall deejay.

Now Kartel’s former protege Tommy Lee Sparta has been drawn into the saga after an audio clip of the Mobay deejay crying was leaked online.

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In the clip, you can hear an emotionally shaken Tommy Lee in a telephone conversation with producer Elvis Redwood telling him about an ordeal with a man name Slim.

Lee said Slim confronted him with a gun and demanded him sign a new contract and hand over royalties to Vybz Kartel.

But a rep for the incarcerated deejay is denying the allegation saying he has never sent anyone to rough up Tommy Lee over royalties.

“I personally spoke to Addi [Vybz Kartel] after I heard the tape and he told me straight up that he never send anyone to confront Tommy Lee or anyone else about royalties,” the rep told us.

“The man is in prison and people are still trying to smear his reputation and still trying to prejudice him appeal… why all of a sudden all these things leaking and coming out, who are leaking all these stuff?” the rep added.

Earlier this week Tommy Lee’s lawyer says the deejay denied recording any such conversation, but did not say whether or not he denies it was his voice.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentenced in a maximum security prison after being convicted for murder in March.

He is credited for helping launch the careers of some of the hottest young artists in dancehall now including Tommy Lee, Popcaan, and Gaza Slim.

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  3. if Vybz has done anything wrong to anyone he is paying the price for it now all together with 35 yrs + hard labor. Leave Kartel alone.

  4. Of course kartel is going to deny any involvement in this. He knows that some of his idiot fans will believe no matter what.

  5. I’m wondering if anyone can answer this question…was Adidja Azim Palmer a criminal who made music, or was he a musician who committed crimes?

    Where did he get his negotiating skills from?! Could it be that’s what they teach at Kingston’s Calabar High School nowadays?!

    • Kartel is an artist who start to believe his own hype and start to act out his music…Kartel came from a decent family upbringing.

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