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Dancehall Artist Gage Accused Of Crying In Tommy Lee Audio

Tommy Lee Sparta’s camp is vehemently denying that he is the one crying in the leaked audio.

Fans of the “Uncle Demon” deejay are claiming that the impersonator in the audio clip is none other than dancehall deejay Gage.

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Folks inside Tommy Lee’s circle says Gage often sound exactly like Tommy Lee and is known to bite his style.

But reps for Gage told Urban Islandz that the upcoming deejay has nothing to do with the embarrassing audio where an emotional man sound like Tommy Lee could be heard complaining to producer So Unique after being roughed up by one of Vybz Kartel’s goons.

Listen to a video from Gage below and the cring audio and draw your conclusion.


  1. goathead bountykilla

    Producer Elvis Redwood Says Tommy Lee Crying Audio Spiced

  2. Kmt….ah Tommy dat ah ball ahn ah so unique ah chat

  3. Newyorksuperstars .

    He even referred to his own name in the audio saying ” all di man hafi do a say Tommy Lee” and he would have worked it out. Country bwoy a PUNK

  4. check to see if a new contract was to be signed by tommy lee! simple

  5. ask unique if its tommy lee on the audio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Khani Spanglah Jones

    Great move but can’t trick me I know who the voice sounds like and it’s not this artist. Well they just let me know an artist I never knew of prior lol

  7. definitely possible

  8. Why does Gage even wanna sound like Tommy Lee as an artist? That’s the real question

  9. Nammy Lee camp playing chess lol, it’s almost plausible.. but his eyes always red so who knows. The demon was going through an intervention.