Little Addi & Little Vybz (Kartel Sons) – Hello Daddy Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Music in a mi DNA
Music in a mi jeans
Music in a mi thoughts
Mi get that from World Boss
When mi tell yo bout lyrics
123 add it up like physics
Try study me yo wi start get dizzy
When mi seh dizzy mi no mean Sean Dizzy
Big up to Sean Storm daughter Lizzy
Everybodu know seh Addi a mi daddy
And who never know yo fi ask somebody
Lyrical efegiene me that
Cyaa test me like G shock

Hello daddy, this a likkle Addi
Hello daddy, this a likkle Addi
Ready fi the road, ready fi the road zimi
Full time now yo fi tek off yo crown
And gi wi, gi wi, gi wi, gi wi
Tek off yo crown and gi wi, gi wi

(Verse 2)
Likkle vibes aiming fi the top
This a no golf mi no waan unuh clap
Feel like seh a just two a wi alone
Just wait till Icadon song drop
Wi love school, wi cyaa stop
WI love English, wi love Maths
Big up the student, big up the teacher
Big up Tanisha, Big up Addijah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)