Vybz Kartel – Life Story (Ragz to Riches Exclusive) Lyrics

(Verse )
Mi never know mi would a buss
From mi and mummy use to tek the bus
From 3rd world mi never know mi would a lock the first world
Wi new styles and new flows
Like wa Pack seh, who knows? Who knows?
The Beemer, the Lexus, the new Rose
Mi a pree from likkle pickney days in a school clothe
When mi shoes did tear out yo could a si a few toes
Mi house pack and leaking, the house top wi sleep in
With house rat wi bounce back
When mi daddy announce that wi moving to Portmore
The sunshine, the seashore
It still better but mi still a pree more
From long time mi start par a borderline
And mix guns and wid cellular
Tugs things fi keep mi corner hype up and sweet smelling
Cops corralling, yelling don’t move
We won’t prove, dem lock wi up, wi get bail
Next day wi set sail liek big ship
Same stuff wi mother seh wi name cruff
But still remain tough caw better must come

Mi never know mi would a buss
And tugs a seh Addi the dada
Seet deh it feel good fi buy a house fi mi mother
Wi mi sons have birthdays
Anything him want him get a no nothing
When mi a youth a box truck mi use to meck
Mi use to haffi beg a spliff
A wrisla, a cigarette
If mi no hustle a road I could not go home yet
Mi never pree fi own car, mi own home, mi own jet
Dutty Jacqueline mouth meck
Meck mi no si outlet

In a the suffer and the hunger
A police name blood waan kill mi when mi younger
Him hear mi have a gun weh roll thunder
Circle mi fi murder, mi bugad seh a never fi mi number
Mi use to pray to father God a night time
Fi meck mi parents dem live fi si Addi turn somebody
Mi love mommy, mi love daddy
Same love mi gi him to Rahiem and Jahiem, and Shyeam
Mi a mi sons daddy

Mi never know mi would a buss
2K2 was the year
A great joy fi hear Kartel have career
Like trailer mi change gear
Better each lyrics
When mi member people use to seh
Yo nah buss, yuh a gimmick
Dem haffi watch mi now pon dem tv
Or pay fi si me my presence no free
Nuff girls use to call Addi iron balloon
Now mi walking pon dem like floor in a room
The first police weh lock mi up fi disrespect mi was a joy
Ask mi weh mi do? Mi seh artist
Him seh mi unemployed
Lock mi up, mi no have no lawyer so a jail mi sleep in a
Now mi pass him in a the Beemer
Who a the man, who a the bwoy
No matter who yo is, where yo from, who yo are
Ghetto youth wi need money, nuff house and nuff cars
From yo black you is a ni—-, every ni—- is a star
Who no like that drop asleep