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Bounty Killer Booed Off Stage For Dissing Mavado, Iyara & 3 Star Brawl

The beef between dancehall heavy weights Bounty Killer and Mavado is spilling over into their respective camps.

Bounty Killer recently reignite his feud with his former protege Mavado when he dropped a slew of diss songs aimed at the Gullyside singjay.

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Mavado has since dismissed the songs calling them garbage and say he will not be engaging with Bounty Killer in any lyrical feud.

But members from his Gully Squad and from Alliance Next Generation are taking the feud between the two camps to a whole new level.

Gullyside deejay 3 Star was performing life at the recently held All Stars Thursdays at Olympic Way when ANG deejay Iyara tried to stormed the stage but was blocked by 3 Star’s entourage.

Things almost got violent after a scuffle ensued. Bounty Killer then stormed the stage a immediately started bashing 3 Star.

“Listen me 3 Star you is a lickel bloodcl**t boy and you should know your place and don’t point in badman face,” Bounty Killer said.

The crowd then started booing the dancehall legend after 3 Star left the stage.

3 Star later returned to the stage and told the audience he will not engage in any physical confrontation.


  1. “Dem ah try style man and a talk bout loyalty but when dem diss di Gully Gad mek all di blind man see” killa yuh lose, everybody weh ever bust from Alliance yuh war wid except fi Batty Man Busy Signal ah yuh ah di problem yuh cyan find nuh peace ever since Beenie tek weh yuh gyal so yuh war wid everybody and start beat gyal wid hammer MOVE UP

  2. Report inaccurate, check the video on youtube Bounty Killer 3Star Iyara (Diss)

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    The name of the clip is Bounty Killer 3Star Iyara (Diss)

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