Bounty Killer Blast Alkaline, Says “Dancehall Getting Too Freaky” [VIDEO]

Dancehall general Bounty Killer has broken his silence on one of the most controversial issue in dancehall at the moment, the Alkaline “Batty Wash” line.

Bounty Killer and some of his protege were performing at the recently held t Mountain View Jamboree in Kingston when he paused in between songs to speak his mind.

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According to the Warlord, Alkaline and other artistes in dancehall are bad for the genre.

“Let me talk to you for a second because you should know what your supporting,” Bounty Killer told the audience of mostly female fans. “From the other day they are talking about dancehall a get kinky… You know what dancehall a get… too friendly, everybody like everybody, me no like everybody, me like who me like, me no likey likey.”

Bounty Killer says he has been doing dancehall for years and has never crossed the line.

“A years we have been singing certain things and we have never crossed the line,” Bounty Killer said. “You never hear we tell girls to do certain things. If we like certain things we don’t disclosed it with the public… Because the public is the public. Some boy should keep their dirty life in their bedrooms. Don’t let no boy come tell you to turn no devil and no john crow.”

Bounty Killer also addressed the Vybz Kartel conviction during his set.

Watch the video below.


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    Bounty Killer need to go and have a seat!! Get a job Mr. Pryce. I know
    you are not passing any judgement. At least he is just singing and not
    hammering women!! He is young and need guidance. He is a good artist and
    smart young man!! How come you have so much time to look and inspect
    his pic and Mr. Vegas pic and send comment, go get your own life
    together. Look out through your glass house and watch for that stone!!
    Reach out to him and mentor since you have all that free time!! I am a
    mother with children and have heard the term batty wash as a young girl
    growing up in Jamaica. Why are people acting like they never heard it
    before. I am the role model in my home, not Alkaline and people don’t go
    out and give out “batty wash ” because it is in a song!

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      Corol u know u just fu*ng dunce, why killer said is the true, u going say e smart smart 4 trying 2 sell is soul, an teach the kids 2 want 2 blind, an want dem 2 want batty wash!!!! Go dump ur self

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    big up u self me general long time u fi bun out some battyboy who seh dem a artist dem a artist fi freaks him analkaline look like it soon died DWL

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    When was the last time this dude went for HIV test? He does look sick.