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Vybz Kartel Sees Surge In Popularity Since Conviction

Perhaps dancehall fans want to hold on to a piece of Vybz Kartel’s legacy before he begins his lengthy prison sentence.

Industry sources are saying there is a huge jump in demand for Vybz Kartel music.

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“Producers coming out with new riddims are requesting Vybz Kartel features like hot break,” a source inside the incarcerated deejay’s camp told Urban Islandz.

“So far we have several previously released tracks featured on some new riddims and we have a lot more to come,” the source added. “We are also looking at recording some new songs as soon as he is transfer to prison and while his appeal is being worked on.”

There is also a surge in Vybz Kartel’s popularity overseas including Europe, Japan and the United States.

Vybz Kartel, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones were all found guilty of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The four men are facing a possible life sentence for the 2011 murder.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for this Thursday in the Supreme Court in Downtown Kingston.

Defense attorneys are already working on an appeal for the convicted dancehall star.


  1. Prison for all murderers!

  2. Fu– n body who hates kartel,,dats y u get killed,u r badmind..

  3. sizzla is the smartest Artist i have ever known

  4. Kartel will be fine and soon free. Hope all this dickriders who started attaching his name on their whackass nobody records ,opening websites w his name, pressin tshirts n collecting money….,opportunists and leeches ,realize it wont be long before his return n they better start lookn for job or go hide w lizard.

    • Lol, you right, go ahead and day dream.

    • I wish you were right but guilty or not guilty he going to do time

      • Well, hes been doing time, and system already proved theyre merciless in their unfairness. However,there are multiple reasons for appeal, and knowing dynamics of this sh— what goes up,must come down.this case has been treated like anything other than the case it is.that needs to be fixed.

    • He definitely didn’t get a fair trial but if the jamaican system wants him behind bars then that’s where he’ll go

  5. Have never heard of a good actress as lizards sister;imagine crying at the court that your brother is dead and you know very well where he is hiding;having been spotted twice in ocho rios:all this done to set up a ghetto yute because him a yutes opinionator….

    • You are as dumb as a bag of rocks!!!

    • Lol

    • Freaky batty boy Kartel a go tun zeeks girl now

    • Ok if lizard has been seen why was the police not notified when he was spotted….in ochio there have patrols walking the streets to protect the tourist…why we’re there not informed straight away…..you talk garbage…..did you not follow the evidence…The main witness left kartels home with kartel to attend hospital with kartel having received a dog bite and their both left lizards motionless body on the floor….idiat can imagine what life you live…you heartless creature

      • I understand what you are saying however for a minute just reflect on the letter that the main witness wrote to the public defendant to claim that he knew nothing about the case and that he wasforced by the police to testify against vybz kartel…. i accept to be idiot. as you’ve called me;yes, but not be fooled by a government that kills its own and launches a case against innocent people.just think about kern spencer walking free with all the loot and and kartel going to prison just because of his image..CORRUPTION KILL

      • So you are aware main witness who was “running for his life “from Kartel suddenly decided to hail him a cab n help him go hospital…and yet you are calling people idiots? Dwl.

  6. This whole case is upside down.. just like micheal jackson molesting all those kids so they say… who really knows the truth. We just gotta wait and see what happens with the appeal…

  7. Badman thing must cease to exist for Jamaica to become a country that people don’t flee from. Bad boy, bad gal, gangsta, Dons, bad police, bad rasta, Dads, Notch, shotta all need to go away. They are all garbage. Good people and simpleton is who must rule. Good people must run the country. The man who work hard to raise his children and feed is family is who we should respect. Fight against the badagong; he is worse than the slave master ever was. Reject him. Run him away. Badmanism is a plague and a scourge on Jamaica. What sort of foolishness going on now that singers and DJs are announcing “man a bad man!” How did we get from ska and rocksteady to DJs ordering their cronies to cut up people into mince meat” bad man business is going to make Jamaica into a failed state. Stop it and get to live and let live.

    • So true…God blessings that’s why I wont retire in beautiful JA I am scared of the horror stories

      • Returnees not safe…get robbed and killed because of they mentality thinking foreigners have money….They need to go earn their own money and stop taking people’s money that they work hard for…just a bunch of scum bags

  8. Yo kartel d man dem wanted him out because he sing about guns and drugs and the full works but jah doh sleep seen all wicked will fall .and dem duty stinking jamacian police full time real bad man dem merk few

    • Like Vybez, all the police who actually murdered Jamaicans, they know themselves, they should confess their guilt, and go to prison for murder too.

  9. stiff necked jamaican a full time we all acknoledge our prophets! Where were u all wen sizzla kolonji burn out vybz kartel on the grounds of irie fm ocho rios august 2011telling kartel he his in a bad man court n a bad man judge a try him! sizzla a see tru wall it was not long after kartel get lock up Sorry for such misfortune adija but yaa fi know wen the high priest talk to give heed big up miguel collins aka sizzla kolonji

    • Yeah sizzla did done say if anybody bobylon a slave a kartel if anybody nah get save a kartel lol real talk d man did a make . Bobylon really turn kartel in a slave , which dunce head boy a try diss rasta . Sizzla a real artise judgment yard big up

      • Burn Gaza yuh dun know Kartel cannot mess with Sizzla he would have to deal with judgement yard . Plus Sizzla is a rasta man .

      • Burn gaza how yuh can chew pon a man name so eeee? Ya fish r wah….my yute go look some gyal nuh yute, nuff deh a road. Full time now yuh fi do it. Di man lock up n yuh still a chew chew chew pon di man ring like yah wayne Marshall. Go easy caaz yah luuuuuu….

  10. Yeah we are so sorry that your brother was killed or sent to Cuba in order to set up kartel

    • Kartel set himself up…wish you people will just accept he has been convicted and now just a number…..murdererrrrrrr..
      ..why has no one set up all the others in prison for murder…what’s so special about kartel. …NOTHING

  11. I feel for the Williams family. They have lost a son a brother a father a uncle etc but I suggest to help your hurt (sister) keep away from the papers/media and stop reading because you are going to see things you don’t like but it’s a free world and everyone is entitled to their say. It’s not everyone like each other and your brother is no different. Just realised wrong comment on wrong article but not going to change