Beyoncé Sister Solange Attacked And Spit On Jay Z At Met Gala [VIDEO]

Jay Z has 99 problems and now Solange Knowles is one of them.

Beyoncé sister Solange is violent and she unleashed on Jay Z in an elevator last week.

In this bizarre news, TMZ obtained video footage showing Solange physically attacking the rap mogul who is her brother-in-law.

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The incident reportedly went down last week at the Met Gala after party in New York City at the Standard Hotel.

In the video, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Solange, and Jay Z bodyguard boarded the elevator when Solange went up in Jay Z’s face and started yelling before she physically attacked him.

Jigga’s bodyguard stepped in and pulled Solange off the rap icon. Jay Z did not fight back but he did grabbed Solange foot when she kicked him.

The video also show Solange spitting at Jay Z while the bodyguard was holding her.

It it still unclear why she attacked Jay Z, but the incident occurred over a week ago.

If you look closely Beyoncé did not intervene.

There have been rumors that Beyoncé with her second child for Jay Z. So perhaps that was the reason why she did not intervene in the fight.

If you look closely, the bodyguard also stopped the elevator mid-way to keep the fight private. Hence why no one knew about it.