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Little Addi & Little Vybz (Kartel Sons) – Hello Daddy [New Music]

Vybz Kartel sons Little Addi and Little Vybz serves up a new single “Hello Daddy,” produced by Short Boss Muzik.

The track has social media buzzing with Vybz Kartel fans praising the two youngsters for carrying on his legacy.

Lyrics excerpt:

Music in a mi DNA
Music in a mi jeans
Music in a mi thoughts
Mi get that from World Boss
When mi tell yo bout lyrics
123 add it up like physics
Try study me yo wi start get dizzy
When mi seh dizzy mi no mean Sean Dizzy
Big up to Sean Storm daughter Lizzy

FULL: Little Addi & Little Vybz (Kartel Sons) – Hello Daddy Lyrics

Listen full track below.


  1. Are you serious? If they don’t know the difference between mathematics and physics, don’t you think “figuratively” might be a little bit of a stretch?
    All I’m advocating for is the fact these kids need to stay in school and focus on their education. Learn the difference between mathematics and physics, learn what words like figuratively mean. Armed with this knowledge, and whatever talent they may have inherited from their dad, they could probably deliver some really clever lyrics in the future.
    It’s shouldn’t be up to a 12 and 9 year old child to continue Vybz Kartel’s musical legacy… they are frigging 12 and 9 years old!

  2. jackie stephenson

    i know right and their mom use them like guinea pigs

  3. Ummmmm…. Yeah… I hope these boys stay in school. “123 add it up like physics?” Did they mean mathematics?

    • No,they didn’t, its you who needs to go back to school if you do not know what that means. I see u tried studyin and got dizzy?

      If anything, you should notice they spelled “jeans”instead of “genes”.
      Why would you even come on here talkn smack about kids?

      • You’re obviously an idiot. I promise you there’s nothing about mathematics or physics that makes me dizzy… I know levels of Mathematics and physics that would make your tiny brain explode. In case you were wondering, I hold a bachelors, and masters degree in electrical engineering, and I’m currently pursuing my MBA… that stands for Masters in Business Administration. I study plenty while working full time on solving technical challenges that you may never comprehend, and there’s nothing dizzying about it.

        I wasn’t smack talking on kids… Merely commenting on the fact that if they don’t know the difference between adding up numbers like mathematics verses physics, then maybe they should be focusing more on school rather than on making records.

        Oh yeah, in all likelihood they didn’t spell “jeans” either. The person who generated the lyrics and posted them on this page is likely responsible for screwing that up. Next time you’re thinking about talking smack, maybe you should shut up :-).

      • Well im glad you are slowly discovering the old world,young one,but try signing up for class in witt and humor. Donkey w 100 books is still a donkey .

      • Thanks for the advice.

      • Lol

      • When they say add it up maybe they meant to put it together figure it out figuratively not literally…I applaud them for continuing their father’s musical legacy

      • I’m sure you meant “versus” and not “verses”. Even you, with all your degrees, made a mistake. I’m sure the kids knew that smart alecs like you would point out that they meant maths, hence the next line in the rhyme.. ease up man (or lady), just enjoy the tune. Peace

      • Get em 🙂