Serani – Only Me Lyrics

Only me can cores my girl bosom
That is my pillow, my cushion
If a man try that then a boocam, boocam, boocam

No way can a man pause close my way
That cyaa happen no day
Aidonia say boocam, boocam, boocam

(Verse 1)
Mi met Susan last night and wi shake hand
When the night done shi lay pon mi foot
And mi put on the boots all the foot want for Susan
Shi fall in love, shi seh mi cyaa do wrong
Her chine friend Lin hear seh mi foot long
Shi left bwoy friend in a the yard Mrs Luan
Lin pop up launderer over Nuton
A black shi say no more king tugion

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Woman love all the patton weh mi flow
Van hand it’s Serani mi slow
Gyal dem seh mi strong like Old Cog
Dan gyal waan mi be dem husband
I hope and pray and cut one
Tie rope and dem waan jump pon
I beat it like a drum pan
Gyal dem no waan no more man

(Repeat Chorus 3X)

One Comment

  1. Wrong lyrics.

    Lin pop up lingerie over new thong
    A black shi say no more ching chu chong