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Snoop Dogg Shows Off Freshly French Manicure Nails

The Rasta community is blazing a lot of fire right now and Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, is getting burn.

The West Coast rap legend posted the above photo on Instagram showing off his freshly french manicured nails. He covered the tips with white and black nail polish. He also added some graphics of Marijuana leaves and a dollar sign.

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Snoop reported spent upwards of $400 to get his nails done last weekend.

Last year the Doggfather got some flocking from Rastafarians in Jamaica after he showcase his manicured nails on social medial.

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Snoop nails

Snoop Dogg nails



  1. Yet so many Jamaicans embraced him when it was obvious the guy is a pu–y….Blinded by bling I guess..

  2. gunshot fi battyboy

    some batty boy just a mek the illuminatti a fu– dem and a tell dem how fi live dem life no real rasta no do dem ting da FIRE BUUUNNNNNNN fi a fake rasta gunshot fi battyboy and talk bout u a gangsta none a dem a no gangsta lil wayne gay z baby chris brown p diddy snoop dog wiz kalifa busta 50 cent kanye rick ross rihanna beyonce lady gaga alll the top artist dem a devil worshiper but GOD na sleep a GOD we seh and unnu ago get a fire ball inna unnu bloodcloth drop unnu straight a hell

  3. gucci saprano dem


  4. ak 47 west coast

    shoop Fish !!!! him a big gay now ! he is a shame for all west coast rapper and outlaw’z .. burn him batty bwoy .. shame you made Americans most wanted with Tupac … you are a P–sy

  5. This is just weird ..

  6. Him a copy Sherlock

  7. I like Snoop he smoke too much weed .

  8. More fire pon a batty boy. Sizzla did right fi burn out this fake and fraud.