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Vybz Kartel Trial: Judge Continues Jury Instructions Today

Vybz Kartel is back in the Home Circuit court today for his lengthy murder trial.

Justice Lennox Campbell will continue to deliver his instructions to the jury after going through 8 of the 24 prosecution witnesses testimonies last week Thursday and Friday.

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During his opening remarks last Thursday, Justice Lennox Campbell told the 11-member jury that they should not find Vybz Kartel guilty solely based on the content of his lyrics or his character.

Instead, they should focus on the evidence presented before the courts during the over three months long trial.

The judge also made specific references to the text messages and voice notes presented, but not without objection from Vybz Kartel’s attorney.

However, the judge says Kartel did not denied that the voice on the voice notes was his.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are all on trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The Crown says Williams, who is a former associate of the accused men, was killed on August 16, 2011 over two missing guns belonging to the dancehall star.

His body has yet to be found.

A verdict in the trial is expected by the middle of this week.


  1. Well this is it kartel, 25 to life. You and shawn storm are the mastermind behind the killing. I expect his fan to say otherwise, but some people just being naive or don’t care because the person that was killed not related to them. People put the gun man where he belong, IN JAIL

  2. Free world boss

    • I av been watching this case since it started . I myself adore KARTEL .i love him for his rudeness and his never ending bad lyrics . I also think he is guilty ,BUT I can’t wait 2 see the verdict, has all the evidence as been tampered with so really they should find him not guilt what will J.A

  3. Whether Kartel free he must clean up his surrounding .

    • Lol bobylon nah let him go 25 years Ina him nasty Rass him ago get becuz him too dunce and fool fool put his trust in d devil and run dwn money even thou him av nuff bt a gwan like a hungry belly . Hell mi live mi nuh mus knw god him deh a hell yah now (jail) and how many degree him reach Ina devil work lol now him a bawl like a big pu$$y gyal taking abt the only time him see lizard a wen him come with Shawn storm turn informer and bout going to give his life to god nuh him deh pon tv a say him nuh belive inna nuh god ironic now u deh a jail him start talking a lot bs lock up him bloodclatt becuz him his a menus to society

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      • Rude boy yuh fi stop disrespect people. You have a valid reason to dislike kartel. Jamaica is a GOD fearing nation and from wi likkle and a grow wi know seh bleaching a di woman dem ting. I would agree that he’s not a good role model for our younger generation but, that’s me. I wouldn’t expect everyone to share the same opinion. One of the reasons you dislike kartel is that, he disrespects too many people but, you’re proving that you’re not different from him. Go and read your posts and see how many people you told about their mother’s underneath just because they have a different veiw from yours. Look into yuhself rude bwoy and stop being an internet bad man because half the people you disrespect on here would probably be more physical than you in an actual fight.

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  4. Di judge seh don’t find him guilty solely on his lyrics and character…(not solely but partially)… but yuh can find him guilty pon all di evidence provided, especially di texts and voice notes… hmm hmm…story cum to bump…seem to me like seh dat was an indication to the jury for them to return the guilty verdict… mi start looking forward to di re-trial already

  5. Even tho wi all kno seh di case rigged from top to bottom, Kartel still aguh get di guilty verdict because the justice system wouldn’t be able to afford the lawsuit following an aquital … anyway, mi ave a strong feeling seh him wi get weh pon di re-trial

  6. badman you a fool boy, your one of the reason why people diss jamaica

  7. This week Vybz Kartel a go prison. Lock him up for Killing mi fren Lizard

  8. The man must be found innocent;anyway where is the body?didnt lizard snatch gaza slims handbag several weeks after vybz was arrested for his murder?why didnt the police investigate that incidence ?