Vybz Kartel Aka Addi Innocent – Life Me Say (Blessings) Lyrics

Thank you Jah fi the blessing weh mi ask fah
A you gimmi, mi never get it from the pastor
Go tell skellion time a the master
All mi spliff bigger than dem disaster

(Verse 1)
Life mi seh, yow a wa do mister dead
Thank Jah seh mi no sick and haffi lydown in a bed
High a Guinness and a blem
And a spliff a Nacozed
So mi couldn’t be no stop light cause mi ever red

Hold a bullet or a lass in a yo head
From yo touch a likkle pickney
Dead yuh a go dead
Mi no mix up wid the fish
Waan mack her if a bed
Mi no soft like a butter somebody go buy a bread

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Life mi seh, so mi couldn’t love a man
Hey gyal I never let go from yo drop in a mi hand
Pon mi shi come a drop like Russia drop a bomb
Shi seh ready, mi seh ready and clop in a the glam
Mi brother Sivva sif, never siv a sand
Him a siv a bag a gyal him seh him want a million
And wi drive dem like a buss yo member quarter million
Wi no fake hi no man
And mi live a Nilly Song

(Repeat Chorus)