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Dancehall Beefs, Is It Helping Or Hurting The Genre ?

Beefs in dancehall are at an all time high, but some of us are wondering if it is helping the industry or damaging it.

History shows that beefing can either hurt or build an artist career. But why some artists are staying clear of beefing while others live for it.

Let’s take a look back at some famous feuds in dancehall history.

The early 1990s feud between Shabba Ranks and Ninjaman saw both artists becoming icons in dancehall. The two decade old feud between Bounty Killer and Beenie Man saw both artists ascending to legendary status in the genre. The infamous feud between Mavado and Vybz Kartel saw both artists becoming the two biggest stars in modern dancehall.

Shabba Ranks and Ninjaman

On the flip side there are a few artists who stayed clear of feuds and saw their career remained in the shadows. A perfect example, dancehall deejay Agent Sasco, former Assassin, refused to engaged Vybz Kartel in a musical feud in the early 2000. Though Assassin is one of the most talented artists in dancehall, he remains one of the most underrated. This begs the question, would his career shot to new heights if he had engaged Kartel?

Dancehall deejay Khago explained to the Gleaner why he is maintaining a distance from beefs with other artists.

“It’s good for the business, but when people a go tek it serious, yuh haffi tek weh from it,” Khago said. “It work fi some people and it nuh work fi some. If you can laugh bout it, it good. But if you tek it serious, a nuh nutten good.”

KipRich, an artist known for clashes, says beefs can greatly help an artist career and also help dancehall.

“It’s not bad for business,” KipRich said. “The only time it get bad is when the followers tek it personal and take it to the next level. But for the artiste, it’s not a bad thing ’cause you are getting the attentions and more of your songs are getting listened to. You get shows ’cause controversy sells and you will get dubplates. It’s how you deal with the situation.”

Some artists refused to engaged other artists in a musical feud most times when they feel the challenger’s career is not as big as theirs.

The most recent case is Bounty Killer and Mavado. Killer, who mentored the Gully Side singjay, recently drop a slew of diss songs. But Mavado simply brushed them off saying his former mentor’s career is not up to his level. Fans of Bounty Killer disagree with his judgement. But would this feud help or hurt these two artists careers?

Do you think dancehall beef help or hurt the genre?

Sound off in comments below.


  1. Singjay vs Deejay war, nuh mek it. No lyrical strength inna it, waste of time. Clashing is good, but alot of clashes aren’t interesting.

  2. who da fuq is movado?? bounty rules!.. probably he, sizzla, capleton and buju my fantastoc 4!.. fuq movado

  3. and the bounty vs kartel

  4. i love the lyrical war from it dont get
    physical bounty vs beenie shabba vs ninja kartel vs mavado iyara vs deva kiprich vs ryno bounty vs merciless & the list goes on

  5. Every genre has beef with artists. Rihanna and Ciara is recent-ish example. I don’t think artists taking issue with a next artist necessarily hurts the music but it doesn’t help. It detracts from it when fans get embroiled and things get out of hand. Like it does in dancehall. That is only one of the problems. In the mainstream artists have handlers to manage and reign them in. Every rapper knows they have to tone down the lyrics to go mainstream. Why a lot venture into other avenues so they don’t lose street cred. But if streets are all dancehall value then they on the right path. Look at artists like Shaggy and Sean Paul. Beenie got cut down because of older songs about homosexuals. Beefing isn’t what hurts dancehall…dancehall is what hurts dancehall. What reputable genre puts out tunes like walk like a dawg and ….. then make a dance to it? Lol the genre has 99 problems but beefing aint one

  6. All of you that talking that the man was begging mavado for money, sound stupid & Bad mind, If the man thing was base on money he would have simple make all the Artist he bring to success in the music business sign a Contract (Common Sense will tell you that) You guys need to do research Before talking, The feud started from when mavado friend get shot at bounty Killer Party. Mavado and his friends commit a crime and want bounty killer Join with them, How can bounty Killer side with them when he is getting blame for so many thing, His name is all ready a Problem, Then to join with mavado and his friends with crime? Now way, Bounty Killer do music & Help people not crime. Even don’t talk about beating women, All man hit a woman in the pass or will hit a woman in time to come. I disagree with mavado (The old people always say Is better to live with a devil you know than to live with one you don’t know) That simple mean mavado from since he was 15 years old or younger know that Rodney Price do not stand for foolishness, If you and the man have a problem walk away, I know this is not the first time bounty Killer talk hard to him, But the problem is that mavado tell him self his career big now so him can get up an diss the man who was helping him from he was child, That is so wrong, that is like disrespecting your parents. Mavado need to do better, the fans to be blame too, you guys always boost the artist them up to this dirty act.

    • You have no idea what you on about so stop. It was badmind. Bounty got mad about not getting top listing on a promotional flyer. You have evidence Mavado committed a crime? Please stop typing.

    • That was part of it with his friend being shot. #AngryMiserable needs to go to the senior citizen home. It’s never a good look when an old bat still trying to do road. Mavado got the buss, but his work ethic got him to where he is at, not every artist make it this far after initial buss. Nothing last forever by the way, Kartel was loyal at one point..

      Mavado flossing a kill the goat, it’s only right.

      • you guys missing the point, you do not need to disrespect someone who was helping you from since you was a child, Is better to walk away.

      • So who dissing who? You know what you talking about? Bounty drop how many diss track and to date the man no reply. You don’t owe anyone enough to let them walk on you. It is business. If Bounty wanted more he should have had a contract. Mavado talent is what he use propell his career. Bounty just open a door.

      • U sound like u com from country , u taking too much rubbish

      • You keep tryin to style me, worry about burning gaza and stop watch man.

  7. goathead bountykilla

    bounty killa a fool him bias n greedy,vado shud done him ras off

  8. Bounty nuh like when nuh body money big a dan fi
    him inna a interview him seh him have visa & mi nah none a f##kre talk dat mi respect bounty a legend innate di business big up 2 every artist music is life

  9. No beef no chicken no fish,dancehall need fi build back afta lizad case went world wide it was a big disgrace for the bizz mavado an bounty fi. Stop wrong timing

  10. I like how Movado trying to discredit the man who put him on.So apparently he good to roll with when you were a starving artist but now your belly full he not. He think he too good because he work with some Americans. Let’s see how long he gon last.

    • You dunno the reason behind the feud, Bounty a beg a money every time Mavado touch road because he see the flossing on another level. Bounty driving around in 8 year old Range Rover see Mavado with the drop top and expect a cut like he is some dancehall mafioso. Everyone surpass Bounty because of his sour face, would you as a woman want to wake up to that. Just call him the grinch of dancehall.

      • tweley u know sa u is a very very very deadly lair and a very very very satanic player hater

      • Study the history from the OnStage interviews, to his constant bickering on twitter.

        Oh and don’t mix me up with satanic business, only stated facts. The same way goat head try to look hype off Nammy Lee, he is just a dancehall grinch.

      • Stp chat sh:t bounty killer own dancehall general fi dancehall war lord

      • Doesn’t mean man haffi bow down to him. Mavado gets respect by major artist and he mad his picture smaller in a flier..

      • dem gwaan like bounty a god…smh….if u right hand disrespect or betray u chop it off…

      • If u wah guh bow a yr bussniess that Mi stp talk to u becuz you pointless

      • People agree with me, so I must have a point, zimi

      • This was pointless..

  11. Great piece Urban Islandz

    Dancehall is built on beef and clash. But some sensitive artists and sensitive fans like to take it personal. Especially the Gaza fans them who love tell people to s*ck their mother. Too sensitive and badmind. Its music and entertainment.

  12. Bounty and Movado is no clash is personal .

  13. No the beef dnt hurt dancehall it’s a good look, clash nice if it nuh get physical . If somthing a hurt dancehall is vybz kartel & him deh a jail yah now suh dancehall nice . Movado vs bounty killer that’s rubbish they should try and work out wat ever beef they have . Gully and alliance should be one link

    • I agree, we need new artist to have lyrical beef, not personal war. kiprich vs black ryno wasn’t bad, but way dancehall looking you might end up dead if you keep calling someone’s name.

      • Anybody body can dead at anytime and some of kartel best lyrics come from the beef wen him did bad mine movado, becuz movado did a make all of the money . The beef help kartel more than how it help movado that’s how kartel market him self by badmine artise jus like how him did a try war with assassin at one time