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Vybz Kartel Trial: Deliberation Starts Today

Vybz Kartel murder trial in the Home Circuit court could be wrapped up as early as today.

The “Dancehall Hero” deejay along with co-accused “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are jointly charged for the murder of their former associate Clive “Lizard” Williams.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel To Devote Life To Christ If Acquitted Of Murder

The Crown presented a case to the court saying the accused men murdered Williams on August 16, 2011 after an interrogation over two missing firearms belonging to the deejay.

His body has not been found.

There has been no court session since last week Thursday after two jurors indicated that they could not report to court on Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

Today Justice Lennox Campbell will issue jury instructions before sending off the 11-member jury to deliberate and return a verdict.


  1. Stephen Higgins

    House burned with no explanation – conclusion trying to get rid of evidence – If you did nothing at the house why was it set on fire? and because you gave no reasonable explanation about this – my verdict is guilty as charged

  2. Free up di boss

  3. In the end there is always a price to pay for unruly behaviour and committing crimes. The result could be jail for dwelling in hell

  4. guily to ur mother the don have to do road fu– all haters

  5. I agree with s they have no fu—ng evidence and I want linton fi go prison fi a try black mail di teach

  6. Even if Lizard is dead, how the hell do you guys assume that Lizard was an Angel. They lived their gunmen lifestyle, and start crying when system takes them in. I like Kartel music, if he is free I’d be happy. If not I’d still have a nice amount of music.

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  8. Nearly 3 years without pum pum fi addi

  9. I really wish these ignorant fools defending Kartel on this and other comment sections such as the national newspapers, wether he is innocent or guilty would stop elevating Kartel to some sort of iconic hero status. What does it say about Jamaica and it’s society, that a person such as Kartel is more of a hero than Marcus Garvey? And I used to listen to Kartel. …but I will never want my kids to be exposed to his music mistake Kartel’s lyrics as anything other than a man trying to sell his soul and bring down black women and destroy morality in jamaican society for wealth.

    • Out of curiosity, how is Kartel trying to sell his soul, bring down black women, and destroy morality? And to be clear, I am not asking facetiously.

      • Stephen Higgins

        Just listen to his music the answers are right there

      • Exactly! Not that he alone is to blame, but he certainly is not a positive influence or someone who has had a positive contribution to society. He was given the talent, intelligence, and opportunity that many would love to have. With it, he CHOSE to help poison minds and take slackness in dancehall to new levels or should I say lows. I actually rate Kartel for his Intelligence, but he could of done greater things with it, like assist youth out of their predicament as I do. He could been a great politician or legal mind with his mental capabilities. If music was his way to change things, he could been a positive influence.

      • Real talk

    • Do you hear the hypocrisy in your comment? You use to but dont any more? Was he singing gospel when he started or R&B?….They quote “dancehall hero” because of the song he did. No where in this article did they mention him to be a hero of the country. Jamaica had crime before him and will after. How can you blame music for a counrty mishaps??? Please elaborate on that? Do you know what a smoke screen is? The government is using one man as a scape goat for part of the country woes. I neva see kartel taking money out poor ppl pocket and go on a 100+ plus million world trip like the prime minister. And by spending that money did it do jamaica any good?….so let me guess. it was kartel music that let the man chop off the head of the mother of 6 too right? Look how much paster get ketch with thier hands in the cookie jar since the year start. If you dont like something or someone lack off yuh radio.

    • bun freaky kartel

      Well said. You are one of the few with an intelligent comment

    • AhMi I agree with you…

    • I fail to understand you people sometimes, because someone comes on here and makes a comment defending the man they are wrong for there opinion, as keion said crime existed before kartel and if blame is to place on him or dancehall for crimes commented then we should blame flow cable TVJ and Cvm for any and every violent movie they have ever aired. Exposing your kids to vybz kartel music yes or no they are still going to now the good and bad THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED SCHOOL look it up. Innocent or guilty everyone deserves a fair trial!!! #FREEVYBZKARTEL

      • Yes crimes have existed before Kartel, you or me but if Kartel, you or me commit crimes today then we should also pay like how those before us paid for committing crimes back then.

      • Lol. I find it funny that you spelled know…..”now”…..right before you tell me that “there is something called school…look it up”. Maybe I should look up school. ..A school for illiterate fools such as you lol.

    • Suzan Menekerios

      black men are being rounded up and thrown in prisons – for crimes they didn’t commit – it’s a form of genocide and slavery – that’s what we’re opposing and why we defend him. This IS NOT a discussion about MUSIC. This is not about “HERO” status or hero worship – it is about a life – the black man’s life

      • Nonsense. This has nothing to do with being black or slavery, Kartel is a gunman and that what happen to gunman.

      • So black men should now not be sent to prison for committing crimes just because they are black and prison is a foam of slavery. Black or white if you commit crimes you deserve to pay.

    • He is hero to many, worldwide, not just Jamaica;people around the world love Jamaica because of him ….it doesn’t take anything away from Marcus Garvey’s legacy- he is actually one of Addis heros.They are both heros.

  10. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mi seh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @Gulity . There is no evidence for a guilty charge

  12. Gulity charged for murder in the first degree sentence to life in prison at VERY VERY VERY hard labour

    • Know to spell before you comment. You even can spell guilty

      • Hahahaha…..you are so quick to tell others to know how to spell before commenting but yet you screw up in your own grammar whilst being the teacher.
        You wrote, ” You even can spell guilty”, instead of “You can’t even spell guilty”.
        Next time look at yourself first before you underrate others.

      • WHAHAHAH, you are sharp! blackbeauty_1

      • “While” whilst Is outdated

      • Its outdated to some individuals and not everyone, so dont generalise. If you are an American or residing in America then you might be one of those individuals so I dont blame you.

      • whilst is a quaint word, it is outdated. Just stick to using “while”.

      • Quaint, outdated the word “whilst” maybe to you, it doesn’t cause any errors in grammar if used in the right context. And by the way, were is it written that the word whilst is now outdated ?.

      • Waste argument, this is not English class…

      • I don’t remember arguing with anyone, is this what you regard as an argument.

      • U talking about grammar and spelling, this is what you had quoted “were is it written that the word whilst is now outdated ?.” Were should be where and you can’t have a period after a question sign. So know about your grammatical errors before you talk about others

      • U should be You. Anyway take care and have a good day.

      • U is just a shortening for you, everyone use it, take care also. Like the way you reason with understanding.

      • You don’t even know how to spell” where ” and talking about grammar, lmfao!

  13. We’re waiting anxiously