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Vybz Kartel: Cops Say Clive Williams Body Cremated

Embattled dancehall star Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison after being convicted for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Cops has yet to find Williams’ body.

Law enforcement sources told Urban Islandz that they are still investigating the case in hopes of finding the remains of Clive Williams and bring some closure to his family.

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The highly placed cop told us that their investigations suggest that Clive Williams’ body was cremated shortly after the August 16, 2011 murder took place in Havendale.

“We believe Mr. Palmer used his influence and resources to have the deceased Clive Williams body cremated,” the police source said. “The then operator of the funeral home that we believed the cremation took place has been missing for several months now and we believed she might have been murdered.”

The cop told us that they believed justice has been served but still want to bring some sort of closure to the victim’s family.

“Lizard’s sister and other close relatives they want closure also because they do not have a body to bury and that is just sad,” the cop added.

On March 13 a 10:1 jury found Vybz Kartel, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, and Andre St John guilty for the murder.

The four men were sentence to life imprisonment. Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, will be eligible for parole in 35 years while the other three men could get parole up to a decade earlier.

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  2. I’m sure Kartel had the best lawyers that money could buy. What with his jury tampering, setting fire to his house to destroy evidence, the recorded conversations…I look don’t upon those acts as an innocent man trying to clear his name.
    I hope I answered your question to your satifaction. Maybe you can answer one of mine? Of all the doors in Jamaica, why did the police go knocking on Kartel’s??

    • They been knocking on his door for years lerking and just waiting to ponce the Government is a part of all of this something still don’t add up in all of this it looks to easy how they have all the evidence they have from a phone they had in thier possession for three years they went to the house before why burn it down after they left already to destroy evidence no face on the vedio all I ear is a voice they said is Kartel he is already found guilty may God bless him but I still believe injustice was done in this case to make sure he was convicted that’s just my opinion .

      • We as a society are biased towards those who have celebrity status. I’m betting you would change your opinion of all this if it was Kartel who went missing, and Clive Williams was sitting in prison doing a life sentence for his murder.
        Evidence was presented in court, Kartel’s lawyers tried and failed miserably to discredit said evidence. Most of what I know about court proceedings is the defense just has to place a certain amount of reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors in order to obtain an acquittal.
        Addressing your original question, if the government wanted to get rid of Kartel, I believe they would just kill him and blame it on a rival gang. This did not happen. Kartel still has a voice…which he uses to drop songs about sex, tight pum pum, money, weed smoke, and gal.

      • You know nothing about what I would think if he was missing my comment doesn’t only go for Kartel it goes out for the things I’ve seen growing up in Kingston towards the voice of the poor the system do Wat ever they want to who ever they want it’s corrupted and I’ll never believe it I can remember years ago Bulby was the islands most wanted for ten years they were looking for this man just to hear they killed him in his mansion then came another twist he was the biggest government contractor in the island I don’t believe nothing they said and the evidence they came up with sucks.

      • A Don, a criminal gangster who was worth over $100 million USD when he was shot dead by the police…or should I say assassinated for not following direct orders?
        Anyways…the politicians and the police may appear to be the same entity, but they’re not. American gangsters know you have to grease both palms; those of the police, and those of politicians. Donovan made a fatal error by leaving the police off his payroll.

      • So that means Kartel need to have the police are should have had the police on his pay role and they wouldn’t have tampered with his phone and this is the law and order you all talk about its a corrupted system I will never believe

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      • Weird that you should say that. I don’t know any Jamaicans who aren’t hardworking contributing members of society. I only read about Jamaican hooligans in the news…never actually met one in real life.

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  6. You’re living in “Murica, bwoy! Jail has plenty of time and space for you, if you’re a Black man!
    Just don’t let them catch you slippin’, or you’ll end up like OJ!
    Just sayin’…

    • Never. Oj is a fool he wasn’t slipping he slip
      & I KNOW is a lot of black youth get set up that why whatever u doing do it by ur self

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      As far as Kartel goes he’s in jail nothing new happening.

      • I hope one day you wake up from your slumber. It’s funny how you can’t handle a simple discussion about the same things Kartel sing about.

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        No he doesn’t own it you are so right but this page is about kartel and you all take time from your lives to talk about someone you don’t like

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    • Ross Margarette

      Sure true they hate kartel bur yet they are all on his dick lol

  8. Any information linking Kartel to the missing lady from the funeral home?

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  11. This page is like a class room,dunce on one side bright on the other if you are a worshiper from the church of vybz kartel,he let down the church and followers , your god is guilty of murder face reality excuse caan help.

  12. Mr Palmer your sentence was the work of people in high places, good luck in your appeal.

  13. That damn jail is hot and a rough place . Kartel can’t live this sentence out .

  14. idk why vybz had to get involed in such stupid act . you was on top of your game .you still my general .But i cant cannot agree wit what you did

  15. How u can u investigate and say that they believe .. where is the evidence. .. these cops sit on their ass and make assumption. . No evidence. .

  16. them should go lock bigga ford how many yutes him a kill .

  17. Free kartel!

  18. First Babylon seh lizard get chop up now dem a seh him cremated dem don’t have nuh evidence so now dem a mek up tings yard police nuh investigat dem only intimidat & lock we up & kill we off inna Jamaica being poor is a crime if u is a yard man & nuh know dat den u is a fool

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  19. I still dont see how the body could got cremated if it was cut up ?

    • I will attach some information that I think is helpful.Although this scenario takes place in a more controlled environment.

      eg:Amputated limbs are taken to a hospital’s pathology lab. They are kept in a freezer until collected for cremation and proper disposal. Patients can also choose to have the limb sent to a funeralhome for cremation or burial.

      So this clearly states that body parts can be cremated.

      • what ! . they couldnt find any body parts , so what your saying still makes no sense.You tryin sound smart but really your dumbass

      • What salena is saying is a true thing. The crematorium doesn’t need a whole body to do its job. It can cremate limbs just as well as it can cremate an entire body. How in the heck do you think they get rid of medical waste?

      • I think any funeral parlour should be suspicious if anyone bringing in parts of bodies to be cremated and should contact the police unless they themselves are envolved in crooked deals and getting paid to get rid and keep silence.

      • Money talks, Porchia. Money talks!!!

      • but dont they ask about who theyre cremating? people just walk in with body parts n fry em ? cmon man…

      • I don’t think you can show up with Joe Schmo body or body parts and ask for help disposing of it. I found this online.

        First, a doctor must certify your death and a death or cremation certificate must be issue. If doctors haven’t seen a patient in a couple of weeks, doctors must report the death to a coroner.

        Sometimes, a coroner will request a postmortem to determine the cause of death.

        Next, the body goes to the funeral director. Sometimes the funeral director will collect the body from hospitals, sometimes from someone’s home.

      • It was done illegally. ..so all the legal technical stuff didnt matter…remember crime bosses have links everywhere even in legitimate business

      • Maybe you missed the part where they said the operator of the funeral home is also missing??!

      • She could be missing for many reasons, nothing they say is backed up by anything concrete. They can say whatever they want, no proof anywhere. Just like this entire case.

      • rapid eye blinking

        Bleached-out Kartel was found guilty in a court of law based on the evidence presented in the case. No evidence…no conviction. That is the reality you should be dealing with!

        You say she could be missing for many reasons?! I’m going to pick one out of the pile and call it what it is. She made a deal with the Devil, and he came to collect her soul.

      • The argument is not weather or not they can cremate the body parts, question is-how the f did they bring “mince meat” to be cremated.

      • Who knows if Kartel was speaking literally or figuratively.

      • They have Glad garbage bags in Jamaica, right? As long as there’s no holes in the bags, minced-meat can be transported and cremated. I don’t understand what you find so difficult to understand about that??!

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      • Don’t come for me because I talking sense. You need to stop drinking the damn look aid. I included that example to prove that body parts can be cremated. Go read it again nowhere did I say that they found the body parts. You need to wake the hell up.

      • Can’t find any because either cremated or as the evidence and the convicts word mince meat. Do you know what mince meat looks like??? Clive body could have been washed away at sea or the mince meat buried in another part of the island well away from kartels home or another theory he cooked it and dumped it in the garbage bin

      • I really want to her what you have to say.

    • That’s like saying…I don’t see how lamb, chicken, or fish could be cooked without being cut up!


    • THEORY!!!

    • Oh shut up!!

    • Sounds like your crying lmao

    • So mek me ask u sumn.. u not cut up chicken before u jerk it? How u so fool? Cutting up a body can stop it from being cremated?

    • Gloria Thompson

      U r right he did get life…agree with you on this one.

  20. never know seh di law can lock up a man fi murder den 2 year later bring up evidence. Police a fi get evidence first be 4 charging any man with a crime any crime now Babylon a seh lizard cremated a must dem cremated him fi know dat

    • this case is weridest thing i ever seen in my life .

      • Fi real mi a tell u

      • No out law u dont know the real law, the prosecution service take all evidence in hand given by the police, then the prosecutor will decide to charge the person or not.

    • they must free kartel, we want him instead, babylon too dutty foh keep him.

    • Of course being poor is a crime! What planet do you live on??! It is the reason so many of us spend half our lives in school. Education gives most of us a fighting chance at escaping the poverty plantation. Poverty is the only true enemy of Black people.

      The evidence the police had on Kartel was sufficient enough to garner him a 35 to life prison sentence. One day you’re just going to have to come to grips with reality and deal with the facts.

      • Sufficient u is a Jamaican police fi know dat Everything in a di case a bs dem set di man up

      • Logic dictates that the law can not find someone guilty of a crime in the absence of evidence. In this case, it was Kartel’s own electronic footprints which forever sealed his doom. Now he’s been blessed with 35 years to think about his folly.

      • so u love living by law dat was made by man a god law mi live by.man go against god way of life & seh man fi married man fire bun dat. u want to talk about di law.di law free di man George for killing trayvon little youth a di law mek George get weh wit murder so dat why I seh f##k di law when it come 2 sh#t like dat.now Jamaica law defiant Jamaica police always setting up di man dem.a dat mi a seh. mi nuh seh him is a angle but a still mi artist

      • Again with the Trayvon thing in many of the southern states there’s a stand your ground law. You are allowed to use deadly force to defend yourself. A lot of the southern states are also very gun friendly. I don’t get why instead of calling the cops he choose to entertain this chick on the phone. Let’s say T decided to walk away and was shot in the back. How would G prove that he was being assaulted at that point in time? Now if George got off scot- free then you’d have solid case.

      • Yea but memba di man is a big man t a youth so nuh gun shouldn’t involve inna dat.even in a georgia di black youth a did only 16 a white man fire every bullet out a him gun just cause di youth a play him music 2 loud kill di kid.the law a f##ker.weh u a seh a true but dat nuh fair weh dem do di man a least should a do some time inna prison

      • Gloria Thompson

        Should have gotten LIFE for real…

      • Straight up

      • Isn’t GZ some kind of Spanish? He doesn’t look that white to me.

      • Yea mi think him mix

      • He didnt say he was white, but anyway, gz is hispanic even tho he would really really love to be white

      • It was Trayvon who was standing his ground, not gz.

      • You started by saying you live by God’s law. Did you know your idolatrous worship of Kartel contravenes God’s first law?
        Laws: six, eight, nine, and ten are the four I know of which your ‘artist’ has broken! Why do you worship this sinner today when you know he’s broken the laws which you live by??!

      • Mi nuh worship kartel no. Mi just love him music & if him brok god law dat a between him & god every man a fi answer fi dem own sin.mi nuh brok god rule a dat mi did a seh

      • LOL! You’re such a freaking hypocrite! Kartel breaks God’s law so you allow him. A couple of gay guys break God’s laws and you want to murder them!

      • I never say I want 2 murder dem they already murder themselves by sexing batty
        all am saying is batty bwoy fi dead they not going 2 the promise land dem a go in a fire hell

      • *sigh*

        There is no promised land. Land, like everything else in this World is something to be taken. It usually goes to the one with the largest arsenal of weapons. Ever read a history book?

      • Is not the size of the weapon is who using it & THERE IS A PROMISE LAND.there is no heaven r hell.heaven & hell is on earth how u live

      • Nope! You’re wrong again! My Palestinian brethren have rocks, Qassam rockets, and IED’s. The Israelis have helicopter gunships, depleted uranium shells, chemical weapons, as well as nuclear ones.

        Please tell me about this promised land of yours! Does it happen to share borders with Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan, perchance? If so, you and I are not welcomed there!

      • Now I know u don’t know sh-t u not welcome there not me I believe in god so I can go anywhere in the world we don’t live in the past plus they don’t got no problem with Jamaican.the have a problem with American but on the real I could care less about Egypt r lebanon r any others places over there. About the promise land if u don’t know den that ur bad cause how can I explain something like that 2 a godly 2 a ungodly person

      • Yes! The law did free Zimmerman, but let’s not forget that OJ also beat a double homicide rap.
        One thing that differentiates the laws of man from the laws of God is the chance at justice. God’s laws rarely, if ever gives you that chance.
        Be honest, outlaw…if you came home one night and found a next man standing over one of your loved ones covered in their blood, would you want God to punish him, or the laws of man?

      • No a mi a go kill him cause when di law lockup a man like dat it nuh fair fi di other family cause inna prison him still a live & people weh pay tax a fi dem money feed dem u see it dat nuh right

      • Ahhhhh! I get you now! You don’t follow the laws of man, or God…you follow your own law!

        The part of the World where I’m from calls that practice, hypocrisy!

      • How come I don’t follow god law god don’t like gay people I know dat for a fact mi never do nothing dat go against god law mi only go against man made laws not even police follow di law & they so post 2 be di law police use there phone while driving no seatbelt they human like any body else we so post 2 be able 2 pull dem over & give dem a ticket 4 useing a cellphone while driving r seatbelt

      • Gloria Thompson

        Wow, outlaw

      • So outlaw they should have killed your worl boss then…He committed a murder. Tell me then if it was worl boss killed one of your relative, would you in return kill worl boss???

      • Yea why not any man kill any one of my relative long as am a live yea dat person dead.only thing I said was vybz kartel is mi artist & mi love his music

      • Gloria Thompson

        Oj did get away with murder for real, but KARMA GOT HIS ASS…

      • I have no problem with same sex marriage. Just like I have no problem with who Kanye is smashing, or who is smashing RiRi.
        You see outlaw…whoever, or whatever the next man or woman wants to sleep with is really none of my business, so I stay out of it. All I know is when I sink into a good woman, it makes me feel good and proper.

      • I laughing at the last part.

      • Gloria Thompson


      • Yes, man! I love living by the laws made by man. These are the laws which protect us from the killers, thieves, and for lack of a better term, outlaws.
        In my world it kind of works like this…I’m fired from my job for no reason whatsover. I take my former employer to court. The law says my former employer must pay me a year’s wage in one lump sum. I get paid almost eight months to the day since I brought my plight to my lawyer. Meanwhile…in your world you would have to wait until judgment day in order to rectify any inequities forced against you.

        So yeah! I love the law of man.

      • Mi nuh have a problem wit di law mi nuh agree wit.& batty man fi dead dem a go burn in hell dem ting dah nuh right

      • Burn in hell?! Why do you believe in such superstious nonsense? There is no heaven, and there sure as f#ck ain’t no hell in the Biblical sense of the word.
        Please! I beg you to understand that we do not have the right to tell one another who we should love. Be it two men, or two women, nothing on this Earth gives us that power. You can always fall back on your culture of violence and kill them, but isn’t that also breaking the laws of your God?! Another thing…how come you’re always talking about two men having sex, but never mention two women having sex?? You do know that a g’wan, right?

        Personally, I’m not in the business of judging other people, and telling them what’s right from what’s wrong…unless they are breaking the laws set forth by man.

      • Gloria Thompson

        i was born in JA and I agree with u totally that we have no right to be hating on gays…

      • Is it just gays as in two men are lesbians also included?

      • Gloria Thompson

        Women and men!!!

      • If you look at some of the Dancehall videos you see two chicks up in each other face all erotically. I think they hate gays more than anything as in two dudes. Or am I wrong? I don’t think I’ve heard music directed towards lesbians and or lesbian sex. I hear a lot of talk about gay sex as in anal sex etc.

      • Gloria Thompson

        If u read my comment, I am talking about me. I can’t speak for others. I left JA a very long time…

      • Gloria nuh disrespect but if any kid live life like dat. Dat mean di parent didn’t raise dem right

      • What do you mean? How do I raise straight kids? What about dead beat dads are their parents at fault? What if any of your kids turn out gay, lesbian, confused etc?

      • Well mi can only speak 4 my self & salena mi sure none of my kids will be dat never on both side off my family mother & father side none of dem is gay all di man dem got babymother wife r girlfriend & di girls dem got husband r babyfather.wat I mean by raise dem right is di parent dem need fi spend time wit there kid mek dem know right from wrong & know seh man 2 man dat wrong.man & man cant mek kids together it tek a woman & a man fi bring life. So dem batty business is blasphem.a nuh disrespect 2 nuh body mi nuh live dem way dah mi love p###y 2 much & my kids dem know seh dem things dah nuh right. Now when you talk about di dead beat dad dem mi cant talk fi dem cause am not one.I raise all my kids & always support dem & my babymother dem in every way mi love all my kids more dan how I love myself 4 real

      • You know sometimes some people are born with two genitals right? So what would you tell a person like that? Do you have a problem with lesbians too?

      • Gloria Thompson

        Let’s see what outlaw say…

      • I never born like dat r none of my kids r parent so I wouldn’t know wat 2 say about dat I don’t got a problem with nobody all am saying is di way they choose 2 live is not di right way of life

      • It’s cool lol. You like me you say whatever you feel 😉

      • Yea mi like ur style u is a real woman

      • u a dutty gyal keep ya sikkk thoughts inna ya mind battygal

      • How am I sick when I frigging talking sense? Go look up intersex. If you care to add any kind of value to this discussion. If you have to resort to name calling to get your point across you’re clearly not a well-adjusted adult. While you’re at it go look up ‘autofellatio’ then go give yourself one. 🙂

      • I like how you didn’t even come at ZiggyZagZag even though we feel the same way.@ gltio

      • He can’t come at me with his f#ckry! I will school him, and then summarily dismiss him as the nutcase that he is!

      • Gloria Thompson


      • im well educated adult . I see you spend to much time following these entertainers business .You come on here talking about battymon this and lezbo .nah come chat fuery pon here about that subject take that somewhere else. Clean chat is what im saying . Mi nuh disrespect you but you is a foul dutty mind person . You must be confused about your own sexual lifestyle .You stay trying to make your self sound smart but your not .Let me tell you about yourself.You are single mother wit 5 pickey dem no baby fadda in any dem lives .You work at shi–y job barely getting by , to feed them nasty yutes you have .You have little to none education but try to sound smart on the internet because you find new big words from the newspaper , so you want to sound smart and make others feel stupid .But really you are .Also your black as tar and fat and ugly LMFAO

      • I don’t follow all entertainers just the Caribbean ones. To tell you the truth this is the only site that I even follow. I’m not on twitter stalking these celebs every move. I mainly like this site because it’s about Caribbean people. It reminds me of home well, the language as I live in America. I didn’t say well-educated I said well-adjusted. So you amnesia now?

        You’re very delusional what clean chat you a talk bout when you a tell people how them must su*k they frigging moma etc. Nope I’m not a single mother working two to three jobs raising five kids because some dead beat punk like you left me. (notice I didn’t say for some dude)I don’t even have kids in the first place. I don’t have any problems talking about sex and or sexuality.

        I spent the most important years of my life living in the best city in the world. I was exposed to different kinds of people whether I liked it or not.I don’t care if someone is gay, white, Muslim, etc. I don’t give a puck. I’m a straight chick and I don’t care if you think I have lesbian tendencies.

        Whenever I don’t know something I ask. Which is why I asked about gays/lesbians etc. You clearly are the only one confused about your sexuality.Fat and ugly lol. You really need to come better than that. I’ve never had any problems finding a man. You really need to get your head examined. I especially like how you use the phrase “black as tar” to try to degrade me.So keep on with your slave mentality. Says the girl with the white American boyfriend lol. Laughing at your own unfunny joke classic.

        You see the sounding smart crap. I provided information verbatim on ‘amputated legs’ to show that body parts can be cremated. I also did that on the ‘cremation/ funeral’ post.
        I gon come back with another post sizing you up.

      • I don’t follow all entertainers just the Caribbean ones. To tell you the truth this is the only site that I even follow. I’m not on twitter stalking these celebs every move. I mainly like this site because it’s about Caribbean people. It reminds me of home well the language as I live in America. I didnt say well-educated I said well-adjusted. So you have amnesia now?

        You’re very delusional what clean chat you a talk bout when you a tell people how them must suck they frigging momma etc. Nope I’m not a single mother working two to three jobs raising five kids because some dead beat punk like you left me. (notice I didn’t say for some dude)I don’t even have kids in the first place. I don’t have any problems talking about sex.

        I spent the most important years of my life living in the best city in the world. I was exposed to different kinds of people whether I liked it or not.I don’t care if someone is gay, white, Muslim, etc. I don’t give a ras. I’m a straight chick and I don’t care if you think I have lesbian tendencies.

      • The only reason why I haven’t respond to you yet is because they’re holding my comments even though I’m not using any profanity. I’ll see you tomorrow hopefully 🙂

      • i replied to lack of a try to diss my character but i notice they removed it .

      • Gloria Thompson


      • I know lol

      • big old gyal still thinks shes in her 20s . go find your baby fadda u duttygyal and raise lil criminals u have . dont brother replying cuz llke the worlbos says we dont discuss others they discuss us .

      • I like how you can’t even reply to my post from 12 hours ago but you find time to reply to Gloria 6 hours ago. You such a friggin punk! I’m the one really coming at you.

      • Gloria Thompson

        I would never want anyone discussing me like they are discussing your so called world boss. More like world punk…I know for sure you never passed fourth grade if u got that far punk. You are looking attention go get from your muma. You are a low class piece of sh-t…stupid moron you behind a computer and know about everyone here life and how they look dam stupid. Abort your self racist…DONE

      • are you rollie pollie ?

      • Gloria Thompson

        I don’t agree with u, but u are entitled to your opinion. We don’t have to always agree outlaw.

      • Gloria Thompson

        I know most Jcans are homophobic so I would not get into a discussion on that subject with you. I am a mother with daughters and sons. I just don’t go around hating people because they are different in whichever way they are different.

      • Dem life style dah is abomination pon di earth

      • Mi know dat. But Gloria god make man & woman fi multiple look at animals no animal in the world is gay so why human broke the will & way of life. Am not dissing nobody am just saying facts

      • Gloria Thompson

        I am not really a dancehall fan, my kids are.

      • stop nasty chat nasty fuery on here nuh batty businezz tlk pon here .

      • Gloria Thompson

        As nasty, ignorant, stupid and dumb as you are don’t tell me what to say u don’t own this site…the way you disrespect females you must be come from a animal. If u can prove you have even a HS diploma I pay you a–h–e…

      • Gloria Thompson

        @gltio, what happen u man left u. I know your response will be ignorant but I know you can’t do better as you weren’t raised properly you were dragged up…B–CH…

      • Roflol damn I’m about to lambaste this dude.

      • Just like I don’t see what Jada and Will Smith has got to do with me, likewise I don’t see what any homosexual couple has to do with my life. Homophobic nations like Jamaica sicken me. It’s as if everyone is in everyone else’s bedroom watching things as they unfold to make sure they adhere to the laws laid down in the Bible. I’m telling you now, I’ve never thought to consult the Bible before, during, or after sex.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Ziggy, I totally agree with you, their lifestyle is their business and they shouldn’t be harassed in any way or form…And I am Jamaican.

      • I wonder what gon happen to all the homophobic people if their kids turn out to be gay,lesbian, intersex, transsexual etc. What are you going to do? It’s a different experience when it’s happening at your front door.

      • Gloria Thompson

        I guess the kids would just go on with thier lifestyle with or without thier approval…I have sons and daughters that I love dearly. And I would love my kids no less if thier lifestyle is different.

      • I think so too.After you get to a certain age you no longer need approval. You just raise your kids and hope they do the right thing.Whatever that is.People want to be homophobic and then cry about racism. Let’s say that I had a Spanish boyfriend who’s Caribbean like me.

        We live in the South so to these black Americans he’s white lol.They gon give me a look. Let’s go even further and say that my boyfriend is actually white.Whenever we go anywhere people give us a look. I’m not into PDA so the mere fact that we’re seen together is enough. Some even expressed their distaste to me. I payed them no mind.

      • Gloria Thompson

        And u go on living your life the way u choose, not the way people think u should live it period…I remember telling my mom I didn’t care what people think, and she would be really angry with me.

      • You might as well be asking me what I’m going to do when the wind blows, and rain falls. These are things I can not control. These are things I must accept. If and when I have kids, and they turn out to be gay, or whatever…I’m not going to stop loving them. That’s for damn sure.

      • Gloria Thompson

        Ziggy that’s the same way I feel also…

      • Dem ting deh defiant mi a talk bout criminal court mi nuh talk workers ccompensation yea di law good when it come 2 dat a defiant kind a law dat ziggy

      • There is also circumstantial evidence. ..which is the opposite of physical evidence

      • …but even you can agree that circumstantial and physical evidence are recognized by the court?! What’s a court of law to do in the absence of any evidence??!

      • Yes I agree and if there is no evidence then the court MUST acquit

    • It’s not evidence…its a theory as coincidence the funeral lady gone missing possibly murder as was no reason for her to just leave her business. Remember you don’t need a body to come to a guilty verdict once enough evidence which there was to convict

      • U don’t know dat she dead u believe in Jamaica police weh dem seh Jamaica police a di worst police in di world dem lie u f##k did di woman family report her missing. Only police a seh dat u see it

      • From what her neighbours were saying the conversation she had with the missing lady, it didn’t sound like she would just walk away and leave her business. Plus it was said shehas bnever been away from her business since running it. Like lizard she probably mincemeat

      • Only god knowz. If she dead r alive mi nuh know mi just a seh di case got a lot of loophole inna it & dem tek 2 long wit di evidence memba enuh anybody dat good wit computer dem can use technology & f##k up any man life

      • So I guess u did some extensive research and found out tht they did not report her missing right? Unno naive bad

      • Mi nuh fi research a common f##king sense Jamaica mi born a weh u born a must a restricted area u come from. mi nuh sell out like u coward u born 2 die mi die di way mi live u live like a coward & u ago die like a coward & when u dead all di duppy dem still ago beat u cause u a bate

    • Well said because it suppose to be innocent till proving guilty but in kartel case it’s guilty before proving innocent and that’s what I’ve been trying to say I don’t know if kartel really committed the murder and if he did u should pay the penalty but the system find kartel guilty before hr even went to trial and that’s what im not with

      • A di same ting mi a seh nuh body don’t know if hi dweet but Babylon deal wit di man a way den 3 other man get life 2 den where is di evidence on dem Jamaica police evil

      • You lot are crazy!!! Pointless talking to you people. GUILTYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Evidence there to convict and so they did…accept it and move on with your lives because your not on kartels mind and you mean nothing to him

      • I’m sure Kartel is spending many sleepless nights tossing and turning on his prison cot thinking about all these crazies who believes he’s innocent.
        When his money runs out and he can’t pay for protection…is what he really thinks about all day, every day!

        Hahahahahahaha! LMAO!

      • Hahaha so he’s not the worl boss in there?? The boss has to pay his way hehehe…lol

      • I dunno what some people think, but there’s been a man, or men in charge before the bleached-boy got there…and everybody has to pay their way. No exceptions!
        If he fails to meet any of his obligations, or is late with payments, his bleached-out rectum will get tore tha f#ck up.

      • What are you saying lol. Bleached out rectum hahaha…. Seriously what do you mean everyone has to pay their way. Pay for protection!?!?

      • Porchia, once predatory criminals are locked up away from us law-abiding citizens, they begin to prey on each other. If a man doesn’t want to become a sexual party favor in prison, then he must pay the piper! Ask outlaw what it cost him to keep men from raping his distended sphincter on a daily basis!

      • Omg I just read this … so funny@outlaw.
        i know rape and sex goes on but never knew you had to pay to opt out lol

      • Damn it so easy to have sex in prison? Nobody ain’t monitoring what’s going ? Do they provide condoms?

      • Really!? You think sex in prison is not an everyday occurrence?! LOL!

        There are no condoms, and if your name is outlaw there is no Vaseline either!

      • I guess the guards ain’t doing their jobs So it is like Oz? lol

      • Gloria Thompson

        LMAO you are a unreal…ha ha ha

      • Apparently you forgot he’s from the ghetto and there are a lot of ghetto youths in prison , he doesn’t have to pay for sh** been there done that ! My question to you is and stop and think very carefully because you pass judgment what if he is innocent and this is a way for the government to get rid of a innocent young man because he has a big influence on the people they need the votes from and I’m not saying he isn’t guilty either but what if.

      • I wonder if they remember that Sean said how Lizard and Chow followed him. So he was the last person to see or talk to them.

      • Followed who??? You mean Kartel??? To where??? The evidence is that the last time Chow and kartel saw lizards was when Chow and kartel were on there way out to the hospital (as kartel got bitten by his own dog, should of bitten him to pieces) lizards motionless body was on the floor in kartels home. GET IT!!!! WHETHER KARTEL CHOPPED HIM UP OR NOT…WHETHER HE WAS THERE AT THE TIME OR NOT IT DOESNT MATTER, HE IS STILL AN ACCOMPLICE MURDER. You all stop saying he’s been set up. Kartel got off lightly. He’s responsible for a lot more. Cannot believe someone who had so much, can do so much and could have lived such a good life had to revert to that kind of life. WHY?? Fool fool. So much money and wasted it as he didn’t spend it on his home. Are you employed??

      • I know I just meant when Sean and them gave their statements in court. Sean said. how he didn’t take them anywhere. They supposedly followed him. From that we can infer that he was the last person to interact. with them.

      • Look chick you don’t need to speak or type in such a condescending tone. All I said again I gon repeat myself again. When Sean made his statement in ‘court’s he stated that he didn’t take Lizard nor Chow anywhere. They followed him. I’m not on the Kartel bandwagon but you ain’t gon talk to me any kind of way. If the last bit is directed at me ask me that directly.

      • I think you will find that they followed Sean to the house as they didn’t know where it was and it was arranged for Sean to bring them there…I will talk in any tone as i wish thank you. Do you remember lizards txts to his gf he didn’t know exactly where he was going. Get over it regardless of who did what and didn’t. ..The body was in kartels house, that makes him an accomplice full stop end of discussion he is a murdererrrr.

      • You need to ‘ get over it’. This is an online discussion we don’t have to all agree. Which part did I indicate that Kartel was innocent? So don’t. come to me with your damn condescending tone. You babbling incohertly typing in caps trying to get your point across. You are clearly too involved with this case.

      • Nothing to get over…..not my type of artist or music. I respond to comments as and when I feel the comments are ludicrous and again will respond in any what way I choose to do. WHETHER UPPERCASE OR lowercase.

      • Over and out lol

      • I think you get a kick out of confrontations but I’m not going to give you any satisfaction.:)

      • Gloria Thompson


      • Youre posting more than anyone so why dont you use your own advice,old fart?

      • Yes I am posting a lot because I have a lot to say on some of these stupid remarks and I’m a very proactive person…so go look up the word dunce, because I’m sure you are just a down and out tramp living in a slum and begging to survive. Is there a limit to how much you post imbecile?

    • You deserve a hard slap for talking crap, who let you on the computer?

      • Dat me a say too lol

      • A battyman name dat mi would a kill mi self if mi name robin. u know wat mek mi lol is punk Jamaican like u coward

      • By who u come dweet p###yhole bout u name starboy & di computer a ur mumma mi get it from ask her

      • Internet gangster go get a job you bum, you ain’t about that life.

      • Ur madda is not here pu##y mi no work people like u work fi mi pu##y mi have my own business weh u have man a bad man inna real life. Go s**k yuh madda

      • I don’t need 2 work. People work for me punk I own my own business bwoy wat u own a computer. Am not a gangster am a outlaw fool get it right

      • I bet you can’t wait till retirement! An 8×12 cell, 3 square meals a day, not a worry in the world, exercise time, and people telling you when to eat, sleep, chit, and breathe.

      • Mi nuh have time fi nuh jail time that a waste time

      • Well mi nah do nothing wrong fi end up in jail.I got 2 much 2 lose & 2 much people that look up 2 me fi mi do something dum to be in jail the only way I hurt a person is it dem try 2 hurt me r my kids & family

      • Do nothing wrong to end up on the wrong side of the law??! You mean like how Kartel did nothing wrong and is now spending a lifetime in prison?! You mean that kind of nah do nothing wrong fi end up in jail??!

      • I know u don’t of 2 do nothing 2 go 2 jail but its all up 2 the person I know myself so I don’t give dem nothing fi dem fi lock me up that wat am saying. only fools get caught

      • Yup! That’s why “murica has two million prisoners fools.

    • The man was convicted on circumstantial evidence. ..tht is accepted in a court a court of law and can be basis for conviction if it has enuf weight. ..the evidence presented proved a motive to kill, a plot to kill, the availability of the resources to kill a person who is suspected to have been killed…with tht evidence you can infer tht the person was indeed murdered. ..there is no NEED for a body…so for arguement sake lets say lizard really did run weh….there is enough evidence to infer tht he was murdered. .its a technicality of law

  21. My theory,about this feud,are dancehall,are the roots,bounty killer one a the tree,the tree grow branches, movado,one a the branch, the branch grow leaves,some blossom ,and bloom,some dried,and fade,but its still one foundation,reggae music so no competition, just keep it real

  22. It’s a shame he was a good DJ may God bless you cartel RIP just like the guy u kill.

    • He is very much alive and has killed noone. However, someone should throw your sorry a– a party nameen?

  23. Licky,licky cost the owner of the funeral home her life. Corruption she knows too much so Vyby kartel associates get rid of her. Money is the root of all evil.

    • U ediatt vybz kartel been incarcerated since 2011… this lady gone missing severall months now… how is it possible that he used his influence to get her killed…. more lies…. they framed kartel…. free kartel…

      • You wanna know why Daddy Devil name call? It’s because he left a trail and it will soon bring closure.

      • Are you simple??? Do you think because a person is behind bars they have no influence. ..your deffo mad

      • the police monitors everything vybz kartel does in jail. so how can he plan anything to convince his influence anyone … u people are dumb especially the haters

      • No you are the dumb one because some people behind bars can still continue with their criminality on the outside altho locked up. Where there is a will, there’s a way…your the dumb one…been in the legal profession for years and have represented murderers upon arrest and been in cells many times

      • Stop talk to rani u nuh see a idiot dat man….him fi got y dem move kartel from the police station n send him go horizon? Him figot say when kartel deh a constant spring lock up him a get woman inna him sell an a have sex and how the police dem did friendly with him? Him kno how much police did deh pan kartel payroll? Some of which got dismissed an some run way? Him mussi think say kartel a one street corner bad man wa a beg ppl 50 and 100 dollar amd nav no links no weh..

      • Rani is obviously uneducated because fan or not anyone in their right mind who heard or read the evidence that took place in court, saw the video hearing kartel alleged saying ”don’t get the blood on me” may not be exact words but on that line,, the pics. Chow saying in evidence about seeing lizard motionless body on the floor (kartels home) and much more, what more does RANI wants to convince himself that worl boss is a convicted murderer. He is delusional

      • colossal scumbag

        Many more fi suffer
        many more fi die
        free worl boss !

      • And you’ll be one of them to die…if you miss worl boss go commit a murder then you’ll be next to him in the horizon

      • Roflmao

      • Let’s say that one of the four guys told someone. Granted their all arrested that person can probably get rid of the witness to prevent her from testifying or going to the cops.

      • u so dumb u dont even kno how to sign up

      • Rani you need help cause you ah the rass idiot.of course kartel can easily influence his followers to do it and shut your pie hole bout more lies and framed kartel.He is guilty,because of street code he rather do the time and make idiot like you think he is innocent.Stop call people ”ediatt” cause you are a total jack ass.

      • Are you so dumb tht you dont know ppl can stay from behind bars and give instructions for ppl to be killed? Thts y the country cya better too much ppl have ur fool fool mentality..if u dont kno bout crime and gangster biznizz keep ur mouth shut and read and learn….why u think tht there are special blocks at the horizon remand center where andem n zeeks an dem man deh used to to be guarded by soljas day n night? Because dem so dangerous and used dem influence to give orders for ppl n witnesses to be killed…stp pick up fi kartel..anynody who know him kno say him a crime boss n murderer fi more than the last ten years

    • Money cannot be the root of all evil! THink about what u just said…when they say know your root what do they mean? they mean know where you came from where you started your origin the place of your clan’s beginnings..money cannot be where evil started..last time i checked they said Satan which is also a lie…THe book of Isaiah shockingly and beleive it or not it says “I the Lord create light and darkness I do evil and good” So according the “Bible” as many beleive..it shows The Most High as the origin of evil..yes He is not only good but evil also..”Bible” said it not me

      • Its true.. ur a well learned person

      • You think what i said is something shocking…well brace yourself for this one…what if i told you “Jésus” who we have been worshipping for centuries and whom many have died for is just made up an invention by Thé Romans which was to control the Jews back then and the so called prophecies of this “messiah” arent prophecies but old testament passages taken out pf context, misapplied? check youtube for “Caesars messiah the roman conspiracy to invent Jesus” Dvd…hit me up @prodigalsonad70@Gmail.
        Com…we have to question things study our selves approved prove all things..do our diligent réseau..blue or red? can you handle truth! We need to stop putting all our trust in religion, church and government..not because à book said or it has been passed down from generation to génération means its true…try to test and validate

      • Gloria Thompson

        Wow, interesting got to check this out also.

      • Its very interesting…it was a friend from Usa who caused me to question this concept of a messiah where it originated and since then ive been studying and doing research on this “Jésus” god man savior..The guy luke kempt had à Web site called all4yah.org with many insightful articles the most important one was “who is mashiyach/messiah” pt 1,2,3..so he said one day he questioned to himself “i want to know where did this concept of a savior come from?” And when he did research he couldnt believe what he had found…but for some odd reason his website is now forbidden u cant access it…they dont want u to know the truth…they blocked his site

      • You know what is very interesting the fact that the Church knows that there is no historical evidence this person named Jesus ever existed..none whatsoever…they have us like blind sheep been led to slaughter…even a roman once quoted “what profit hath this fable of Christ not given us?”..anyone can see the gospels differ in each eye witness accounts…they fail miserably in trying to prove this savior died for us and existed…even to note the same old testament shows none can die on behalf of another each must give account for their own sins(ezekiel 18) and The Most High is your only savior besides him no other..to worship another like this Jesus is idolatry…not trying to forc my beleifs on u i only prompt ppl to question and validate..do diligent research..seek truth…but i am tired of these lies..since leaving this system cqlled church and religion ive been seeking and asking The Most High for truth..I have gotten so much from Him..its so deep many things

    • If it as the say the body was cremated then the woman from the funeral home might just have been cremated along with Lizard…so many strange things surfacing in this case…whats next?

  24. This guy is a murderer, no one is safe around him. Who he can’t buy out, get killed. The only light he should be seeing is a flashlight from a prison guard.

    • first the body was chopped up, now its cremated you and lying SOB need to make up yawl minds…

      • The only way to disprove either theory would be to find the body. So they can’t say for sure what really happened to the body. They suspect the body was dismembered and possibly cremated etc. What about this is so complicated to understand?

      • The cops should ‘ve protected that crime scene properly.They know they were dealing with someone of influence. Even if they did that people gon say how they have it out for Kartel. You think the way people a go on that Kartel was paying their bills and providing medical coverage.

      • Regardless of the persons status the police should always protect a crime scene immediately but the jamaican cops seemed to failed that part of there training before gathering evidence (what training) hence why so many murder case in jamaica go unsolved. Hopeless, lazy and waste of space the police. They need to do there Job professionally. I went into the station..The one on the corner where quads is to report something, the lazy cop just took name number DOB and said will be in touch if anything found..so unprofessional. No statement was taken no crime number given and because of that I couldn’t claim for my tiffany bracelet because I had no proof or crime reference. The don’t care attitude ones needs to be kicked out and proper training is required and if they don’t adhere to the rules get rid of them fast. Jamaica needs good honest and professional policemen.

      • You realize the word that you used? They suspect so if this is a suspicion how he got found guilty. When is it that suspicion become facts

      • A jury of his peers found him guilty. They had tons of circumstantial evidence not to mention eye witness testimony. Lizard gf was also a witness. She spoke to Lizard during the ordeal. Then there’s Chow who testified to seeing Lizard lifeless body.
        If I had nothing to hide I would request to be cross examined.But then again even innocent people are found guilty because of the way they come across. People usually slip up when cross examined.
        Put it this way had I been one of the jury members I would have voted the same way. You can’t just tell me that the audio especially the audio is manipulated, etc and don’t show me how it can be done and then expect me to just take your word for it.

      • Guess no difference chopped or cremated….He is dead

    • In this life it’s a survival of the fittest.The strong will survive and the weak shall perish,so get in line.It’s a dog eat dog situation.It’s just life,nothing abnormal about that.

  25. I agree the family deserve some closure and Kartel should come clean and tell the family what happen to Lizard body.