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50 Cent, Dame Dash React To Jay Z And Solange Fight

The hip-hop community is still in shock and awe after video footage showing Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles physically attacking Jay Z.

The incident took place last week in an elevator at the Standard Hotel in New York City at the Met Gala after party.

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The incident sparked several hashtags on social media including #EveryoneWatching and #WhatJayZSaidToSolange.

50 Cent uploaded a video to Instagram of his reaction to the altercation.

“Family Matters, jay you did the right thing keep #smsaudio #animalambitionFollowing” 50 Cent said.

Jay Z’s longtime friend Dame Dash also posted his reaction on Instagram along with a photo of Solange.

“Forgot about this one @ava_dash @atrak and solange …I am actually impressed with her independent spirit… She seems like a fighter #festivallife” Dame Dash wrote.


  1. Solange wrote on her twitter page that jay z be hitting on her sister an her crazy carcer ass snapped as she should have…

  2. She must have been drunk….

    • You sound so dumb but then again you a diva.

      • Wow dumb huh? You need to look in the mirror and dumb is looking right back at you!

      • No Hun you delusional with that name and implying that she must’ve been drunk. You probably as shallow and superficial as your name implies.

      • She wasn’t shadowboxing so she couldn’t have been that drunk.

      • Damn why the hysteria over a simple comment I made? Do think I really care whether she was drunk or not…like it’s really going to change world events! I have more important things to concern myself about than your banal comments tbh…this is becoming quite tedious now…you really need to go and find something worthwhile to do with your life rather than concern yourself about me, my name and what it does or doesn’t imply….????

      • Hysteria or not I’m concerned about world issues. I’m concerned about Skid Row. I’m concerned about the 9/11 jumpers the people that we barely heard about . I’m concerned about the nuclear waste. I’m concerned about the effects of Fukushima on our aquatic life which we in turn eat. I’m concerned about the gentrification of neighborhoods.I’m mainly concerned about Caribbean issues and we haven’t even scratch the surface. I’m concerned about people beyond myself. I don’t have a problem lending a helping hand to a stranger. Granted, I’m not one of these superficial zombies walking the world with my head up in the clouds.

    • Actually they didn’t drink. Well they werent seen with alcohol at the event is what I should say. It really makes you wonder what triggered her tho. Maybe he said something about the sack she had on. Lol