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Vybz Kartel Could Be Charge With Conspiracy Involving Corrupt Juror

The ripple effect of Vybz Kartel conviction last week Thursday in the Home Circuit court is still being felt in the deejay’s circles.

One member of the 11-member jury was slapped with five counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice and one count of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

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The corrupt juror, Livingston Cain, was released on a $750,000 bail when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

His next court date is scheduled for next week Friday. If found guilty, he could be sentence to 3 years in prison at hard labor.

But the issue does not end there for the Football coach. Sources inside the police force told Urban Islandz.com that they are investigating the relationship between Vybz Kartel and Cain.

“We want to know bribe this juror to return a not guilty verdict and we want to know who and him has been in contact,” the source told us.

Cops say they seized two cellphones from the juror after he was arrested just moments after the verdict was read out in court.

He allegedly approached several members of the jury including the foreman offering them large sums of money to return a guilty verdict.

“I will take care of you as long as you seh weh me a say,” Cain allegedly told another juror. “These men are promising entertainers and unnu mus’ let them go.”

Cain also allegedly tried to bribe the jury foreman with $500,000 cash into influencing the other jurors to return a not guilty verdict. But the foreman recorded the conversation with her Blackberry which cops are currently analyzing.

Last week Thursday evening the jury return a 10:1 verdict in just under 2 hours of deliberation.

Livingston Cain was the only juror to return a not guilty verdict.


  1. Who is to say this wasnt staged also? Please this man was clearly set up..again. Only simpletons believe this nonesense

  2. Man a rise goat them take the one goat the man have to feed him him children and send them a school. This man don’t cause no trouble him no kill no one just need food. Stop big up kartelkartel he is greedy. Him kill him brother. The brother is crying from the grave

  3. Jamaica is a beautiful country but the people are wicked and take what other people have. Send kartel a prison why you never hear say him help the poor.

  4. If unuh boss GUILTY of such, hope dem add on a next 5-10 and dem can have him a Jury share the same cell. And if him did innocent, innocent man nuh buy verdict. Suh now fool has to take fall all by himself or sing like a song bird, him cant get weh, him voice pon tape, and am sure others will back up the foreman.

  5. wooow they jus really putting an end to him

  6. Uno leave the man alone now….ah wah dis now lock up the bomboclaaat juror them to rass and the corrupt pigs dem while you are at it.

  7. “..to return a GUILTY verdict”?!

    Cell phones in jury room!?

    Yea sure, why don’t you just charge him for missing malaysian plane, natalie holloway and war in iraq while ur at it? Shame on jamaica system,for Christs sake are u even aware of what ya did by revealing how the juror voted?! Fools.

    • Wooow..weh u seh one not guilty vote mean sorry fi the rest a Jurors dem if or mek mi seh when their names touch road..smh..serious observation dat..

      • Yea, u can feel sorry fi dem yes, cuz the dunce dem will try kill dem, but I bet no one will kill dat man for taking a bribe, u see di difference? All I can say, the dunce dem can keep behaving like that, there might be an appeal. I nuh see dem a behave suh when dme a kill and rape women and picnky, that just great, great I tell you, real great.

      • Bless..well there are degrees of intelligence to everyone’s perspective..it’s just two sides of the fence we ova yaso…and yu knw do rest.. wi wah see Jamaica move forward not backwards PRE Diz..ppl think it’s over..but THIS is the beginning of something..it could either be real Bad or real Big…as we knw a bare wrappings wid criminal and politician from way back when.. nuff mix up..thats our history as well as nuff odda place. Now if it’s a message Jamaica Government a send saying ” We Dun wid Dat”..it doesn’t mek it right. They find the man guilty ina courts now flinging away the key perspective shows the prior mal intent. man all a seh sen him fi go cut limestone..seriously?..Because dem did already a tink bout dat from before the case start. All me know from NOW.. Jamaica Government deh pon di line..they better mek sure them keep this RASS straight cross di Board then..Nuh bodda mek some a dem owna peoples and Colleagues get caught up and get off enuh..nuh more a DAT either..yup if its ya homies?..Yea..they gotta go down too just like everyone else..a dem a seh so..so a so fi go!..NowGod forbid.. you see if dem ever mek dat happen..you talking Riot Turmoil in the streets and just overall Bad things start happening to ppl all around AGAIN..

      • One very important lesson me learn from my eyes was at my knee,”nuh follow bad company”. If my socal homie, if dem get mix up in a bad company, dem deh pan dem own. Let me make yuh knw this, or remind yuh, yuh knw say the same popo dem ppl a talk bout dis and dat, yuh kwn say if police wanted kill kartel or get rid a him, dem cuda kill him long time, look how much bad bwoy unuh say police kill, suh why if dem want get rid a kartel, dem nuh kill him. JA a getting better, and with some ppl, dem want go back in time, instead of moving for a better JA. Pick the best country in the world justice system and I bet you there will be cases of injustice and miscarriages, JA will be fine sir, with good law abiding people, people like the foreman who refuse to be bribe. Lizzard get him share a food him dishout, and Kartel and rest a dem get theirs for doing the dishing. A better JA

      • Yu good man…you have a very idealistic perspective it is needed..but reality is that not everyone has learned..or even care to be taught that important lesson when they are “making their way to the top ” ya dig..Government n Politics is a dirty game..dung a Yaad..US cash=it’s DUN..period..money run yaad yutes wah money both on the streets and ina dem jacket an tie tu!.. me know dat fi a fact..no rug ova it…which part a Jamaica a get better?..I’m pretty sure you readin observer like me?..Govt has no voice in the Ghetto..and with all love to my Country bare miss management of money stunting the growth of the Country…wat is like 100 plus JAM to 1US?..that represents a weakening economy..On a positive note their are some young bright students coming out University who have political aspirations they not leaving to go Foreign..they wah fix it so I pray fa dem and the future but right now Jamaica affi gwan strive it out..

    • There you go again, if u put ur shallow brain to some use, you would cipher that its a “NOT Guilty” instead of a Guilty. I can see your boss incarceration has traumatized you severely, as I said before you can go look fi him any time, that’s if he will even look pon you. If the verdict is not transparent, and dem send the ur boss go jail, what would you say now? Yuh is a real madd person, lets see, 10-1, 10 voted GUILTY, and 1 not guilty, and the one who say not guilty is being charged for bribery, does it take a rocket scientist to figure out who he is? You knw the good thing about this, no one will kill him or do him anything, I bet he can walk the street as he pleases, but if it was the other way around, a bet the dunce head dem would a want kill him. GET OVER IT or go seek some therapy.

      • You have no idea HOW law works, u sound like one of those idiot immigrants whod say dumb sh* like ‘ why would america ask me if im terrorist cuz if i was one i wouldnt admit’? Idiot, fool.Stop chattin f-ry to me and learn HOW law works.H. O.W. not WHAT opinion /’truth’ is.Regardless of what might be ‘obvious’ to all , revealing how juror voted is ILLEGAL! Understand yet? Now go find ur daddy n stop adressing me .

      • Lol

      • Who said he pleaded not guilty, the authorities or the person who wrote the blog? Or maybe you would not be smart enough to figure its him who plead not guilty from a 10-1 the fact that he is being charge for trying to bribe for a vote guilty. And as I said before, I bet you no one will kill him, but let it was the other way around.If you were astute in law, you would not be hear crying and sobbing over self proclaim your world boss.

      • …….do you feed your goats or do your goats feed you? Dont.answer.

      • Do your Goats F**K you or do you F**K your Goats, don’t answer. Just plead the 5th. Get over it likkle girl, ur self proclaimed world boss will be away for a long time. I would not be surprised if him nuh go mad or kill himself in a jail, And when he does, I hope you follow suit, Oh wait, you already mad, but you can follow the latter likkle girl

      • I understand. I love him too. Almost as much as u do.:)

      • Mi knw a somebody yuh did a look, ur just a groupie, now I get it. And for the record, mi nuh neither love nor like him. I am most definitely gleaming with joy he is paying for his crime!!!

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  8. Kartel is going away for a very long time. If your not guilty why would you want to pay off the jury.