Apple Buys Beats From Dr. Dre For $3.2 Billion

Dr. Dre could be hip-hop’s first billionaire if this is a done deal.

Apple reportedly bought Beats or at least at an advance stage in closing a deal for $3.2 billion.

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Dr. Dre founded the company with producer and close friend Jimmy Iovine. The company is behind the hugely successful Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and the newly launched music streaming service.

According to Mashable, the deal could see Apple acquiring both the Beats By Dr. Dre hardware and the streaming service.

Apple will also add additional talent to Apple and help improve iTunes and iTunes radio.

The deal could be announced as early as next week.

Dr. Dre was recently named No. 2 on Forbes wealthiest hip-hop artistes list with an estimated net worth of $550 million.



  1. How about using some of that money and build new technology..

  2. Rubbish, he never sold it to Apple it was sold to some Chinese guy. Follow up these crappy internet blogs just put up to get traffic.

  3. Say what you like…I get why white people hate us…the racist ones I mean. Lol we be some money making talented monkeys huh? Lol yup some of us really raking in the paper. I need to be one of them. Wish he didn’t sell though. Yes it is great to get that money in but I really wish more of us were owning the companies instead of making more white people rich-er. If he could manoeuvre a board share of apple…that I would respect
    Ps…please know sarcasm

  4. Beats are some overpriced headphones just like all Apple products so no wonder.