Vybz Kartel – Make Di Star Shine [New Music]

Embattled dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel serves up a new single “Make Di Star Shine,” off the Gwaan Bad Riddim, produced by DJ Frass Records.

Lyrics excerpt:

Yo too badmind fi the star line
Yo fi proud a the star yow meck the star shine
Whole a unuh waan get in a the star mind
Anyweh yo si the teacher mi have a star 9
You never waan si a youth rise
But a action a dweet while dem a use noise
Play wid the Gaza that wouldn’t too wise
If mi head hurt mi yo know everything rise

FULL: Vybz Kartel – Make Di Star Shine Lyrics

Listen full track below.


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  2. Play wid the Gaza that wouldn’t too wise

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