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Dr. Dre Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire, Confirms Apple/Beats Deal [VIDEO]

Forbes will need to update it’s wealthiest hip-hop artists list because Dr. Dre just shot past Diddy and by a long shot.

Tyrese posted a video on hs Instagram last night of himself partying with Dr. Dre and some other friends. They were out celebrating the rapper/producer selling of Beats to Apple for a reported $3.2 billion.

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“The first billionaire in Hip Hop right here from the motherfing West Coast,” an excited Dr. Dre said.

The video was later deleted from Tyrese Instagram account but not before someone get a hold of it and uploaded it to YouTube.

Dr. Dre and his close friend and fellow producer Jimmy Iovine founded Beats Electronics in 2006. The company is behind the hugely popular Beats By Dr. Dre headphones and the newly launched Beats music streaming service, similar to Spotify.

As part of the deal, Apple will acquire the entire company including the hardware and music streaming service.

Perhaps now Dr. Dre can finish his album Detox.

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  1. good stuff, congrats dre