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Beyoncé Sister Solange Attacked And Spit On Jay Z At Met Gala [VIDEO]

Jay Z has 99 problems and now Solange Knowles is one of them.

Beyoncé sister Solange is violent and she unleashed on Jay Z in an elevator last week.

In this bizarre news, TMZ obtained video footage showing Solange physically attacking the rap mogul who is her brother-in-law.

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The incident reportedly went down last week at the Met Gala after party in New York City at the Standard Hotel.

In the video, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Solange, and Jay Z bodyguard boarded the elevator when Solange went up in Jay Z’s face and started yelling before she physically attacked him.

Jigga’s bodyguard stepped in and pulled Solange off the rap icon. Jay Z did not fight back but he did grabbed Solange foot when she kicked him.

The video also show Solange spitting at Jay Z while the bodyguard was holding her.

It it still unclear why she attacked Jay Z, but the incident occurred over a week ago.

If you look closely Beyoncé did not intervene.

There have been rumors that Beyoncé with her second child for Jay Z. So perhaps that was the reason why she did not intervene in the fight.

If you look closely, the bodyguard also stopped the elevator mid-way to keep the fight private. Hence why no one knew about it.


  1. Find a man of your own Solange.

  2. Jz definitely didnt want to knock her out. Shes acting like a junkge

  3. JZ is like a puppy

  4. that crazy.if I was jay-z I woulder pull her wig off

    • She’s lucky some man she disrespect like that, would beat her ASS DOWN…And she would deserve it.

  5. What an embarrassment!

  6. Glad this come out, they paint a good picture for the public.. Money can’t buy class.

    • Money makes people seem more attractive.

    • Money can buy class. Isn’t that’s what class is about?(money)

      • Class is how you conduct your self and it can be used to classify your wealth. I was referring to their conduct..

      • Is there a line between being ghetto and ‘ acting like your ___ don’t stink?

      • She does a good job of acting is all I’m going to say. The inner ghetto jumped out. Not all cases are like this, but the kicking while being held by a security guard = no self control.

      • Well I must be as crazy as she is. lol j/k We have to give them credit for keeping this contained in the elevator though.

      • Inner ghetto? Do you know for sure that they were raised in the ‘hood’ or ‘ghetto’ ? Jayz does a great job of distancing himself from it.

      • Her first husband left her, something is up.. her hole can’t keep a stable house, pree dat.

      • You gone far. Her hole don’t have to keep no man. A man need to keep her hole. There was no security guard it was a body guard…very different. Nobody knows what went down. She never kick off in public so people should brace. The fact that her sister didn’t get involved and left with her shows there is more to what went down. Besides while you throw shade and speculate they still living cosy and sure they not in no rush to justify nothing. We all capable of acting the fool. I am far FAR from ghetto. ..but ketch me on a bad day…I can go all kinds a ghetto or as I call it “ethnic” and I don’t think that is a bad thing. As Beenie sing… (look it up lol )

      • Class has nothing to do with money. I can tell you with certainly that there are many upper class people who are broke. I know people think money defines class. It doedoesn’t. You can win the lotto and still be working class. So in no sense of the word does it define money.

  7. Beyonce sister is ghetto and she don’t like Jay Z from long time. She should go get her own career and her own life. but maybe she is defending Beyonce.

    • Gloria Thompson

      She seems unbalanced to me, never really liked her. She should stop living off her sister

    • Solange seems to be doing just fine.You sound so frigging crazy. Solange is working the Indie music scene. She’s making a name for herself without Beyonce. I don’t see anything ghetto about her.

      • Whenever someone uses the term ‘ghetto ‘ to describe someone I get really confused. I think people associate the term usually to a black person speaking passionately about something. In saying that let’s say a white person carried on the same way would we refer to them as ‘ghetto’?.

      • It’s always blacks referring to other blacks as ‘ghetto’.

      • White people do get called ghetto. The term was used to describe areas built to house blacks in the inner cities but it was originally used for similar housing for Jews. Get facts. Now colloquially it describes brash vulgar lewd obscene behavior and people. Make of that wat you will. Because they have fame don’t mean they don’t have ghetto behavior but the difference is this wasn’t a street throw down. The incident occured behind “closed doors” well in that it was not in view of the media or public. Nobody would have known had it not been for the breach in security where are staff member probably sold the recording.

      • I know ‘white trash’ ‘redneck’ etc. With that being said I try not to judge anyone. I was simply saying because she black and gey money she supposed to act and conduct herself a certain way?. You know because the world is watching. How dare she gey pissed off and smack some dude. She gey pissed off and she’s ‘ghetto ‘ even though she was raised in a middle class environment.

      • I wasn’t even raised in the ‘ghetto’ but you telling me I act like it? Then when I don’t act like it.You tell me that I act like my sh don’t stink. (hypothetical)

      • U real yo

      • I gon add something. I used to live in NYC. I know live in the south don’t ask me why. One day in a clothing store I overheard a black(American) tell this Mexican lady how she should learn English because she’s in America. She said this more than once to the lady speaking to her children in Spanish. I’m standing at the register when the cashier goes “that’s why people don’t like us”.
        Me: “who’s us?”
        C: “black people”
        Me:”I’m from the Islands so I don’t think it’s the same thing”.
        With that I walked away.

        At the end of the day I don’t think the black Caribbean and the black Americans are the same point blank period. Who wan vex co vex.

      • So I have a part-time job in a retail store. I now live in the south which means I work with a lot of black Americans.(southern) One of the girls made a comment about ‘Fantasia’. To which another girl replied that she was ‘ghetto’ and ‘illiterate’. I responded by telling her that she’s very talented and she has money. Implying that by her having money she can easily become educated.
        I then wanted to tell this girl about her damn self. So you had a kid at 18. You came from a so called stable household. (both parents) We both know your parents are the ones rasing your child. You’re reduced to being refer to as a babymama but you wan call her ‘ghetto’.(Fantasia)

      • If she were white, folks would call her “white trash” or “trailer trash,” so calling her ghetto is no different. Stop looking for racism where it doesn’t exist.

      • I wasn’t implying racism. My bf is white. I’m Caribbean with that being said I live in America. I was simply stating that blacks used the term ‘ghetto’ to describe other blacks very loosely. It usually the black’s that think they are somewhat above the so called ‘ghetto’ ones.

      • But blacks would be quicker to refer to each other as ‘ghetto’.

      • How am I looking for racism when I know that the people referring to her as ‘ghetto’ may be black?

      • Edit: How am I looking for racism when I know that the people referring to her as ‘ghetto’ are in fact black?

    • How you inna people business so, you know wa gwan and how the scheme set..