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Vybz Kartel To Record Music In Prison, Proceeds Could Go To Murder Victim Family

Vybz Kartel making music in prison.

This has been a hot topic since his incarceration in 2011. But now a judge and the Department of Correctional Services could give the “Romping Shop” deejay the green light to record behind bars.

But it could come with conditions attached.

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Yesterday High Court judge Justice Lennox Campbell postponed Vybz Kartel’s highly anticipated sentencing to next week Thursday, April 3, 2014.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, along with Shawn “Storm” Campbell, André St John, and Kahira Jones are facing life imprisonment after being convicted of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams on March 13, 2014.

vybzkartel pic

The ruling came after defense attorneys complained that they did not received a letter the judge instructed the Supreme Court to send to both the defense and prosecution attorneys.

Justice Campbell told the court that the degree of participation of each of the four convicted men will help determine how long they will be sentenced to. This means each men could be given a different sentence.

But one of the major issue of the sentencing is whether or not Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm will be allowed to record new music while in prison.

Sources say the Department of Correctional Services will play a pivot role in determining if the men are fit to record behind bars as part of the Jamaican prison rehabilitation program. However, some proceeds from the earnings of their recordings could go towards repairing the damages done to the victim’s family.

The judge also seems to be siding with making proceeds from these recordings go towards the estate of the deceased Clive “Lizard” Williams.

“In a previous matter, when a person was convicted who had some artistic talent certain things were done. It needs to be found out whether in fact it was open to the court for any of those proceeds gained could go to repairing any of the damage to the relatives of the deceased,” Justice Campbell told the court.

Jah Cure released three albums while in prison. The reggae crooner, whose real name is Sycatore Alcock, spent 7 years in the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre after being convicted of rape. Proceeds of Jah Cure’s recordings were used to help the prison rehabilitation program.

In the end it would be the Department of Correctional Services to make the final decision on if Vybz Kartel will be allowed to record behind bars and if proceeds will go towards his murder victim’s family.

The judge will also decide on if Clive Williams’ family will be allowed to make any statement in court before he hands down his sentencing next Thursday.


  1. I don’t understand why people are hating on gaza if you don’t like kartel fine but to hate on the whole gaza because of one person shows me that you don’t care about this case you just want him guilty people can’t look at this case as a fan or an anti fan its wrong cause yoy will see what you want to see and that goes for the fans and the anti fans

  2. Relax tell me your address and I’ll send you a few bars of cake soap

  3. cheap dubs all who nuh get line up, no gun songs though

  4. Yes hyia a nuff thing kartel do for hype that’s why him deh a jail right now becuz him too dunce gun clown

  5. my apologies, respect sistren. and dont pay them nuh mind, dem juss wah get a reaction from ppl and thats all, but nuh badda gi dem di time of day. its fighting a losing battle fi try and reason with certain ppl. some ppl are just meant to hate. just low them and and do your thing and mek dem gwan dem ways and doh carry nuh feelings fi them. but this is still playing out and still unfolding so we will see what happens from here. I just want to know the full hundred so i can say a definite yay or nay because i’m still skeptical.

  6. Yuh see from today anyone a you who support the f—er against the poor and this corrupted government because of the crime they started if we can’t find a person who use to hang out with you yall need to be charged for murder and convicted for it yall started a good trend to curve crime I only hope you enjoy it too. .

  7. Strange how some just born wah day come a tell big man yes the system a the best in Jamaica if it was the best how comes a poor people kids alone go to prison for crime they are accused of not even evidence how come the ministers rob the tax money and don’t go to prison for it how’s comes the police can kill people and plant guns on them and get away with it Kern cry and him get off I guess Addi didn’t cry loud enough theses people been there before I was born can’t they resign now why r they still fighting to keep power this Addi thing just let them lose power i only hope the young youths see this as a lesson the table must turn .

  8. They know kartel is a money machine they will put away for life and make him pay his taxes it’s a win win for the system

  9. No evidence to prove that a murder was committed and if the youth a go be in prison for now until his appeal send him proceed to the Children’s Bustamante Hospital mek the f—er them guh look work a free money them want if they see none the system may just put it in there pockets that’s the problem with Jamaica everybody want to live free and collect free money that’s why bounty him a carry feeling bout the youth must work and him ago collect the bigger portion .

      • A the dam truth in 31 years mi live in a Ja nobody can’t tell mi nothing about that corrupted system.

      • Go thru the comments and read some of my remarks…not going to keep repeating…just going round in circles….kartel put himself there

      • No the corrupted government wanted him to go down for years they been trying to get all the necessary people involve to get rid of the whole Gaza empire and Gully too like they are the ones tell the youths to kill each other the judge Campbell son kill the UWI principal son a them tell him Fi do that too .

      • Well all I know is that the whole of jamaica is corrupt but rule out corruptness no one can tell a person to go jump a cliff and they do it unless of mental sound…kartel is quite sain and no one tied his hands behind his back and made him take the route he did. I know the evidence was tampered with but that could have been because kartel paid for it too happened but backfired on them….also please there was other vital evidence to convict

      • Please i’m in America now tell me what other evidence I don’t know about.

      • Read my other comments in this blog…cannot be bothered to keep repeating myself


  11. And that’s all because you nyam out all of your, keep your dirty lifestyle to your self.

  12. Good idea Kartel you did wrong move on and start worshiping your creator JESUS CHRIST 24/7
    Jamaica do not copy Britain and legalise gay marriages. Be strong and look up. This is wrong

    • Yes Kartel im sure by now i would hope accepted his fate, as been incarcerated since 2011 and knows he is going nowhere. I live in uk and aa regards to same sex relationships everyone to their own….i have nothing against them.if they want to live that way, that’s they choice and doesn’t effect my life so no sleep loss. Don’t agree with any killings or beatings of any gays which seems to occur often in ja..everyone has rights and should be able to live it the way they choose without fear. . done on this subject

  13. Well, what the hell is he going to sing about? Sex with his hands? Lock this imbecile under…! It’s a wonder how much peoples lives were actually taken by the orders of this parasite. On another note, the authorities are also culpable for releasing violent sex offenders from prison for the sake of entertainment. What a nation, yes. Smh.

  14. This man could be in protective custody for all we know, vybz kartel was doing to much control and they. Showing us who is really in control…….. Black people stay in your lines your head getting to big you waking up to fast! INNOCENT TIL THEY FIND THE BODY THE DNA AROUND THE HOUSE THEIR BLOODY CLOTHES THE GRINDER ANYTHING SHOWING THE BOY NOT BREATHING

    • He had his day in court and he could not want his freedom as much as everyone wants his freedom because he did not defend himself.

      He did not give any alibi or say what he was doing at the time. None of them did. So why say you are innocent if you do not fight tooth and nail to present your side of the story?

      They were depending on the confusion in the case as reasonable doubt and based on what is coming out now about Kartel instructing Gaza Slim to lie and say CLive WIlliams robbed her..and a juror who is bribing the others with money someone (maybe Kartel links ) paid him, it may also be that the policemen were also paid to muddy the waters of the case by losing book and leaving keys on locker to create reasonable doubt.
      THink about it. If you were in his position and you believe someone is conspiring against you and you know you were not there and not involved..would you not present your case..not just give an unsworn statement?

      They would not find the body if it was disposed of. there just seem to be more signs pointing to guilt than innocence in this case

      • You get it

      • Agree…plus the burning of his house to rid of any evidence…There was so much still to find them guilty and as you so rightly said if they are so innocent this is a murder case they are up against not some larceny charges you would fight tooth and nail to claim your innocent. Do the kartel fans don’t think the jury didn’t take all this into consideration when deliberating. …of course they did..and I will say it again…when kartel left his house with the main witness to go to the hospital because of the dog bite he left lizards body there motionless….whether he wasn’t there or not when he was minced up, don’t matter he was still part of the killing of this man….just wish people would accept his part and move on….and gaze fans change the record…you don’t need a body to find a person guilty….kartel is lucky it’s only one murder charge he’s been convicted of….who knows more may come out of the wood work -)

      • Good point ur making. I am so loving it especially how u have used the word “may” or “maybe” shows me that what u r saying or insinuating are all speculations and not facts. In other words there is a “Reasonable Doubt” in ur mind whether u consciously or unconsciously know or realize this. If this is so then i guess one can agree that u should hold an opposing stance toward the verdict.
        Don’t get it twisted though becuz we r not arguing about if he did or did not do it. All i am saying is that it was proven and we still have unanswered questions. So there is “reasonable doubt” and shouldn’t have lead to a conviction.
        But the case wasn’t about fair trial, it was all about locking up Kartel

      • Gloria Thompson

        For Real

  15. The same energy we use against each other promoting hate we should use against the real gangster that still have us in slavery. You look the wrong way you dead and their minions that follow us everyday

  16. Why is it so difficult to state an opinion on here without someone responding with an insult? Smh.

    • its just emotions bredren, you affi just accept seh you are liable to be attacked based on what you post, but dont let it stop u from talk yuh mind, I’ve been attacked as well but mi still seh weh mi feel mi seh and nuh give a fck, but when u waah seh somn just say it, anuh nuttin personal when ppl voice dem opposing views, so nuh watch nuttin. take it with a grain of salt, i dont think they really mean you any harm, emotions are just high and ppl are very passionate about their stance on this matter. me wah see kartel free, but mi also wah get more insight pon everything, because if him guilty, then i accept it and him affi suffer the consequences, i just want more to the story so i can make sense of nonsense, cause im still skeptical. & which part me deh, mi nah hear everything weh a reveal

      • I am and always have been a female to speak my mind, but one idiot on here and every other page he coments on, just gets on my nerves, his only way to make a point is to say some dumb sh–. I guess people gotta act “big, bad & brave” behind the computer screen….. and I am a big kartel fan fr bk like 2008 when I first heard him… I really dont think hes guilty. . And im good friends to someone close to him who said.. last time he saw lizard, he was alive, hes innocent and everything is gonna play out, just watch so thats what im doing… some of these people so mad and have nothing but wicked things to say like they were there and watched it happen lol wtf? They really angry takin it wayyyyy over board like its consuming their life or some sh–. Them are the crazy people.

      • I waah c d boss free. If u go to Saudi Arabia and steal, the whole town is going to participate in ur execution PUBLICLY. So if a thief thief from someone and get his just dew, i can’t sorry fi him. Dat fi get gunshot..lol

        D last time a thief got caught in my neighbourhood for stealing got dealt with by the whole scheme. Beat him till him 3/4 dead and when police came they gave us some more time to get the job done the real and proper way. we sent that ni–a to his maker and the police didn’t arrest nobody. Instead, they were accomplice to the crime. SO Y R THEY LOCKING WORLD BOSS? U know y ? It is because they want to!! fc—y dat!!

  17. From the conversations here, you could think that freeing Kartel would solve Jamaica’s problems. Wake up yute, go do some voter awareness campaign to rid the system of corruption. Kartel’s plight is the same many other suspects endure in the country daily. Stop being star struck like little girls running after celebrities. If you really want change, hurling insults at the system on a music blog won’t make a difference.

  18. this is not to say Vybz Kartel is innocent or guilty but based on the evidence they have, that couldn’t convict a regular person they found him guilty based on is music and character and that’s not justice and it does say a lot about our justice system though

  19. Im pretty sure kartel will refuse to record if the proceeds go to mr lock guns lizards family.

    • i actually feel like he will cooperate

      • U think so? If he does its only because music is his heart and soul… other than that I dont know y he would. …

    • He will have to co-operate with the judges decision should he make the order as part of his sentencing otherwise possibility he could get punished for not doing so and more years could be added on

  20. yall letting the media fool ya . How bad is kartel lyrics from the next man?. why bounty never get harrassed for beating women,guntalking .why is kartel only one takin all the blame .Kartel gone and dancehall artist them still singing negative chunes.Kartel is not the scapegoat for all poor parents who couldn’t raise you guys better to understand whats entertainment from reality . I hope kartel gets less sentence then life cuz this case was very unfair .This case was just about “vybz kartel” not Adidja Palmer

    • The reason they wanna destroy vybz kartel not because his image because he started talking about the ghetto and problems it faced started reaching people even me not from Jamaica donates because I hear from his music the problems anything to destroy black man … The government don’t want people to rise up from poverty and escape ignorance … The other artist know this and sell just make music for women like mavado he hardly even in Jamaica I can catch him in Ny

      • cuz he kno if he stays in JA they will catch him as well . Thats why i dont blame him for leaving JA at all . For kartel he couldn’t leave JA exaccept certain countries thats why they end up nailing him . But mavado don’t make chunes like kartel uplifting us ghetto yute dem u kno. Im from canada and kartel very big out here .Im still GAZAFAn and his music should not go to lizard family at all no fence but thats how i feel .

      • Finally someone who feel the same way as me…Respect

      • I totally understand I’m gaza fan too I will be listening to kartel forever don’t matter how old he my generation of music but yea he didn’t commit no crime they only arrest him for talking about poverty and government corruption that all he was the realist artist ever come out dance hall who didn’t only care about just women he followed 2pac steps actually 2pac was his fav music artist ever look what happen too 2pac killed for being to outspoken against government instead kill kartel they bury him in jail unfair but kartel will be ok injustice always happen and as for money should go kartel kids … But kartel 37 he made enough music last life time go into history

      • “CHUNES”spell like this TUNES

      • I agree with u, kartel became bigger than everyone in jamaica, he had more power than everyone. ….. And in toronto his music is played EVERYWHERE.

      • That’s why the Jamaican Gov’t set him up…very SAD

      • Its crazy that so many people dont believe that this very well may b a set up, cuz it sounds ridiculous they say its impossible and hes guilty. .. its 2014. Anything is possible and can b well scripted. This is the world we live in

      • Rubbish

      • Wrong

      • Ur welcome to disagree. We all have our own opinions 🙂

      • Right

      • So right, Jamaican Govt messed up…

      • 100% right

    • You are 100% right

    • Strongly agree

    • The reason yit’s Kartel is because
      1) he is very intelligent.
      2) good i meant great at what he does.
      and most importantly
      3) His influence is very very overwhelming and he wont bend over backwards for the corrupted government of jamaica. That’s the reason y he’s in the position he is in right now.

      Bounty and all the other references that u mentioned does not possess all these qualities. So they are not qualified to be targeted the way the world boss was

      Agent sasco is highly intelligent but he is not charismatic,articulate or close to being as influential as the Teacha. Bounty is the closest to kartel where influence is concerned but where intelligence, charisma and articulacy is concerned Kartel is second to none. As a matter of fact he is leading by a land slide!!

      • What a ridiculous assessment. Bounty possesses a single quality of his many, that the rest would die for – and that’s the ability of a natural LEADER with exceptional stamina and singlehandedly and repeatedly nurtures dancehall talent through to the very top. Kartel has no such ability. Another top quality of Killer is that no one BUSS him into the business, or guided him musically like how he did Kartel and others, the General buss himself. Cross.

        Kartel had no QUALITY. Period. What influence Kartel has that is overwhelming in a good way? His publishing of Lisa Hype cleaning his funnel? His constant song references to unda gal and blow jobs? His disgracing black people and bleaching his skin? His tattoos maybe?? His disrespect for God?? His glorifying of the Devil? His beating of his own crew and beating disc jocks and mashing up their equipment? His buying of guns for the ghetto youths? His murdering of a poor ghetto youth?

        You are sure right Kartel is great at what he does!!! How IRONIC!!!!

        Sasco’s career will last forever, certainly longer that Kartels. Sasco is a thoroughbred compared to Kartel, a mongrel, with a better cream of lyrics and variety of songs. Kartel is one-dimentional and sings about JUST SEX in 99 different ways and seem to cater for the bunch of YOU with sexual disorders or freaky fetish. Sasco easily performs 1hr sets on social issues, girls, and general comedy and hardly goes unda gal to get a forward. Kartel is not even as lyrical as Degree, Nuts, or ZEBRA!!! Kartel’s intelligence is second to none?? Man, do you even know what INTELLIGENCE means? In the END Kartel was a scourge – can’t travel to USA, and lots of little islands in the Caribbean BANNED him.

        Mavado, who came on the scene 5 years after Kartel just used 4 years forward under strong leadership from Bounty Killer to suprass Kartel. Kartel on the other hand abused his Gaza crew to the point where NOT ONE OF THE MAIN GAZA ARTIST stood by him in court. That’s what a fool gets for playing “charismatic,articulate or influential”. Gaza fans dunce and ridiculous!!!!!

      • Yute a fu—-ry u a chat jail boss that now 25 years inna him Rass get back boy jah dash a fyia pon d bleacher them

      • 100%rubbish u talking

      • Ross Margarette

        Bounty ain’t on the level as kartel at all until people read kartel’s book they don’t know him Bounty is always using kartel’s name when he talks I have no respect for bounty he is a bully

    • Ross Margarette

      You are 100% right Don’t listen to these haters they didn’t like kartel before this case

  21. He should be able to record. It’s a win/win situation; (1) Vybz is executing his artistic talent keeping him alive. And (2); it will settle the civil aspect of this gruesome crime. You never know… his lyrics could change positively pleasing the judges and he may be free next thing you know:)

    • I don’t agree that the proceeds should go to lizards family but I understand your point

    • he will definitely be expressing his positive side more, but its nothing new because he was doing nonviolent/positive music for a while leading up to his arrest. they released a handful of his badman songs while he was incarcerated but the positivity has been in full swing the whole time as well

  22. A so yall want to live sit down not work and collect free money until I see some from of evidence that this man is dead yall can go to he’ll with your unfair conviction a better en uh did tell the youth a money yall want he paid his taxes ask Bruce leave the youth be badmind.

  23. Like I said from the beginning I don’t know if he is guilty or not guilty but if he really not guilty like he says then he should refuse to give the proceeds to lizards family but if he accept to give the proceeds to lizards family then he is guilty

    • i doubt he will refuse because its really not up to him, the ball is in their court, and he must cooperate for things to go as smoothly as possible for him

    • the wages of sin is death.

      Not realy Karel love music he might still sing and give the ground lizard family .just because that’s is talent but mi still feel seh Karel innocent to this crime: if there is a crime.

      • Yute stp chat fu—-ry bout kartel innocent kartel guilty yes bobylon tampered with the evidence bt kartel guilty fi tur him leave too much evidence becuz him his a gun clown

    • I totally agree.

    • Some people brain tuff, whether you think he is guilty or not, he was found guilty. That mean he will do prison time. So your feelings is just a waste Shallow brain.

      • No doubt he has do time

      • Seems like we can reason now…. don’t take my comments personal. Peace

      • My bad 4 last time look if he is guilty then hell yeah give him 50 years but if there is a shadow of a doubt that he might be innocent then they owe him a retrial and I believe this case was shady now I’m not saying he’s not guilty just saying before you put someone anyway for llife they should be 100% cause we know that the system has made mistakes in the pass not just in jamaica but all over the world

  24. The fool who had it and threw it all away..Smh #wastedtalent

    • respect bossy, wah gwan

      • He must not be allowed to preach badmanism and poison the youths mind from prison.

      • im sure they will give him many stipulations and regulations, like nothing violent (which is no prob for him) and better yet no mentioning of this whole ordeal (big prob for me cause i want to hear his side). but im sure he doesnt have the urge to do gun chune or gyal chune right now, just reality and conscious and ghetto ppl music. this is gonna get interesting


      • Who cares if he dissed them ? He still made it big on his own. And his music has nothing to do with this.

      • Its simple my dear don’t bite the hands that fed u! Made a mess of himself on his own that’s what he did..smh…all this guy did was followed the trend that Killa set, Killa Is the only one who brought alot artistes to the business and this guy just followed tried to do what killa did forming his own crew but Alliance aint no one man at the top it’s everyone washing the other’s hand unlike Gaza where he exalted himself as the sole leader and above the other rest…That’s why Gaza got disbanded and there were so many problems going on….The people who are making outbursts at Kartel are his fans one like me not those Anti Kartel ppl…I was a huge fan of this guy until his misguided self started to manifest…Well clearly when u have ppl around you who don’t tell you when youre going wrong then what do you think will happen? Surround yourself with positive ppl who will encourage you and tell you boldy enough to your face when youre going the wrong way….well then……

      • Boss you real, it’s not we are glorifying the situation, but a man reap what he plant.

      • The last time I check it was Kartel who was dismembered from the alliance by badminded bounty killa who waah dictate people life. It wasn’t a problem with kartel linkng and doing joint ventures with beenie man until he found out that beenie was fckn his lil angel. he got all emotional and sh@t, wanted kartel to do diss songs toward beenie. Kartel refused and instead showed support at the wedding and bounty killa kicked him out the alliance. Movado wanted to be the prefect for alliance and deciided to battle with kartel which helped build movado’s buzz and now the world knows him. killa got jealous of Movado in the end and started showing his badminded sise all over again. we will see who killa is gonna hate on next and try to put a spin on his explanations like he normally does.

        P.s Kartel’s music ability and smarts ran Bounty filla and his appliance out of business. Poor ting.
        Kartel is an ALPHA male…don’t be mad about it.

      • So two “bulls” cant rule one pen youth. The bigger bull kicked out the wannaB ungrateful bull who turned out to be a mongrel among his peers. Mavado got the best of Killa, support from stage show to stage show, that’s why ALL now he cannot send a straight diss song to Bounty Killer. Killa jealous of no one, he did not beat them or charge them a cent for his investments in them, the only thing the General deserves is RESPECT from these ghetto youths he put on the streets. Nobody surprised that the dutty Bleacha is no longer a feacha…it was his DESTINY to fail

      • “Way MI DO FI dancehall me shoulda get nuff honor grung gaad, warlord poor people governor” – Real Deal–Bounty Killer

      • Straight. A nuff people still cant believe Killa buss di youth dem fi FREE. Di man enter the industry on another level. Si di bleach out face one who try everything to emulate Bounty Killer only succeed in beating the sh– out of his Gaza fools. What a damn fool.

      • DAMN RITE KILL A STILL GOT IT…HE AIN’T JEALOUS OF NO ONE AN HE GOING NEVA SELL OUT OR GIVE IN A JAMAICA HIM DEY HIM LIVE IN….THE ONLY ARTISTE FROM JAMAICA TO PERFORM AT THESUPERBOWL IN USA NO OTHER EVER DO THAT….KILLA WAS EVEN ON DEF POETRY….tell these other ungrateful dogs achieve such accolades and awards..smh….these guys no doubt run the place but Killa music will always be classical, memorable and have huge impact….down inna di ghetto, poor people fed up, look into my eyes…these songs are reality and what people can relate to everyday….life experiences….being the hottest and best are two distinct descriptions….it’s not about running the place its staying relevant

      • Exactly. Quality over quantity, and the message in GAZA music is like recycled porn and ONE-DIMENSIONAL. Is straight music built Killa and he used it to build others and he rightfully paid respect to others before him. Kartel focused on disrespecting elders, beating his Gaza members, using his female artists like whores, beating selectors and mashing up their equipment, blocking music from other artists in the club, engaging PAYOLA on radio stations, encouraging the youths to bleach their skin, DENYING ANY SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS STUPID FANS, and finally the “greatest DJ ever” turned out to be the “foolest DJ ever” by murdering another human being. Then fools have the nerve to put this fool near the big bad Bounty Killer.


      • Shut your gossip a–up, fanboy. Someone needs to beat you back up to manhood smh.

      • Gaza fans are the dumbest. They choose to ignore the glaring reality that Vybz Kartel was just another hustler and not a real entertainer, who sacrificed his fans and anyone around him for his own personal gain. The dunce Bleacher said the social breakdown of young people, his fans, “poisoned” by his music “is not his problem”!!! That’s a psychopath right there. When you see the many youths on the streets with the white face and black lips and black ears you want yo cry for JUSTICE!!!! Look at how he USED his female artist Lisa Hype as his personal house cleaner! It’s easy to say he did the same to all the rest of the females. Then he extorted his “empire” to pay him, or beat the crap out of them. Why would he go as far as beat disc jocks and destroy their equipment if they play non-gaza music in the club. Elders are important in any industry, look at how he easily dissed them. Is anyone even surprised he is now guilty for murder?? Stupid Gaza fool with even stupider Gaza fans. Bounty Killer’s song from 2009 “ungrateful hellboy” was like looking into a CRYSTAL BALL for this fool. Bigup mi General same way!!

      • Sorry,I dont read fictional novels.
        Have ur KILLER burp you, ok?

      • From since I know about Bounty Killer everyone seems to say he is badminded…smh reality check there ain’t no other Artiste who brought so many other talents to the business…like it or not the guy is a legend! If he was badminded he would be like Beenie Man and don’t help anyone only be about himself…Mavado said money doesn’t change him but it turns out differently..The guy has sold out and since his fetch away with Killa cause of the incident at Killas bday bash 2011 he is still carrying feelings which is infact no doubt his fault….I wouldnt like if I had my bday bash going on and one of my associates show up with his cronies and then get into a tussel with a fed then my name ME on my big day my name gets called and im of interest..smh….These guys owe a lot to Killa….always with the bad mind talk…Smh

      • Yute a fu—ry u a chat u dnt knw anything abt dancehall if bounty killer the bad mind why him buss kartel? Kartel use to write for a lot of big artise like bounty and Bennie man ? Why Bennie never buss him u see Bennie man support kartel in his case ? Lol talking abt angel the man leave angel then Bennie a try look a hype and go married her if anybody bad mind it was kartel bad mind assassin , assassin did have a song and kartel run in and start diss the man for no reason all a tell the man fi go push him head inna him mother like tampad .spragga benz run in and defend his portage assassin kartel did wah killa defend him bt d general say no to him becuz him knw spragga benz be4 kartel , kartel get vex emotional like a big pu$$y gyal and start write diss song fi Bennie man towards bounty killer

      • A kartel leave the alliance him never get kick out wen him leave him start diss up alliance , movado the gully god defend the link and suh it start movado second song big weh dem a do that was feature on b.e.t yute bounty killer his the greatest . Movado greater than kartel and richer as well . Dem say dnt give in old for new kartel diss him real friend bounty killer and go start hang out with beinnie man lol a good fi daddy devil

      • Yute stp chat rubbish if any body badmind a kartel , kartel did bad mind assassin kartel do diss song toward assassin spragga benz run in and defend assassin kartel did want killa defend him bt war lord say no to kartel from there kartel a bring feelings toward bounty . Talking abt angel a nuff artise smash angel including mr Lexus , killa beat up angel dem did break up then pork dread boy Bennie man run go married her . Suh shut up u dnt knw nothing

      • Exactly bredrin, tell the fool again. No way Killa was going to disrespect Spragga over Kartel. Killa and Spragga always had and still have a good relationship inna dancehall and have collabs together from the 90s. And Killa also knew that Sacso was very good as well, it’s just because Kartel quick to tell another artist to su– their parents and Sasco is more reserved why their Sting clash went Kartels way. Kartel walked away from Alliance trying everyday to surpass Bounty Killer, but in the end he’s just a wannaB trying to B and will never B…

      • “Who cares if he dissed them ?”

        Classic comment from a stupid female. No wonder you don’t qualify to properly raise a child or lead by example. It’s parents like you have kids telling you about your claats…with ease. His music is a product of the person, but you don’t care if you sleep with the devil, once you got your eyes on his riches!!

      • lol easy nuh star, i understand your point, mi juss a hail yuh up bredren. I dont agree with some of your opinions but I ova-stand & respect your view overall

      • Lol respect mi dawg…respect mi understand you clear as daylight

  25. …you mean proceeds could go to prosecutions actor witness in hiding. Nice try,jamaica.

  26. No sah we nuh wah hear daddy devil frist him need to get back, black apologize to public for his devil behaver set good example for the younger yute dem ect change his ways , jah cure different from kartel , jah cure music is positive and him say jah kartel music dutty jus like him so kartel need to spend like ten years in jail be4 them consider to record Ina jail. Jail boss

    • Aye primo n the burn gaza profile a sum batty fish n a dem fi go prison n f**ck dem selves. A primo n burngaza when deh pon the jury unno full a hate mi a tell unno. Aww bwoy smh

    • the wages of sin is death.

      Hater guh nyam out family.

    • Go su– yuh madda bout 10. A who u? Everybody make mistakes so when you do stuff, you want people fi handle you anyway

    • that is a double standard. I guess ur saying it was ok for jah cure to rape someone (fact) and get sympathy from society but kartel shouldn’t. u always try to use the eg. ” what if it was ur brother or dad kartel killed” (so called bcuz it wasn’t proven). Well what if jah cure had rape ur aunt, sister, niece or ur MOTHER. I wonder what tune u would b singing now. Would u have been pro jah cure or anti jah cure. Be fair. If u can sympathize with one u should for the other. Peace!!

      • U dunce nuh fu– nobody knw if jah cure rape for a fact his case wasn’t in d media like kartel u really dunce if u think kartel his innocent talking abt kartel case never prove that him guilty lol were you there? U nuh hear the informer boy come inform pon kartel why kartel bum dwn his house a nuh report it to bobylon ? Who the human blood them find Ina kartel house ? Why gaza slim tell lie say the dead man lizard Rob her ? How come nobody nuh see him from him went to kartel house ? Bring back mi guns dem by 8 0clock or else him and him muma ago dead ? Lol there was a lot of evidence to put away kartel

      • Jah cure music is positive for the younger generation it’s a positive message nobody knw if him really rape bt we can’t say the same thing abt kartel becuz kartel leave a lot of evidence you think the people want to hear abt hell me live and mi nuh wah go heaven and how many degree him reach Ina devil work ? No we dnt that lock up that jail boss if lizard was my brother ect jus go bleach pon daddy devil wen deh a him stage show & turn him over simple as that

    • Bleach face boi

      Real talk.

  27. Why not, maybe he can change his tone in music and it will humble him even more. A lot of idiots in prison don’t use their time wisely.

  28. I would rather die than do that

    • Don’t understand how anyone would want to do crime no matter how big or small to be caged up….i was onced locked in a cell which seemed like eternity and that was scary….and no i am not a criminal leave you to work out why in a cell 🙂

    • Bleach face boi

      You’re an idiot told u months ago bleach face boi weren’t getting off that charge, seet deh.

  29. Dash weh Dat worl boss fi do road until body no proof the man dead how much go missing n found after 20years free di boss any other country dis case get dash weh I swear

    • One day you and those in denial will finally accept reality that Kartel and friends are locked up in prison and no “free worl boss” slogans or anthems will change that.

      • Empress all i want is fair trial that’s all you been watching n reading you see this is a big set up ting evidence being used while in police custody joke ting america or Canada or any other country Dat get thrown out

      • I can you call yourself gazayute when your not from the middle east you prat

      • Put aside what happened while the men were incarcerated there was still enough evidence left to reach a guilty verdict

      • Re evidence and phone been used etc. As one of the commenter on this topic said.. kartel could have arranged and paid for someone to tamper with evidence (i.e the usage of the phone in police custody, the juror etc) to minimise and tarnish the proceedings in court to give doubts so as not to reach a G verdict, but it backfired on them…and altho that was a possibility,, there was somethings they had no control over and that was the text messages and that’s one of the evidence that convicted them…
        Remember the house the murder took place in burnt down. I wonder why??? Ask yourself that !!??!! Kartels house…

      • How the phone Fi a use in police custody in a big case like this while the man lock up bull s—.

      • OK you make some good points however let’s talk about the body did hey pay someone to get rid of that too?? I just feel nobody no case. Like I’m a bit basis but kartel I feel didn’t do this maybe guilty by association but I don’t feel he did it and one of the other men should take the rath. Another point if he did do this why isn’t chow dead?? He would be so stupid to let him live I don’t know I just feel bad fi di teacha that dis had to happen. How mans like George Zimmerman walk free n kartel facing life. Google that case if you unsure who Zimmerman is send mi Yuh email so we can discuss this in length

  30. Prison boss lol. send all a him money to Lizard family cuz him murder the youth cold blooded.

    • the wages of sin is death.

      Cold blooded wah yuh sure lizard dead? And what was lizard purpose around Karel? A gun bag don’t?and wah happen? Him get red eye don’t? And thief gun don’t well a Jamaica this yuh nuh thief gun if yuh want a gun buy yuh own.a Jamaica gun thief dead don’t? COLD BLOODED WHAT?.

    • Bleach face boi

      True dat.