Vybz Kartel – Dedication Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Not even the roof shi put above mi
Kiss and hug mi and tell mi seh shi love mi
If shi hear mi have a next gyal shi cuss mi
Tell mi seh mi ugly and tell mi seh shi gonna be
Finding a next man fi cuddle with
But shi no really mean it so it no trouble mi
Shi seh mi love so addictive shi probably
Cook it up and cut it up
And wrapped it up and smuggle it

These years being the best hi no
No shi nah go leave mi suh
SHi walking out, shi turn around
Out and in, and out of love
Making up to braking up
Fi explain the love wi have
Sometimes mi cyaa find the way

Love you for life baby
This a my dedication baby
Mi love you for life darling
This a my dedication

(Verse 2)
More time, shi tell mi seh mi nah spend no time
With her and sometimes, mi feel like mi a go lose my mind
If mi no si her
Mi nah lie, shi really, really, treat me so fine
Mi cyaa si her leaving my life
Many, many, many, years from now
We a go seh

(Repeat Chorus)