VIDEO: Tommy Lee Crying After Vybz Kartel Threatened Him For Money

Tommy Lee Sparta is now embroiled in the ongoing Vybz Kartel post conviction saga.

Urban Islandz obtained an audio footage of the former Portmore Empire deejay in a phone conversation with So Unique where he can be heard crying.

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Tommy Lee was discussing an incident where Vybz Kartel send Slim to rough him up for money.

“Him a say everything good and me go back around him and he fired a shot in my head back, him make Slim buss a shot in a me head back dog,” Tommy Lee said.

According to Tommy Lee, Kartel send a man name Slim to collect royalties from him. But the encounter almost ended his life.

An emotionally shaken Tommy Lee said he will quit the music business and go scam if this is the treatment he will be subjected to.

“I don’t business with music and fame dog, I only want to know I can grow my youth [Kids] and feel good you know So Unique,” Tommy Lee said. “Mi not running down any fame or make any man feel they can style me or feel like they can tell me anything they want to tell me.”

Listen the video clip below.

The anonymous sender of the audio told Urban Islandz that Vybz Kartel send Tommy Lee a new contract to sign which will see royalties from his earnings going towards the incarcerated deejay.

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  1. The person who recorded this and put this out on front street ain’t doing Vybz no favors. It actually make Vybz look like a horrible monster, and make Tommy look like a victim. Good job idiot!

  2. I wouldn’t sign no contract of intimidation. This isht sounds like extortion. Vybz don’t own these men’s talent. I see a sensitive man that wants to live for his children and do his music. Tommy Lee need to cut ties with murderas. See what happen to Tupac.

  3. Vybz kartel not king of the dancehall, vybbz kartel is the emperor of the dancehall.

  4. to each is own. why vybez kartel feel she him fi want to run the whole a Jamaica? tommy lee you would be stupid if you sign that contract.

  5. at the end of the day only the good you do on earth will live on what does it profit a man to gain the world but looses his soul these artist who choose to negative and think it will last, god nah sleep and it is just a matter a time before they fade away

  6. So how dem sey a lie the police was telling on Kartel that he was running a gang…ilkefal guns and ting? This also confirmed the gaza’s criminal actions.

  7. Urbanislands fi go a jail fi at least a month.. A bay fu dem a come out with. Kartel a bad man then kartel a batty fu now kartel a extort him ex-artist. Dem soon put a rumor say kartel mek a escape n mek a voice note where him was tlkn about fu urbanislands mumma inna her big mouth

  8. This is more proof Vybz is innocent. This is spliced and Tommy Lee knows this is fake. Yet all u people believed it at first. Same goes for evidence used against Kartel. Everyone believes it proves he is guilty yet it could be spliced just as well as this recording is. Vybz is innocent if u think he is guilty u are a retard for believing such weak evidence.

    • Jonny Woodburn

      Did at any part in the trial di Bleacher or his lawyers claim the voice notes were spliced? Yah fool?? A you a di retard fi believe di man and him lawyers would sit down and let crucial evidence like that go against them if they could help it . But they couldn’t, you clown!!

      • Ur the fool monkey boy u dont even know proper english haha. Also what ur brain cant comprehend because its not evolved enough, is that no matter what u are told u should question everything you hear. U cant believe everything u are told u monkey moron. Even if im wrong, at least im not like a sheep following and believing blindly. Its obvious to me, wether or not the recordings are real, is that people are working to set up Kartel and keep him behind bars. Ur monkey brain cant see that but i can. If ur gonna follow and believe that such weak evidence proves 4 men guilty for murder then u mite as well go climb a tree, eat bananas and throw poop.

      • Jonny Woodburn

        You must be rehearsing in front of the mirror. Who did you question that your name is actually Tiger General? I wouldn’t be surprised it’s actually Kitten Private!! What a byaach like you who cant understand Jamaican language talking about proper English and writing “wether” or not the recordings are real! Stupid clown! What weak evidence? Did you have access to all the evidence? Half of the trial the jury and press were prevented from hearing the gory stuff, but here you are flipping up about weak voice notes sent four men to prison. You go climb a tree, and after writing your love note to Kartel, jump off with a ryass wire around your neck Gaza sheep!!

      • Dont even try writing proper English because your not even making sense. I write it that way to save time but ur peanut brain cant understand. If u werent such an idiot, for one thing u wouldnt write something like “Byaaach”. It sounds like monkey language. If u werent such a dumb monkey u wouldnt be so sure that they are guilty because u werent there either so how would u know how accurate the other evidence is? Dont even try sounding smart monkey boy. Intelligent people question the validity of everything. From my understanding in court u have to be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt to be sentenced. Based on the evidence they are providing, no one in their right mind would say “yes they are clearly guilty beyond reasonable doubt.” Only a dumb and blind monkey like you would who has hate built up inside and loves to see another man taken down no matter how pathetic the evidence shown is.

      • Kitten Private, get another mirror to put behind you!! So you can see your clownness in all its glory. THe evidence is beyond you, go find a new guy to ‘bate on!

      • I dont know what ur talking about little puppy keep the stupid monkey jokes between you and your pack of muts.

      • Wondering why you who claim to be so evolved has to resort to insults to make your case. Further why someone who claims to be clever in any way thinks it is ok to call a black man monkey? Hmm

    • Proof you f***king ediat.
      D***head of course Tommy a go seh its not him, which man ago say Yes mi bawl to next man and inform that Kartel send man fi him???

      • Go climb a tree and throw poop u monkey. U dont have a brain if u think such weak evidence proves 4 men guilty of murder. Either ur an idiot monkey or ur someone who helped to set kartel up. If u were intelligent u wuld see its a set up wether recordings were spliced or not. Also they cant deny its their voice because maybe it is their voice. Doesnt mean its not spliced.

  9. big hud fi kaatel

    Fartel hood naago tanup when him reach 73 so him might as well use it while him young…inna jail.

  10. Elvis Redwood from SoUnique say is a fake check pon youtube

  11. people must stop and think,before they talk,everything here about somebody is not true,next thing part kartel problem come from own people that work with him,others,tthis life is unfair,buju and kartel is to best j,ca have

    • I agree … the people kartel works with set him up and these same people who set him sell him out to Babylon… Babylon were always looking for a way to lock him up…

  12. This is not a voice message or voice note. Somebody recorded this convo. Do this is intentional. The person he was talking to is who obviously put this out. No fan but some comments show why no matter how much money people get wealth will never be theirs. If there is a valid contract why guns needed. Business is business. As long as they keep behaving like savages they will all end up behind bars.

  13. Why Tommy Lee said “Free world boss” at sting ?

  14. Nuff eye water ah bawl pon kartel him……..it nuh look and sound good at all.

  15. tommy lee nuffi gi kartel nuh money mek kartel go bun ina hellll

  16. Well the fact of the matter is that Kartel is going to rot and grow old in prison and thats a fact. Really what purpose does it serve to be hailed as being King of dancehall yet you are locked up in prison deprived from ripping and enjoying the fruits of being King of dancehall.

    • vyba kartel screwed you too and left you?! you don’t have to involved in any of his matter . go long your way cockroach

      • Childish talk from a baby minded individual like you belongs in a kindergarten. Don’t you feel ashamed when you comment childishly?

  17. What is wrong with Urbanislandz, where do they get these story from. Pure garbage u guys report.

  18. Tommy lee just posted on his Facebook that people are wicked and its spliced. Hes says himself this is not true

    • Cloud 9….of course im say it nu true!!; DUNCE!!!

      • Not even twins of twins can do that voice so good, a him Dat, a becuz him talk abt somethings that he shouldn’t have said he say a nuh him

      • Jonny Woodburn

        Exactly. A straight him 100% Shame him shame now people see that him caan “shook” nobady!!

      • So? I would cry too if someone put a gun to my head to sign a bs contract to pay a murdera in prison money for my work.

  19. So he’s claiming he got shot in the head ? Or what I’m confused. Did tommy lee get shot in the head or naw ? Please explain somebody

    • He wrote on his Facebook this story is not trueand the recording is spliced

    • It means that he put the gun on the back of his head pointing up r side ways an fire it. Not to hit him just to get him scared

  20. Big man ting.up 2 di time big man nuh cry country lee.oh world boss mi seh

    • A nuh world boss again, a prison rass…..

      • Everybody always dissing di man prison is not a nice place I wouldn’t wish dat not even on my worst enemy every body got something 2 say bout him going 2 prison until they end up in there 2

  21. This sound fake. Nuh fu**.

  22. not tommylee, is another cockroach, he’s crying for fame, he can never reach vybz kartel level… these men lied to babylon foh jail vybz kartel.

  23. Adidja Ah Di WORL’BOSS Whateva Him Say Fi Go. Him Put U On Fi Di World Tommy. If Him Need Money Lowe Di Man Ah Give Way Di Money. Him Nar Play Wid NO BWOY. NOW HIM CRY LIKE AH LICKLE GYAL BUT HIM NAH WAAN VISIT ADIDJA INNA JAIL. Dem Always Try Fi Portray Addi As Di BADMAN. But When He Inna Jail U See Who Di Real Gaza Be. Him Haffi Do Wha Him Haffi Do At Di End Ah Di Day. GAZAFILIFE TR888888 MI LOVE U ADIDJA AZIM PALMER FOREVER.

    • such a dumb bumba hole how u get so retarded?

    • You sound like a DAMN fool. A real shame you are.

      • Fyre Gaza is a jackass go kiss Kartel ass . This video will not sit well with Tommy Lee fans . Kartel is a coward he let fools do is thirty work . He needs to died in prison .

      • Nuh true, him sound like a idiot

    • Hal-romeo O'brian Haughton

      ur an ass hole thats all mi knw

    • REEEEEEEEETAAAAAAAARRRRD crawl bck inna di hole yuh come from

    • gaza strip is in israel

      You need to learn English stop going on a place that you don’t live your not from the Gaza strip and portmore you can’t compare it to the gaza strip all portmore is full queers like you

    • All Unuh a chat Unuh nuh si a who a d real puole informer, d big bad Kartel. That’s y Sean storm affi lick him Inna him puyole face a prison… Kartel a puy

    • Addi a di worl boss and frya gaza a di worl ass.

    • Some of Kartel fans wanted to raise money for his legal team.His idiot gyal a talk bout she no want no damn charity. How much money he need so? If he gave a damn about anyone but his damn self he would’ve told Tommy to consult a lawyer. I don’t like when people prey upon people that don’t know things.

  24. Vybz Kartel this doesn’t look good know Mobay people going to hate Kartel . Kartel fe Roth in a prison .

  25. These folks love to record audio. Get an iphone already. Blackberry is outdated as fu$@

    • Marshalee Goodaz Thompson

      not all Blackberries are outdated

      • Maybe not but hardly anyone uses them any more. That’s why they’re going out of business

    • Why an iPhone specifically?

      • Because it’s an iPhone

      • What??….Perhaps you didn’t understand the question? I meant, why not Android, Windows 8 etc? they are all smart phones and all pretty much the same capabilities. HTC One officially has the highest spec of all smartphones as well so again I wonder why you would specify the highest priced phone for someone buying their first smartphone? Because you have one? Because your friends told you it was the best one? I’m just curious is all.

    • What you said makes no sense .

    • What does that have to do with anything? iPhone is more outdated than BlackBerry and your wardrobe is more outdated than both, idiot.

    • Iphone is an ultimate trackin device,idiot.

      • All these smartphones are just expensive shiny CIA spying devices – no way around it.

      • Who cares about tracking, everybody love using bb audio record! I got more comments on this than any other post people love black berry! Sorry bout that ! But seriously go invest in some new technology.

      • F you ,iphone and blackberry, your dumb post made no sense- that was the point here.
        And if you had anything relevant to say, people might respond,silly b.

      • People did respond. Alot of stupid people. Why are u defending bb recording? This whole arguement is stupid- you are just looking to troll at this point. Oh wait. Is this typing being monitored as well? Shut the f up

    • “These folks”? B__ch, go gym and read a book.

  26. Daddy Devil need his food and Nammy Lee a run scam..these crooks belong in the same cell.

  27. LOL a long time mi a tell unnu say Vybz Kartel is a narcissistic fool. what the so calla gaza idiot fans are going to say now. See man Popcaan learn and cut and never look back. NotNice said him naan forgive the man.