Beenie Man Working On New Album “Greatest Gallis”

It’s been 7 years since Beenie Man drop his last album but now the self-proclaim king of the dancehall is ready to drop a new one.

During his interview last week with The Breakfast Club, Beenie Man revealed that he is currently working on a new album titled Greatest Gallis.

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“I haven’t had a album out since 2007 so that is like 7 years, but I am making hit singles every year,” Beenie Man said. “I continue making hit singles to keep myself relevant because if your irrelevant less people want to see you… So I am doing this album because after 7 years next year will be like a new beginning for me.”

Beenie Man says he will be going back to the beginning for this new album.

A release date is not yet set but the album will be released under VP Records.

Beenie Man also released a new EP, The Greatest Gallis, on April 15. That EP is now available on iTunes.